Moonsinger's Quest

~ An Omnibus for the Moon Magic Series by Andre Norton

(Series aka) Free Traders or Moon Singer

moonsingers quest


Contains ~

  • Flight in Yiktor (1986) Published by TOR, HC, 0-312-93245-6, LCCN 85052253, $14.95, 251pg ~ cover by Victoria Poyser
  • Dare to Go A-Hunting (1989) Published by TOR, HC, 0-312-85012-3, LCCN 89039877, $17.95, 248pg ~ cover by Victoria Poyser

Synopsis ~

From an old posting ~

"Flight In Yiktor"
A psychic sorceress, a telepathic adventurer, and deformed ex-slave use their extrasensory powers to stop an intergalactic organization of thieves from looting the planets.
"Dare To Go A-Hunting"
Trough out the civilized galaxy, in spacers’ ports on the most far-flung worlds, an ancient Terran legend echoes… about a race of magical beings called the Little People or the Fairy Folk. What if there is truth behind the old stories and songs? What if such a race really exists, fleeing from world to world one step ahead of mankind’s ships? Farree, the misshapen orphan rescued from the slums of the Limits who discovered his wings in Flight in Yiktor, now seeks his own kind, known only from distant legends associated with a fabled Terran past. With Free Trader Krip Vorlund and the sorceress Maelen, his friends and protectors who have found wings such as his for sale in a market, he begins a journey to his birth planet. There Winglings, Hodlins, Darda and others battle men who would enslave them and steal the treasures long associated with the Little People, whose efforts to save themselves are hampered by treason, internecine warfare and their inability to touch iron.


From the rear of 2011 Tradepaper ~

Two outstanding novels continuing the interstellar adventures of Lady Maelen, the Moonsinger.
Flight to Yiktor;  Farree was a hunchbacked orphan in the slum of a tough, lawless world on the edge of the known galaxy. His only friend was a war-beast rescued from starvation and the fighting pits with whom he has a telepathic connection. He had no memory of how he came to be on a planet which obviously is not his homeworld, and no hope of escaping the wretched slum where he barely manages to survive - until he encountered star-traveler Krip Vorlund and the psychic sorceress Lady Maelen, the Moonsinger.
Dare To Go-A-Hunting;  Farree has discovered a portion of his true heritage as one of the ancient Little People, the Faery Folk of Legend - but so far as he knows, he is the only one of his kind to survive. Then his compatriot, Lady Maelen, finds a clue on a distant frontier outpost world which points to the location of Farree's birthplace. But others are looking for that place, as well. And those others do not mean the inhabitants well. Now Farree must find and defend a family and people he does not remember, but who hold the key to his own strange destiny.
The concluding novels in Andre Norton's Moonsinger saga, together in one volume for the first time.


Write-up from a fan ~

Flight in Yiktor ~ Second book in the Moonsinger series. Krip Vorlund in the body of the Thassa, Maquad and Maelen, disgraced Thassa Moonsinger in the body of a Yiktorian glassia join The FreeTrader Lydis where he was a crewman, both of them having esper talents came in handy for the ship. What started out as a routine haul-for-hire job carrying forerunner artifacts from a temple on Thoth to the temple on the neighboring planet, Ptah takes a sinister turn when the ship is sabotaged and has to make an emergency landing on Sekhmet. They cache their cargo and send two men to find the Patrol emergency beacon and send for help. They also modify their com to send out an SOS, which to their surprise is answered by a patrol Scout ship. Krip, Maelen and a couple of Patrolmen take a flitter to find the missing crewmen. They find the Lydis' flitter, but not the men, On the way back to the Lydis, all the humans come under control of a mysterious psionic force. They sit there like statues. Maelen escapes and discovers a huge Jack operation taken over by Forerunners who have enslaved/possessed the two missing crewmen. Maelen has to find a way to break the alien controlling force. Like Moon of Three Rings, the narrator’s name starts each chapter. If they survive, the crew of the Lydis will be wealthy beyond their wildest, dreams. This is an amazing story, but I would recommend reading Moon of Three Rings first. ~ PG

Dare To Go A-Hunting ~ Last book in the Moonsinger series. To share the further adventures of Maelen, Krip and Faree we add Grand Hist-Techneer Zoror, a Zacanthan. He has been studying legends of the "little folk" throughout known space. Our heroes discover that some shady merchants are selling material that looks like Faree's wings. After some confrontations, they get a clue to the origin of this highly illegal contraband. They take off and land on Elothian. Faree hears a telepathic call for help and takes off to find the source. He gets attacked but gets away and sees all kinds of things that bring back memories. They discover that several species of the fairy folk live here and there is a Guild ship here to harvest the wing material and look for "treasure" that fairies are reputed to possess. Our group joins forces with the fairies to fight the bad guys. ~ PG


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (2011) Published by BAEN, TB, 1-451-63756-4, $12.00, 419pg ~ cover by Alan Pollack
  • (2011) Published by BAEN, DM, 1-451-63756-4, $6.99, 432pg ~ cover by Alan Pollack
  • (2012) Published by BAEN, PB, 1-451-63855-8, $7.99, 419pg ~ cover by Alan Pollack
  • (2021) Created by Tantor Audio, Audible, length 16hrs & 14mins, $21.43 ~ narrated by Chris Abernathy

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