The Lyon Family Saga

by Andre Norton


Yankee Privateer ~ 1955;

Here is the story of a young nation, filled with the pride of freedom, bringing its war to the very shores of the mother country.  This is also the story of Fitzhugh Lyon, young American scion of a powerful English family, who finds himself shanghaied aboard the Retaliation, and is suddenly thrust into the exciting life of a privateersman; of Captain Crofts, dauntless, courageous master of his ship, sailing fearlessly into the lion’s mouth; of Watts, the ship’s surgeon, a man of wit and culture among a rough-and-tumble crew; of Lieutenant Ninnes, whose bitter hatred of Fitz make them deadly enemies.


Stand and Deliver ~ 1984;

Murray Lyon: Son of an insolvent colonial merchant, captive, then honored brother of fierce Creek warriors; skilled woods runner, quick with knife.
Murray Lyon: Viscount Farstarr, unwilling heir to the Earldom of Starr, thanks to the passing of an almost forgotten cousin of his father’s.
Confronted with the treacherous labyrinth of speech, manners and dress that was Regency society, Murray is plunged into dark undercurrents of evil; the undying enmity of an infamous highwayman, the threat of blackmail and disgrace – and even a frame-up for murder.
Only his shrewdness and frontier instincts are arrayed against the wicked deceit that threatens him – until he gains an unlikely ally.


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