Reviews of Andre's Work


Many people have reviewed Andre's work over the years. There are hundreds of reviews listed in "Articles About Andre and her Work" with links to either the PDF or images within Andre's Scrapbooks.

In addition, we have grouped together some reviews by various persons and outfits.

The first three are professional individuals and the links on those pages will give you the entire review, archived on this site.

The other three are leading newsletters in the literary business and their reviews are listed with links to each titles' bibliography page.


Reviewer James D. Nicoll read 50 Andre books in 50 weeks.


Reviewer Patrick T. Reardon has done a dozen plus Andre titles.


Author Judith Tarr has taken on the gargantuan task of rereading most of Andre's work.



Bi-Monthly newsletter ALA Booklist has reviewed some 50 titles by Andre.


Weekly newsletter Publishers Weekly has reviewed over 60 titles by Andre.


Weekly newsletter by Virginia Kirkus has reviewed over 100 titles by Andre.



Various Other Reviews

Review of Forerunner by Kristen


Review of Huon of the Horn by Suzannah Rowntree


Review of Iron Cage by Steven Howell Wilson


Review of Star Gate by Martha Wells


Review of The Iron Breed by Fred Patten


Review of Witch World by Sable Aradia





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