Various Articles from the Internet


A small collection of articles found on the internet throughout the years and then archived here.

We are sure that this list is incomplete, so we endeavor to add to it each and every day.

For hundreds of aditional articles, reviews, scholarly papers, images and PDFs. See: Articles ~~ Over the Years.


Andre Norton and Me ~ by Sherwood Smith


Andre Norton Dies at 93 ~ by Christopher Lehmann-Haupt


Andre Norton, 93; A Prolific Science Fiction, Fantasy Author ~ by Dennis McLellan


Andre Norton: A Vanguard Member of the Sad Puppies Revolution ~ by Noah Ward


Andre Norton: Loss of Faith pt. 1 ~ by Rick Brooks
Andre Norton: Loss of Faith pt. 2 ~ by Rick Brooks


Andre Norton on "Evil and Dangerous" Gay Fiction ~ by Andy Duncan


Andre Norton's Influence ~ by Veronica Scott


Andre Norton's Young Adult Novels ~ by Andrew Liptak


Collecting Science Fiction ~ by Timothy Doyle


Introduction The Many Worlds of Andre Norton ~ by Donald A. Wollheim


Like a Box of Chocolates ~ by Alethea Kontis


My Friend Andre ~ by Jean Rabe


Ratha and Andre Norton ~ by Clare Bell


Remembering Andre Norton ~ by Ross Hamilton


Talking About Favorite Andre Norton Novels ~ by Veronica Scott


Andre Norton ~ The Changeling ~ by Adrienne Martini


The Sting of Opression: Andre Norton’s “Three Hands for Scorpio” ~ by Random Gemini


Alethea Kontis: Under the influence of 'Andre' Norton ~ by Joyce Lamb


Visiting Miss Norton ~ by Steven R. Vogel





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