In April of 2015 an incomplete anthology was found in the files of Andre Norton. The file contained a proposal for an Anthology about different planets based on the signs of the zodiac edited by Andre Norton and Ingrid Zierhut (1988 & 89). Also in that file are six stories done by different authors, an outline by Andre for the planet Aquarius, and letters from various authors accepting, declining or asking for addition information. It is a shame that this never came to be and that five stories were never collected, or that Andre never wrote her story for Aquarius. Since this is an incomplete project we are posting it as a list of PDF files that you may access. We make no attempt to give our opinion on any of the stories, but hope that you enjoy them. We have not looked, but for all we know some of the six stories submitted may have been expanded into something else by the author, if you find this to be the case – Please let us know, and we will add said information to this list.


Note: All articles on this page are (PDF).

Files available ~

A proposal for “The Touchstone Stars”

Aquarius – Plotline by Andre Norton ~ attached to proposal

Cancer – Seed of the Crab – by Pauline Griffin – three different version, two drafts and the final

Leo – To Strive with Gods – by Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Libra – The Gifting Fair – by Elizabeth H. Boyer

Sagittarius – Star Fall – by Robert E. Vardeman

Scorpio – From the Palm of God – by Keil Stuart

Virgo – A Place for Everything – by Esther M. Friesner

Other Authors ~ But no letters or stories

Aries – Ann Crispin

Gemini – Marion Zimmer Bradley

Pisces – Diana Paxton

Taurus – Geary Gravel


Acceptance Letters ~

Elizabeth H. Boyer ~ Libra

Esther M. Friesner ~ Virgo

George Effinger ~ Capricorn

Jacqueline Lichtenberg ~ Leo

Keil Stuart ~ Scorpio

Robert E. Vardeman ~ Sagittarius


Request for Info ~

Diana Paxson

Gary Gravel


Request to join letters ~

Lou Liberty

Lou Liberty – for second book if any

Charlotte Ann Jones

Deborah Wheeler

Susan Swartz


Decline to join letters ~

Carol Severance

Charles de Lent

Elizabeth Waters

Fred Saberhagen

John Miesel

Paula Volsky

Russell Galen

"The Touchstone Stars"
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