Plans for Andre Norton's

High Hallack Library

Monterey, TN

Unfortunately this was never completed.

Full Architectural Plan for the High Hallack Property

Elevation View of the High Hallack Compound

Floor Pan of the High Hallack Compound

Site Plan of the High Hallack Compound

This would have been so neat to go visit.

This is an aerial view of High Hallack. You can see a road coming down along the right side of the picture. The heavy black line is the track the driveway takes up the mountain to the meadow where High Hallack was to be constructed. The black dot in the woods to the left of the field is the location of the "Stone".. See "Wind in the Stone"

What none of this picture shows you is elevation - and believe me the mountains are pretty steep and the road called Calfkiller Hwy. (no kidding) is very much a mountain road. The compound would have been about 4 & 1/2 miles from Hwy. 40 in Montery, TN - Oh and the driveway would have been real fun to navigate in the winter trust me. The driveway did get built; it was surfaced with gravel, had five passing areas, ditches and pipes for water management and even required blasting. Mother Nature however, has a way of taking back what she thinks shouldn’t be there.

NOTE: This is Private Property! Please get Permission to hike into it from any direction. The owner's Hunt!



Driveway grown-in and washed-out 2015 ~ and it's a fairly steep hike.

I drew a black line where a wrought-Iron gate depicting a Gryphon would have gone. The area had to be blasted because that’s a natural rock berm they went through. The opening is nine feet wide, fifteen feet deep (or more) about eight feet tall and there is a large pond just on the left as you pass through. It would have been so dramatic as a big Gryphon sculpture slowing swings open revealing a grey castle on the other side of the meadow just past the pond with white geese, and Gothic water fountains.

 You are standing on the front step of High Hallack looking east across the meadow 2015 ~ actually a rather big meadow that has been allowed to return to nature.

 The "Stone" which inspired "Wind in the Stone" and your humble editor in the Wood' at High Hallack ~ 2015




In February of 2022 Irene Harrison sent me the following items. The fist is an arial photo of the property from the opposite direction as the image above. The second is a flier that folds twice, we beleive it was ment to be handed out at a convention or two. The third item is a photo copy of a flier used in 1994 as a fund raiser.


high hallack.bookmark.signature.plate

Bookmark/Signature plate - circa: 1994





high text


high hallack.flier text

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