Andre Norton: A Vanguard Member of the

Sad Puppies Revolution

by Noah Ward

Sad Puppies / April 05, 2015

A recent post on Past and Present Futures highlighted this interview with Andre Norton from 1983.
“Of course right now I’m very upset, in the new attitude in fantasy toward homosexuality. I feel very deeply that this is wrong. At least half of the readers of fantasy are under twenty. Some of them, who are exceptional readers, are only ten or twelve. 
“There’ve been some very bald books involving homosexuality. One of them fell into my hands, and I was so outraged that I simply threw the book in the garbage. And that book was up for a prize. Another was sent to me, and I opened in on a sex scene that was so absolutely nauseating that it made my physically ill! 
“This trend is getting stronger and stronger. For a good many years, when I was in the library, they would not buy science fiction and fantasy books, because those were considered trash, as a result of those dreadful covers on the magazines. So I fought and fought to get them on library lists. 
“I have friends who teach science fiction in high school, and they have to be so careful, now, in vetting the books because of this new trend, for fear of using anything that any parent could object to. 
“I feel that all the work that I tried to do, to establish science fiction as a perfectly good form of reading, is being undermined.”

Of course the passage of time has proven Norton absolutely correct--those same readers she mentioned are now in the thirties and forties, and they are the base from which the homosexual mafia is pushing gay marriage.  The insertion of gay characters into science fiction and fantasy starting in the '70s (though really picking up steam in the '90s when it became common to include them in YA literature, like Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald Mage series) was all part of the master plan that has led to the current crisis in America.

But we'd be naive to think that this is all there is to it. We must look at what's going on in the science fiction community today to understand the threat America will face in the future.

Anyone who's been to a sci-fi convention in the last few years knows that younger fans are absolutely obsessed with Chinese cartoons--so-called "anime". Just from their origin, we can tell that these cartoons are part of a Communist plot to undermine our culture. But does anyone in the SF community stand up against them? No! They're casually accepted. Nobody questions who is getting kids hooked on these programs. In the 1950s, the FBI would've been all over the "anime" scene, rooting out Chinese spies.

A typical Chinese spy

And what sort of insidious messages are these Chinese cartoons feeding America's youth? I was recently pointed to a series called "OreImo". This is a shortening of its original, much longer Chinese title, which translates as--and I'm not making this up--"My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute". The show is about exactly what it sounds like, a romance between the main character and his little sister, complete with a marriage at the end. What sort of sick message is that to send to innocent children?

Now earlier I asked who would be pedaling this smut to our children? Well the answer is Peter Chernin, a film producer and co-owner of the site Crunchyroll, which streams OreImo and countless other smut-filled Chinese cartoons. (Shockingly Chernin is a former executive at NewsCorp, proving that the enemy is everywhere present in our society, even where we'd least expect to find him.)

But there's more! As a movie producer, Chernin is responsible for the two most recent Planet of the Apes films. Just as the original films were covert vehicles for the liberal agenda, so too with the modern revival. The movies are thinly disguised PETA promotional videos advocating that we treat animals as humans. One cannot watch the series without getting the feeling the filmmakers wish the audience to see apes as potential equals, possibly even romantic partners. Shocking though this may sound at first--absurd even--it's not without precedent in the science fiction community. For years fandom has been infiltrated by yet another group of fifth columnists, the so-called "Furries," people who fantasize about bestiality. Thankfully even within SF, outright advocacy of human/animal relations are still too outre, and Furries settle for dressing up in fetishistic animal costumes, but there can be no doubt that they are here to ease the way, making fans more accepting of the bestiality. Chernin's PotA films are the start of the second front. We must remain vigilant for further incursions against civilized decency, and we must denounce these works wherever we find them.

Therefore it is resolved by the Sad Puppies Central Committee that all supporters should take an oath to abstain from Chinese cartoons, the Planet of the Apes films, and all related cosplay. Further, we call upon all members to work with any children they know who are under the sway of "anime". With your help, they can break free from their Communist brainwashing and become Young Pioneers in the Sad Puppy movement.

Together we can save the future.

For Andre. It's what she would've wanted.



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