A Timeline of the Norton Universe

by Jay Demetrick

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This is part of a loose series connected by the "Dipple" which includes the Janus novels and Forerunner Foray.

"The War of the Two Sectors had been fought to a stalemate five years ago. Afterwards, the two leading powers had shared out the spoils— "spheres of influence". … But a fringe of frontier worlds had passed into the grasp of one or the other of the major powers—the Confederation or the Council.

Troy Horan- was evacuated from Norden 10 years ago.
Lang Horan- father of Troy. Went off to war and didn't return.
Kossi Kyger- exotic pet store owner
Julnuk Varms- former Dipple resident, now Guild apprentice.
Gentle Fem San duk Var- consort of Var suk Sark.
Var suk Sark- A politician. suk Sar was one of the Fifty Noble Families on Wolf Three. In the government of the Sweepers (a collection of 6 minor solar systems).
Grand Leader One from Sidona. The matriarch of a cluster of three small planets about a dying sun.
Hunter Rerne-

Alien Races:

Planets, Places:
Korwar- A Planet with Forerunner remains and a centre for people displaced by war.
Tikil- The Main city on Korwar
Dipple- A centre for displaced persons from the war.
Casual Labour Centre-
Ruhkarv- the "accursed place". Forerunner ruins on Korwar.
Norden- planet Troy Horan was born on. Handed over to the Confederation after the war.
Midgard- planet Lang Horan was born on.
Terra- Earth. Humans still being born there. Possibly before Beast Master? "Terra was the centre of the Confederation—or had been before the war. But she had not come out well at the end of that conflict; too many of her allies had gone down to defeat. From the dominant voice Terra had sunk to a second-rate, even third-rate, power at the conference tables. The Council and the Octed of the Rim maneuvered for first power, while the old Confederation had fractured into at least three collections of smaller ruler-ships.
Wolf Three- home to the Fifty Noble Families of which Suk Sark is one.

Terms, Tech:
Thieves' Guild-

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