A Timeline of the Norton Universe

by Jay Demetrick

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1970 A. D. Sea Siege (25 years after Hiroshima) Talks break down between east and west and nuclear war breaks out. Intelligent mutant octopi begin to attack ships and coastal areas of the West Indies.

circa 2025? A. D. The Stars are Ours Free Scientists are blamed for using space stations to destroy major cities. Pax dictatorship rules Earth. Remaining scientists and supporters flee Earth in spaceship and eventually arrive on the planet Astra.

circa 2025 A. D. (Between 200 and 300 years before Star Man's Son) a nuclear war devastates much of Earth. (mentioned in Star Man's Son)

circa 2200? A. D. No Night Without Stars Sander and Fanyi discover Maxil who claims to be nearly 200 years old and survived the nuclear wars which destroyed large areas of Earth.

2250 A. D. Star Man's Son Sections of Earth abandoned after nuclear war, radiation causes mutations. Much of Earth's population evacuated to colony planets. Dogs have died out (in the region where Fors lives).

circa 2500? A. D. Star Born Between 400-500 years after the fall of the Pax dictatorship and nuclear wars (-which happened shortly after The Stars Are Ours! according to Star Man's Son) humans have rebuilt civilization on Earth. Every 5 years they've launched an experimental space ship to explore the nearest star systems until the RS 10 reaches Astra.

?2771 A. D. First contact with alien race with superior tech (the "Others"/Ffallian). Earth authorities, shocked by the nature of their request for aid, cut off all contact. (50 years before the events of Secret of the Lost Race.)

?2796 A. D. Joktar is born to H. Marson (12 years before 2808). (mentioned in Secret of the Lost Race)

?2801 A. D. (20 years earlier) H. Marson returns to human held space to plea on behalf of the Others/Ffallian and is murdered. (mentioned in Secret of the Lost Race)

(28?)'08 A. D. V. T. Ksanga returns to human held space with Marson's wife and son and is murdered. Joktar is brought to Kern's SunSpot by his mother who dies shortly after from a Terran disease. He is about 12 years old but appears to be only around 6. They were attempting to bring the "Other's"/Ffallian's plea for assistance and discover the fate of H. Marson. (mentioned in Secret of the Lost Race)

?2817 A. D. Hogan returns to human held space to find help for the Others/Ffallian race and ends up on Fenris. (mentioned in Secret of the Lost Race)

?2820 A. D. 3 years before 2823, investigation into initial report of alien contact with "Others"/Ffallian. (mentioned in Secret of the Lost Race)

?2823 A.D. Secret of the Lost Race 15 years after '08, Joktar is hunted by one branch of Earth authorities to cover up contact with the "Others"/Ffallian while another branch searches for him to uncover the truth of their contact.

circa 3000 A. D. Humans encounter Styor, a more technologically advanced alien race who have enslaved less advanced races within their star empire. (almost 200 years before The Sioux Spaceman)

circa 3150 A. D. The Sioux Spaceman Humans Traders treated poorly by Styor, an advanced alien empire occupying neighbouring space. Humans have been undermining Styor enslavement of more primitive alien races within their empire for nearly 200 years.

circa 3670 A. D. "Almost" 300 years previous (to the events in Star Guard), Humans made contact with Central Control. [likely after causing the collapse of the Styor empire sometime after The Sioux Spaceman which probably earned humans their war-like reputation in Star Guard.]

3956 A. D. Star Guard Humans are forced to be mercenary forces by Central Control. They seek to be treated as equals and allowed to establish Trading with other races and colonies on other planets.

circa 4000 A. D.? Sargasso of Space Dane Thorson is assigned as cargo-apprentice to the Free Trader ship Solar Queen. Crew of the Solar Queen discover a working Forerunner installation on Limbo but criminals have been using it to crash ships on Limbo and loot them.
Plague Ship Trading rites acquired by crew of the Solar Queen shortly after first contact with alien Salariki of Sargol. Solar Queen lands on Earth where large areas are still radioactive, to prove they are not plague carriers.
Voodoo Planet Crewmen of the Solar Queen help stabilize the government on the planet Khatka.
Postmarked the Stars Crewmen of the Solar Queen expose illegal, deadly animal experiments.
Redline the Stars
Derelict for Trade
A Mind for Trade

4130 A. D. Star Guard framing story: A class of students at the Galactic University of Zacan study human history (the events of Star Guard).

Star Hunter a scheme by criminals to get their hands on the Kogan-Bord-Wazalitz fortune goes awry.

The Beast Master Earth recently bombed out by the alien Xik. (Possibly [Psychocrats] propaganda?) This event galvanized humans to win the war.
Lord of Thunder Trading established with Astra (see: Star Born). [Possibly a member of Confederation by this point?]
Beast Master's Ark
Beast Master's Circus
Beast Master's Quest

? Dark Piper Confederation mentioned, Four Sectors War.

1404 (A. F.?) the Overturn of the Psychocrats domination of the Confederation. (mentioned in Ice Crown)

circa 1650 (A. F.?) Ice Crown. (200-300 years after Overturn of the Psychocrats.) A horrifying massive sociological experiment created by the Psychocrats is discovered still running on the planet Clio.

2195 A. F. Elys was cloned. (mentioned in Android at Arms)

2200 A. F. Yolyos was cloned. (mentioned in Android at Arms)

2230 A. F. Andas was cloned. (mentioned in Android at Arms)

2246 A. F. Tsiwon was cloned. (mentioned in Android at Arms)

2265 A. F. Turpyn was cloned. (mentioned in Android at Arms)

2273 A. F. Grasty was cloned. (mentioned in Android at Arms)

2275 A. F. Android at Arms Androids (clones) of important people awaken and escape a Mengians ("heirs" of the Psychocrats) facility.

2301 A. F. (After Flight) First-in Scout Jorth Kosgro lands on the planet later named Dylan and vanishes. Mystery isn't solved until he returns in 2483. (mentioned in Dread Companion)

2405 A. F. Kilda c'Rhyn born on Chalox. (mentioned in Dread Companion)

2422 A. F. Dread Companion 17 year old Kilda becomes governess of Bartare and Oomark on Dylan and all three disappear without a trace. Mystery isn't solved until they return in 2483.

2483 A. F. Dread Companion Kilda and Jorth leave Dylan. Earth considered "legendary".

Catseye Experiments on boosting Terran animal intelligence taken to the next level: psionics. The Dipple on Kowar appears.

Eye of the Monster Human & Salariki settlements on Iskur evacuated when the aggressive reptilian natives rebel.

Storm over Warlock Humans fighting the insectile alien Throgs for "more than a century". First contact with the Wyverns of Warlock. (before The Zero Stone)
Ordeal in Otherwhere (around the time of Judgment on Janus, before The Zero Stone)

Judgment on Janus (around the time of Ordeal in Otherwhere)
Victory on Janus

Night of Masks The Dipple on Kowar mentioned.

The X Factor

Forerunner Foray Probably shortly before the events of The Zero Stone/Uncharted Stars (Waystar, Wyvern males) and roughly 25 years after Ordeal in Otherwhere (Ris Lantee's age). Story begins on Kowar, the Dipple mentioned..

3949 (A. F.?) "Thax Thorman had trading rights on Rohan back in 3949." (mentioned in Uncharted Stars)

circa 395-? The Zero Stone sometime after 3949 (and after Storm over Warlock/Ordeal in Otherwhere - Wyvern males).
395-? Uncharted Stars a year after  The Zero Stone. (Waystar, Wyvern males, probably shortly after Forerunner Foray.)

Moon of Three Rings
Exiles of the Stars
Flight in Yiktor
Dare to Go A-Hunting

? The Legend of the Fairy Stone

Breed to Come An exploratory team of humans re-discover Earth but find it too alien to stay. Animals have evolved into intelligent species due to radiation from wars (and possibly the covert, illegal experiments of the Guild revealed in Catseye?).

Perilous Dreams

? Voorloper

Forerunner Earth considered legendary
Forerunner- The Second Venture

? Moon Called

Serpent's Tooth

Brother to Shadows
Procession to Var

? Set in Stone

? Three-inch Trouble

8050 A. D. Star Rangers Collapse of Central Control. Terra (Earth) forgotten and only just rediscovered here. Planet recovered from nuclear devastation (by the Xik. see: The Beast Master).

7052 A. F. Yurth Burden The Star ship Farhome, in the colony service of the Empire crash lands on the planet of the Raski people.


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