Grimoire (Book of Shadows) -- The first thing all witches require is their Grimoire (Book of Shadows). This is the journal in which you write down absolutely everything you do pertaining to witchcraft, you document any occult studies, spells, healing, lotions, potions, and magic of any sort. This is the journal that will record your journey into the world of witchcraft, and is something that will prove to be invaluable during your magical journey. The Book of Shadows is a book of rituals, magic, and healing lore, it is documented to teach, inspire, and guide, and offer ethical standards for all witches. Solitary witches pass their books down through the generations; covens document their practices and pass their spell crafting, rituals, ceremonies and healing practices down. Nothing is ever removed from the Book of Shadows, only added to. The high priestess, or high priest, was traditionally the keeper of the Book of Shadows for the individual covens, and only one copy existed.



     Unfortunately when Andre passed on to the next plain of existence her Book-of-Shadows was split up and spread to the wind. We here at are attempting to restore this book. We have acquired several parts of it and are knowledgeable of several others. We know for a fact that a large portion is under lock and key at the Texas A&M University archives and at the Syracuse University in New York. We have hopes of at least seeing them one day. We have a line on several sections which reside in Ohio and a portion in Orlando, Fl. We are working diligently on trying to obtain copies of them. We know there are sections in the Dallas area of Texas, some in Tennessee, Louisiana, New York and Connecticut. We are working on tracking them down and figuring out what we need to do in order to get our hands on whatever we can. We found a large part in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and suspect there to be a fair amount in California. Just keep in mind we will never stop looking.
     It is unlikely that we shall ever rebuild the entire book for that would bring Andre back to life. As far as we know - at no time though history has this ever been accomplished. We know that Andre shared her knowledge with others like Sasha Miller and Lyn McChonchie but they cannot share with us without breaking the code. We are thinking that if we can rebuild a large enough portion then other sorceresses or sorcerers apprentices can pick up where Andre left off and the universe will benefit from more of Andre's work.
     What we do not know at this time is the order in which all the parts fit together. It is believed that with what we now possess one can learn a great deal about the powers Andre had. We may never obtain enough of the original book to enable even the best Sorceress to reproduce Andre's magic, but we will never stop trying! As soon as we can obtain more, you shall benefit from it.


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