It is important to realize that most of these books are very large ~ Depending on the conditions they can take some time to conjure up from the ether that is the web. ~ If the Spirits are busy at the moment, please be patient. They will come around, most probably when you look away.


  • Grimoire I ~ Believe it or not we are still trying to find it. When we do the space time continuum will implode and Andre will be alive again. ~ That is our theory and we are sticking with it.

NOTE: The Original document was split in two parts by the Cushing Memorial Library @ Texas A&M University ~ It has been reproduced in its entirety although reformatted into nine smaller digital files which could then be indexed by this site.


  • Grimoire III  ~ Glossary of Witch World ~ by Michael Martinez from ~ A Master Sorcerer's view of Andre's Witch World.

  • Grimoire IV  ~ Races of the Witch World ~ by Michael Martinez from ~ An excellent compliment to the Glossary.

  • Grimoire V  ~ Witch World Reading Order as written by Andre Norton.

  • Grimoire VI  ~ The Sorcerer's Conspectus ~ A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World ~ by Four Sorcerers ~ Elwher , Metaldragon, Indagare & Lotsawatts ~  originally created at

  • Grimoire VII  ~ Drawings by Jane Fancher ~ A fellow author and fan‘s interpretation of characters within some of Andre's books. Found folded up and tucked between some pages in volume 6 of Andre's scrapbooks.

  • Grimoire VIII  ~ A Timeline of Andre's other Multi-verse, by Maureen S. O'Brien ~ A major piece of work covering the other universes so masterfully created by Andre Norton.

  • Grimoire VIII.I  ~ A Timeline of Andre Norton's Forerunner Universe by Geert Cuypers ~ An extensive study of the Forerunner universe.

  • Grimoire IX  ~ Inconsistencies within the Witch World Timeline, by Jack ~ a very dedicated fan ~ A collection of questions covering the differences between  Year of the Unicorn & The Jargoon Pard vs: The Warding of Witch World by Andre Norton. With some answers from Jay Demetrick

  • Grimoire X ~ Timeline - Andre's Universe by Jay Demetrick ~ The timeline as A Master Sorcerer sees it. Originally from

  • Grimoire XI ~ Andre Norton's Blue Book of Titles. ~ A collection of PDF files showing photo copies of Andre's little book where she kept track of title releases.   


  • Grimoire XII Scrapbooks The scrapbooks listed below were from Andre Norton’s personal items. They are currently the property of a gentleman in South Dakota, (He never really gave us permission to use his name.) he purchased them from the Estate, and recently he graciously sent them to us so that we could digitize them for the site. They are now back in his possession. Reproduced with both his and the Estates permission.

Volume 1 of this collection has the very special wooden binding pictured on the front cover of the Book of Shadows.

Volumes 2 thru 6 are the typical 1960s and 70s photo album with cloth exterior and magnetic pages on a spiral spine.

Volume 7 is actually 3 large 12” square photo albums with 8 pages each.

The following scrapbooks are in the possession of the Cushing Memorial Library @ Texas A&M University - scanned by them and posted here with permission of The Estate of Andre Norton.

(Note: Dates are out-of-order due to order received from the library)

  • Grimoire XIII ~ The Telling of Tales ~ A collection of thirteen unpublished short stories by Andre Norton, dating from the 1940s to 2004.




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