The Drew Rennie Series

by Andre Norton



Ride Proud, Rebel! ~ 1961;

“They’re Comin! Looks Like the Whole Country’s Sprouting Yankees Otta the Ground.”
The Civil War is raging and all the South is a shambles. Fifteen-year-old Drew Rennie is a born rebel who would do anything to get into uniform and fight for the Confederate cause.
Barely old enough to grow peach fuzz, Drew runs off to join General Morgan’s crusade against the Yankees. But Drew has had plenty of practice at fighting, starting at home with his grandfather. And now that he has reached the battlefield, he needs every bit of bravery he has.


Rebel Spurs ~ 1962;

Several months (maybe a year) after the end of Ride Proud Rebel, Drew Rennie leaves Kentucky and heads for Arizona to find his father. Unsure of his welcome, he adopts the name Drew Kirby in honor of his Texan buddy Anson Kirby whose fancy Mexican spurs he wears. His horses are pure blood Kentucky racing stock, his mare foaling soon after reaching the closest town to his father's spread. Of course, troubles are not far behind his arrival. He falls afoul of the town bully who happens to be Drew's father's foster son. The commander of the local Army post hates former Confederate soldiers and there is a group of bushwhackers and bandits lead by one who claims to be a Confederate officer.


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