The Carolus Rex Series

by Andre Norton



The Shadow of Albion ~ 1999;

England 1805,
Emperor Napoleon had kidnapped the Princess of Denmark in a plot to upset Europe’s tenuous balance of power. Only Lord Wessex, Agent of King Henry IX, can recover the princess and thwart Napoleon’s plans, or all of Europe could fall to France.
But Wessex has an unsuspected ally in his perilous mission. Magic has replaced his fiancée Sarah,, the vain and haughty Marchioness of Roxbury, with the passionate and courageous Sarah of another world, one where England’s American colonies are called the “United States.”
Sarah quickly becomes the wild card in a deadly game played out across Europe with players ranging from Sir John Adams to the Marquis de Sale. As Sarah and Wessex tread a path toward destiny, they discover that tyheir mission is more important than they could imagine. For if they fail, Napoleon will control more than Europe – he’ll rule the world….
“A great combination and a great read! Regency devotees will find this much to their liking even if they haven’t ever dabbled in science fiction / fantasy.” – Anne McCaffrey


Leopard in Exile ~ 2001;

Under King Charles II, England's New World colonies are flourishing, as is France's colony Louisianne. Napolean is the dreaded Master of the European continent . . . And Sarah Cunningham, a woman from our own world, knows all too well what a difference this makes, for not long ago she was ripped from her life as a United States citizen in our history. Sarah, now the Duchess of Wessex, journeys to North America with her new husband, the Duke - but this is no pleasure trip. The fate of the world - New and Old - rests on her saving her friend Meriel, rescuing Louis, rightful King of France, from the clutches of the Marquis de Sade, and finding the Holy Grail. But she and her beloved Duke are beset by perils that will test their strength and spirit to the utmost.


For your pleasure we have included a proposal by Rosemary Edghill

for what is to become The Shadow of Albion

A Heart for Every Fate (PDF)



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