The Moon Magic Series

by Andre Norton


Moon of Three Rings ~ 1966;

"I spin from world to world because it is a way of life to which I have been born and bred. I know of none different."
This way of life was to bring Krip Vorlund, the Free Trader, to a planet called Yiktor at the time of the Moon of Three Rings. The Three Rings meant power, and those few of Yiktor who possessed it could shadow a man's life or turn it into nothingness.
Maelen, the trainer of werewolf-like animals, had this power. a Moon Singer, a sorceress, a weaver of thoughts, Maelen willed that Krip leave his body to be found and carried to the valley of the forgotten by those pursuing him for their own evil in the space race. And by her magic, Maelen "espered" the transplantation of Krip's inner being into the form of one of her own little creatures.
Now, in the guise of a predatory animal, Krip is terrorized by a fear more powerful than any he had ever known as a Free Trader of the Galaxies. For although his external characteristics have changed, his soul remains the same. To make his plight known to those outside the realm of the Moon of Three Rings is impossible. How can he, a haunted creature, retrieve his body and remetamorphosize to his natural state before it is too late?


Exiles of the Stars ~ 1971;

As crew-members of the Free Trader ship Lydis, Maelen, in the furred body of Vors, and Krip Vorlund, who now walked as a Thassa, had put down on the planet Thoth to find themselves in the midst of an explosive civil war. The Thothian priest wanted them to transport the valuable Forerunner treasure to Ptah for safekeeping. The Free Traders agreed but shortly after lift-off disaster struck – and their ship was forced down on the uninhabited, terror-filled planet of Sekhmet.


Flight in Yiktor ~ 1986;

The Exile Returns To The Moon Of Three Rings - Three wanderers. Three exiles. Three quests linked together between the moon of three rings.

MAELEN: Exiled Thassa sorceress, stealer-of-bodies, Moon Singer; she returns to her forbidden home seeking renewal and redemption.

KRIP VORLUND: Telepathic Starman in a Forerunner's body, he seeks to stop pirates from plundering the galaxy's most ancient heritage, and most fearsome weapons.

FARREE: A hunchbacked child with no memory of a past nor hope for a future, his only friend a venomous hunting pet; he seeks his Wanderers turned companions, they are exiles turned champions on a single path to three destinies.


Dare to Go A-Hunting ~ 1989;

Trough out the civilized galaxy, in spacers’ ports on the most far flung worlds, an ancient Terran legend echoes… about a race of magical beings called the Little People or the Fairy Folk. What if there is truth behind the old stories and songs? What if such a race really exists, fleeing from world to world one step ahead of mankind’s ships? Farree, the misshapen orphan rescued from the slums of the Limits who discovered his wings in Flight in Yiktor, now seeks his own kind, known only from distant legends associated with a fabled Terran past. With Free Trader Krip Vorlund and the sorceress Maelen, his friends and protectors who have found wings such as his for sale in a market, he begins a journey to his birth planet. There Winglings, Hodlins, Darda and others battle men who would enslave them and steal the treasures long associated with the Little People, whose efforts to save themselves are hampered by treason, internecine warfare and their inability to touch iron.


Moonsinger ~ 2006;

Omnibus featuring Moon of Three Rings and Exiles of the Stars


Moonsinger's Quest ~ 2011;

Omnibus featuring Flight in Yiktor and Dare to Go A-Hunting


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