The Central Asia Series

by Andre Norton


Imperial Lady ~ 1989;

imperial lady

Her name was Lady Silver Snow, and she lived in a distant land long, long ago…
The hand of fate brought her to the sumptuous court of the Son of Heaven, Emperor of China, to be his concubine. But it was her own intelligent and passionate sprit that led her beyond those sheltered walls and into the “Barbarian” grasslands – to be a queen!
Based on the life of a real historical princess of the Han dynasty, mixed with Chinese legendary and a generous dose of high wizardry, Andre Norton (A Grande Master of Fantasy) joins with Susan Swartz (a rising talent in the field) to create a stirring, romantic, and unforgettable tale.


Empire of the Eagle ~ 1993;

Remember You Are Roman - The tribune Quintus was once a man of honor. But when Rome's might is crushed at the battle of Carrhae, Quintus can only watch with honor and hope gone as Rome's Eagles--the golden standards which every Roman believes houses the very essence of the gods--are dragged through the mud by the barbarian hordes. The Eagles will go East as bloody testimony to Rome's humiliation.



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