A Timeline of the Norton Universe

by Jay Demetrick

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Voodoo Planet

Third novel in the Solar Queen series.

Dane Thorson- acting cargo-master (apprentice cargo-master) on Solar Queen.
Captain Jellico- Captain of the Solar Queen.
Medic Tau- Medic on the Solar Queen, his hobby is studying "magic" in other cultures.
Sinbad- ship's cat
Queex- Captain Jellico's pet Hoobat, a 'blue-feathered, crab-parrot-toad'.

Kort Asaki- Chief Ranger of Khatka.
Lumbrilio- chief witch doctor on Khatka.
Nymani- hunter and flitter pilot.

Alien Races:
Khatkans- human colonists who fled Africa during Second Atomic War.
Lamorian- human colonists with strong belief that they can 'sung' to death.

Khatka- Xecho's sister planet.
Xecho- '…water-logged world combined all the most unattractive features of a steam bath and one could only dream of coolness, greenness—more land than a stingy string of islands.'

Lunar mines- mines on Earth's moon, where criminals are sent to work.
Komog preserve- a game preserve on Khatka mentioned.
swamp of Mygra- a swamp on Khatka.
Zoboru preserve- a game preserve on Khatka with no kill policy.

amplet- an animal on Khatka mentioned.
fastals- birds native to Khatka.
fire-wasp- wasp-like insects on Khatka.
graz- tusked herd animals on Khatka.
lan-deer- deer type animals on Khatka.
lions- a black and white feline type animal on Khatka.
poli- a water rat on Khatka.
rock apes- an ape-like animal on Khatka.

blaster- an energy weapon.
credit-happy space hoppers- rich tourists.
"dwellers in the inner courts"- a polite term for women on Khatka.
fire ray- an energy weapon.
Five Families- ruling families on Khatka.
flitter- hovercraft type plane.
force blade- a knife with a forcefield blade.
galactic credits- the main currency of exchange used in space.
I-C man- a misspelling of I-S or Inter-Solar man (someone who works for Inter-Solar trading Company).
needler- weapon which fires 'a stream of needle rays'.
riding beams- a signal to guide ships/flitters into a safe landing.
riggers- outfitters of spaceships.
Rover- the Combine ship Solar Queen is replacing on mail run.
Samantine rock coinage- a type of currency mentioned.
stass belts- personal forcefields.
"Terra Bound"- an old, worn out hit song.
Thorkian death darts- mentioned.
tri-dee- 3D video camera.
water purifier pills- pills which make water safe to drink.
xenobiologist- scientist who studies alien fauna.

Second Atomic War- a race war on Earth.

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