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Daleswoman of High Hallack. She was one of the Were Rider brides, and came from a southern family. Her family emblem was a salamander curled among leaping flames. (Year of the Unicorn).


Woman of Karsten. Mistress of Yvian. She tried to procure a Wise Woman's aid to ensure Yvian's fidelity to her bed after his ax-marriage, but she was enticed into becoming Jaelithe's puppet. She became an agent of the Kolder and when escaping with Loyse from the Kars Castle she created total chaos, skilfully spreading rumors that someone whom Duke Yvian trusted was a traitor. (Witch World & Web of the Witch World).


Chief port and city of Alizon, capitol of the nation. (Witch World, The Magestone & Warding of Witch World).


Nation to the north of Estcarp, situated on the western coast. The land was cool and harsh. The Alinzondern were led through a gate by two Adepts of Escore who discovered their own world was dying. The Alizondern had a pack society modelled after the packs of their vicious hounds. Their nobles were scheming and jealous, and after the gate was closed before all their people could be brought through the Alizondern eschewed all users of Power. They made war upon Estcarp and allied themselves with the Kolder. Using Kolder machines the Alizondern invaded High Hallack but when their war with Estcarp turned against them they had to abandon the expeditionary force. The descendants of Elsenar, one of the Adepts who brought the Alizondern to Witch World, eventually established contact with Estcarp through Lormt and began a process of reconciliation. Aliz was the largest city of Alizon, serving as both seaport and capitol. (Witch World, The Magestone & Warding of Witch World).  


Daleswoman of High Hallack, a Dame of Norstead. She was a gifted healer and herbalist. (Year of the Unicorn & The Crystal Gryphon).


Alovin or Alavin
A seaman serving on the Wave Cleaver. (Web of the Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack. Son of the village headman in Ithkrypt. He married Martine the year before the invasion but he perished when Ithdale was invaded. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Dalesman of High Hallack. Son of Alwin and Martine, born after Martine and others escaped from the ruin of Ithdale. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Daleswoman of High Hallack, wife of Randor. She bore him four children, of whom the first was stillborn. Cyart was their second child, Math their third, and Islaugha the fourth. Alys apparently died sometime after the birth of Islaugha. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Zarsthor's domain in greater Arvon, cursed by the Bane. When Brixia converted the Bane to a talisma of power, releasing the spirits of Zarsthor and Eldor to seek their peace, Marbon planted the bane and the former lands of An-Yak recovered. (Zarsthor's Bane).

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Dalesman of High Hallack. He was an armsman from Toross' dale who went to Ithdale with Toross, Islaugha, and Yngilda. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Daleslady of High Hallack, wife of Gyrerd. She was the daughter of Urian of Langsdale. After the war with Alizon Annet assumed control over Gyrerd's household in Uppsdale, displacing his sister Ysmay, of whom she was apparently jealous. Annet was unable to grow herbs. (Spell of the Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack. Cyart's scribe in Ithdale. He made an image of Joisan that was sent to Kerovan. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Dalesman of High Hallack. Elder son of Broson, smith of Ghyll. (Spell of the Witch World).

Asper, the Waves of
The Sulcar seamen swear on them. Perhaps this was the name of their homeworld, long-forgotten except in curses and oaths. (Web of the Witch World).


Woman of Karsten. Agent of the Kolder in Kars City who lured Loyse of Verlaine into a trap set by the Kolder. (Web of the Witch World).


Woman of Karsten. Mistress of Fulk. She apparently came from Verlaine's coastal folk and had scoured the shores for salvage before rising to Fulk's attention and bed. (Witch World).


Blank Shield
Term applied to mercenaries or men whose lords had been killed. It was apparently the custom for soldiers to paint the emblem of their lord on their shields. Estcarp hired blank shields when its forces were diminished or insufficient to meet immediate needs. (Witch World).


Town in High Hallack, possibly ruled by Vescys before the war with Alizon. (Spell of the Witch World).


Dalespeople of northwestern High Hallack, said to be of mixed blood. (The Crystal Gryphon).

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Border Warder of the South
One of the highest ranks, apart from the Guards Commander and Marshal, a man in Estcarp could achieve in Estcarp's armed forces. His duties were to protect the southern border of Estcarp from Karsten's attacks. Simon Tregarth was Border Warder of the South. (Web of the Witch World).


Soldiers of Estcarp who warded the borderlands with Karsten and Alizon. Many were recruited from the Old Race exiles of Karsten as they fled north into Estcarp. Originally Koris of Gorm commanded the Borderers with Simon as his lieutenant, but Koris was recalled to Estcarp, leaving Simon in command of the growing force. Simon eventually became Captain of the Borderers. (Witch World, Web of the Witch World & Three Against the Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack, forester of Ithdale. He led one band of survivors out of the dale. (The Crystal Gryphon).

The name Loyse took when she escaped from Verlaine, posing as blank shield. (Witch World).


Daleswoman of High Hallack. Daughter of the House of Torgus in southern High Hallack, Brixia escaped the ruin of her family's keep during the war with Alizon. Brixia's mother died in childbirth and her father died in one of the earliest battles of the war with Alizon. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Man of the Old Race, lord of Quayth. Broc was deposde and imprisoned by Hylle the Usurper. Ysmay freed Broc and Yaal, his lady, and they restored Quayth to its former beauty. Broc invited Ysmay to stay with him and Yaal after Hylle was destroyed. (Spell of the Witch World).


Broken Sword
The emblem of Ithdale and the House of Harb. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Dalesman of High Hallack. He was the smith of Ghyll during Vescys' time. (Spell of the Witch World).


A river in southern High Hallack. Kerovan discovered the Alizonders advancing along this route during his last scouting mission for Lord Imgry. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Man of the Old Race of Karsten. He joined the Borderers under Simon Tregarth after escaping from Karsten. (Witch World).

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Cape of Black Winds
A cape between Vestdale and Ulmsport. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Cargo bottom
Sulcar ship, built for haulling cargo or making long voyages. (Witch World).


Town or dale of High Hallack, apparently bordering Dimdale on the north. North of Casterbrook lay the Gorge of Ravenswell, marking a northern boundary of High Hallack. (Year of the Unicorn).


Dalesman of High Hallack. Younger son of Broson, smith of Ghyll. (Spell of the Witch World).


Coomb Frome
A keep or fortress, probably in Edale (q.v.). (Spell of the Witch World).


A mountain fort of High Hallack, situated near the border with the Waste and depleted of men for the war with Alizon. Croffkeep may have stood in or near Hockerdale or Dimdale. (Year of the Unicorn).


Cup and Flame
Religious tradition in High Hallack, associated with marriage. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Dalesman, lord of Ithdale before the war with Alizon. Cyart had no clear heir and he concluded a marriage for his niece Joisan with Kerovan of Ulmsdale. Cyart apparently respected Ulric of Ulmsdale enough to back him politically, and was keenly aware of the connivings of Ulric's relatives. Cyart was killed during the war with Alizon. Cyart was given a foreseeing gift while he was still in his mother's womb. If he prophetically dreamed twice he could escape misfortune, but if he had the same dream a third time he could not avoid the consequences. Cyart dreamed when his wife would die, but he was far to the south of Ithdale and though he killed a horse trying to reach her, he arrived too late to save her. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Dalesman of High Hallack, Marshal of Menie under Cyart. He was left by Cyart to protect Ithdale with only a small force of men, and he sacrificed himself to save Joisan and other refugees when the Alizonders attacked Ithkrypt. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Daleswoman of High Hallack, daughter of the lord of Marchpoint. She briefly befriended Ysmay of Uppsdale while travelling to the fair at Fyndale five years after the war with Alizon. Dairine's parents met at a fair in Ulmsport. (Spell of the Witch World).

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Dart gun
weapons, apparently in large and small form, used by the soldiers of Witch World. Their spring mechanisms were apparently powerful enough to launch darts with deadly force.


Deep Chill
An affliction or illness suffered by the Dalesfolk of High Hallack. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Delta Island
Name not used in the books for an island just beyond the mouth of the Kars river. Yvian sent men there to be sold as slaves to the Kolder. (Witch World).


Creatures feared by the inhabitants of Witch World. Harb defeated the demon of Irr Waste. Gillan warned Herrel that she knew how to deal with demons. When Jaelithe's illusionary fleet vanished by the shore of Verlaine, the common folk of that land decided it had been a demon fleet. (Witch World, Year of the Unicorn & The Crystal Gryphon).


Dale of High Hallack. Bordered Hockerdale on the north. Casterbrook stood on the northern side of Dimdale. (Year of the Unicorn).


Man of Karsten. Bodyguard for Lady Aldis. (Witch World).


Man of Karsten. A member of the old nobility, Duarte was one of three envoys sent by Yvian to the ax-marriahe ceremony with Loyse in Verlaine. His house appears to have been the oldest established noble family of Karsten. Duarte was probably murdered by Fulk after Loyse escaped with Jaelithe. (Witch World).


Man of the Old Race of Karsten. A borderer under Simon Tregarth. His company, which consisted of twenty soldiers, was supposed to patrol the hills near SouthKeep the day when Loyse of Verlaine was kidnapped by the Kolder. Together with Simon Tregarth they set forth to free her but only managed to learn that she had been taken on board a ship bound for Kars city. (Web of the Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack. Son of the Marshal of Itsford. His family was related to Marbon's mother and they held a small border watch-tower. Dwed was the third son in the family. Marbon took him into his service. After Marbon lost his wits, Dwed took him back to Eggarsdale. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Dale of High Hallack, located near the waste somewhere in the upper dales. Eggarsdale had a keep with twenty cottages in its main village. A road ran through the dale down to the lowlands. (Zarsthor's Bane).

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Man of the Old Race of Arvon, lord of Varr in Kathal. He was Zarsthor's brother-in-law and apparently schemed to gain power or to become a Dark Adept. Their spirits were trapped after Zarsthor confronted Eldor. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Dalesman, lord of Rishdale. He was middle-age and either widowed or divorced when he concluded a marriage with Yngilda, daughter of Islaugha. Elvan was killed during the war with Alizon when he retreated to his keep and attempted to withstand the war machines. (The Crystal Gryphon).


An underground river crossing the Tor Marsh which was used by the Kolder submarine to reach the Tormen village to pick up Simon Tregarth and Loyse of Verlaine. Its estuary was situated north to the Es city. (Web of the Witch World).


Es City
Capitol of Estcarp. Largest city of Estcarp. Es was surrounded by a high wall and its largest building was Es Castle, a citadel where the Guards of Estcarp had their main base. Es was an active trading center and the heart of Estcarpian society. (Witch World, Web of the Witch World & Warding of Witch World).


Es Port
Small city on the coast of Estcarp at the mouth of the Es River. The Sulcar ships gathered here to trade their wares. Anner Osberic established a Sulcar community there after Sulcarkeep was destroyed by his father, Magnis Osberic. (Web of the Witch World).


Domain of the Old Race in the eastern continent. Estcarp was founded by refugees from Escore, families of the Old Race who fled the devastating wars unleashed by the Dark Adepts. At first protected by the few remaining Adepts of the Light, the Old Race of Estcarp were left undefended when the Adepts accidentally destroyed themselves (or were drawn irretrievably through an immense gate they had tried to open in Lormt). The Witches arose from the ruin and established order, raising up a high chain of mountains between Estcarp and Escore. The Old Race then slowly forgot their origins and built a new civilization. Their capitol was at Es City on the Es River, and there they built the mighty Citadel. They established borders with Alizon and the Tor-men and some clans gradually spred south to settle in the lands that later became known as Karsten. When the Sulcar ships first appeared the Old Race of Estcarp welcomed them, accepting their trade in port cities such as Es Port at the mouth of the river. In time Estcarp was drawn into wars with the adventurous Hounds of Alizon, but shielded by the power of the Witches and the strength of their own doughty warriors the Old Race came to dominate the western coasts, trading with the younger races of men who settled in Gorm, Karsten, and Var. Eventually, however, the Kolder entered the Witch World and realizing the potential threat of the Old Race tried to eradicate them. Gorm and Karsten were turned against Estcarp as Alizon launched a new war. When Karsten turned against its own Old Race clans, Estcarp welcomed them home and eventually the Witches destroyed Karsten's army by turning the mountains between the two nations. The Falconers, allies of Estcarp who had settled in the mountains, for a time took refuge in Estcarp but their customs were too foreign and offensive to the Old Race for the two peoples to live close together. Some of the Sulcar also settled in Estcarp after their chief fortress, Sulcarkeep, was destroyed in the war with the Kolder. After the Witches lost much of their power, Koris of Gorm assumed control of Estcarp, governing wisely. He led the nation in re-establishing its influence and opening new ties with Alizon after a young Alizonder lord entered Lormt through a gate. Lormt was the oldest city of Estcarp, having been established by the Adepts of the Light before Estcarp was itself founded. Many ancient records were preserved or partially preserved there and after a thousand years a small community of scholars dug through the crypts and chambers of Lormt looking for clues to their past and to the power their race had once commanded. (Witch World, Web of the Witch World, Three Against the Witch World, Sorceress of the Witch World, Witch World: The Turning, The Magestone & Warding of Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack, from Uppsdale, brother of Gyrerd. Ewald was killed during the war with Alizon. Savron was probably their father. (Spell of the Witch World).


Exiles of Arvon
Members of the Old Race who were sent out from Arvon after the Great Struggle in which peace was restored to the ancient realm of the Old Race. Many of the Exiles settled or wandered in the Waste, but some lingered near the sea in the ruins of the old places where Arvon's people had dwelt before taking the Road of Memory back to Arvon. Some of the Exiles interbred or at least interacted with the Dalesmen of High Hallack. (The Crystal Gryphon, Year of the Unicorn & The Jargoon Pard).

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Mountain to the east of Norsdale. (Year of the Unicorn).


Men who served as mercenaries on Sulcar ships, or fought as allies with Estcarp. Their race originally came from Salzarat, a land apparently far to the south of Karsten. Koris tells Simon that they fled over sea to Estcarp after their land was invaded by barbarians, but in Lore of the Witch World we learn that Jonkara had tried to enslave their race. About 2,000 Falconers (2/3 of them men) escaped in Sulcar ships. Settling in Estcarp, their custom of keeping the women in separate villages offended the Witches, so the Falconers moved into the mountainous lands south of Estcarp, north of Karsten. There they established the Eyrie and new villages for their women and children. Each year young men were selected to visit the villages and breed with the women. Deformed babies were killed. When the boys reached a certain age they were taken to the Eyrie and trained to be warriors. The Dukes of Karsten tried three times in the hundred years before Simon Tregarth entered the Witch World to defeat the Falconers, but the Falconers won all three wars. The ruler of the Eyrie was called the Lord of Wings. Although the Witches of Estcarp eschewed a formal alliance with the Eyrie, they did not watch closely the relationship between their Guards and the Falconers. The unacknowledged alliance therefore served both peoples well. And when the Witches turned the mountains to stop Duke Pagar's army, the Falconers were welcomed into Estcarp. However, their culture was too alien. Too many of their women fled their villages to ensure the survival of the Falconers. Several companies settled in High Hallack, where they forged a new alliance with the Dalesfolk, agreeing to give up some of their customs. The Falconers developed close bonds with their birds, from which their tribal name was taken. They were able to communicate with the creatures better than other men. In the mountains they used sturdy ponies capable of bearing two men. Falconers had reddish hair and brown-yellow eyes. (Witch World, Lore of the Witch World & Witch World: The Turning).


Dale of High Hallack, situated to the west of Norsdale. Falthingdale was heavily forested. (Year of the Unicorn).


Falconer. Assigned to the southern gate of the Eyrie. He met Koris, Simon, Jaelithe, and Loyse and took Simon and Koris to meet with the Lord of Wings after they showed him a false falcon apparently built and used by the Kolder. Faltjar was later sent by the Lord of Wings to investigate reports of ships setting into coves near the Eyrie's domain, and he was captured with his men by the Kolder. (Witch World).


A method of divinition, shorned by adherents of the Flame but typically used by Wisewomen, Witches, Adepts, and other users of Power. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Man of Karsten. A hill lord, father of Fulk. Farthom's holding was in the northern hill of Karsten, apparently near the border with Estcarp. (Witch World).


Fast Ridge
A mountain or chain of high hills visible from the bell tower of Norstead Abbey. (Year of the Unicorn).


Woman of Karsten. Maid to Lady Aldis. She visited Jaelithe's house in Kars City and persuaded Aldia the Wise Woman of Kars would help her retain Yvian's attentions. (Witch World).

Flame Oath
A sacred oath of High Hallack, considered to be unbreakable. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Dale of High Hallack, north of Ulmsdale. (The Crystal Gryphon).

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Floating Weed
Seaweed which grows on the surface of warm seas near the Lost Trace. The Kolder used mutated Floating Weed as a first line of defence for their base. Merely a touch of the red-russet plant caused fast spreading scalds and in consequence a painful death. The mutated weeds would attach themselves to ships and grow around them. They also formed large floating barrier islands, and only the submarines of the Kolder could get past them until Jaelithe and Koityi Stymir discovered that the weeds could be burned. (Web of the Witch World).


Fold Gather
Possibly another name for a fair. Gillan speculated that Marimme's uncle (Lord Imgry) would take her to the next Fold Gather immediately after the war to find a husband for her. (Year of the Unicorn).


Dalesman of High Hallack, lord of Paltendale prior to the war with Alizon. He was the father of Tephana, who married Ulric of Ulmsdale after her first husband died. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Daleswoman of High Hallack, wife of Furlo. She became Gillan's foster mother and fled with her to Norstead Abbey during the war with Alizon, eight years prior to the Year of the Unicorn. Freeze died at the abbey. (Year of the Unicorn).


Man of Karsten. Second son of Farthom, he became Lord of Verlaine through marriage but had only one child, a daughter, Loyse. Fulk was a shore baron in Karsten's hierarchy, not of much account in Loyse's reckoning. Fulk preyed on the ships which were wrecked on the coast of Verlaine, scheming to build his wealth and power. Fulk apparently also raided the lands of his neighbors, as Loyse privately hoped he might perish on one of these raids. He arranged for Loyse to be ax-wedded to Duke Yvian, ruler of Karsten, but was then killed by Simon, Jaelithe, and Koris. (Witch World).


Fulk's Hold
A name not used in the books. Fulk's fortress is referred to as a hold. The fortress sat atop a rise on a cliff. Between the hold and the cliff's edge there was a natural pasture where Fulk kept horses penned in. One or more paths led down the side of the cliffs to the rocky shores where Fulk's gleeners gathered up the debris of ship-wrecks caused by the storms off Verlaine's coast. (Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack, lord of Thantop. He fostered Gillan. Furlo died in the war with Alizon. (Year of the Unicorn).


Dale in High Hallack, located to the south of Uppsdale. Fyndale held small fairs every year before the war with Alizon and restored the practice five years after the war.


Dalesman of High Hallack. A trader who ventured into the Wastes, and perhaps an outlaw. He refused to divulge the sources of his finds to Riwal. (The Crystal Gryphon).

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Were Rider. He tried to take Gillan away from Herrel. His totem was a bear. (Year of the Unicorn).


Man of Karsten. Bodyguard for Lady Aldis. (Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack. Probably a kinsman or rival of Lord Marbon. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Dalesman of High Hallack, founder of Ithdale. Called Harb of the Broken Sword after he defeated the Demon of Irr Waste. (The Crystal Gryphon)


Were Rider. He married Kildas. (Year of the Unicorn).


Dale of High Hallack, between Norsdale and Hockerdale. (Year of the Unicorn).


Man of Gorm, once known to Koris. Koris said he could hunt dangerous spear fish with only a knife. He was converted to a zombie-like warrior by the Kolder and used to attack the company of Magnis, Koris, Simon, and Jaelithe on their road to Sulcarkeep. Koris put his body to death. (Witch World).


Man of Gorm. Lord Defender of Gorm and father of Koris. Hilder married a Tor woman, who bore him a son. After his Tor wife left him Hilder took another wife, Orna, a daughter of a trading family. She bore Hilder a second son, Uryan. When Koris was a grown man Hilder fell ill and after a long lingering died. (Witch World).


Were Rider. Solfinna's husband. (Year of the Unicorn).


Dalesman of High Hallack, elder son of Tephana. He tried to murder Kerovan upon his return to Ulmsdale after Ulric's death. Hlymer was killed when Tephana called upon Dark power to stop Kerovan. (The Crystal Gryphon).

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Dale of High Hallack. Bordered Harrowdale on the borth. A stream or small river ran through the dale. Imgry had stationed a guard post in this dale at the end of the war with Alizon. (Year of the Unicorn).


Honey Brew
A name not used in the books. The villagers in Verlaine made a strong liqueur from honey and herbs which was so potent even a hard-drinking man like Fulk would fall asleep after the third tankard. (Witch World).

Hour of Great Silence, Last Light & Fifth Flame
Time markings in Abbey Norstead. (Year of the Unicorn).


Were Rider. (Year of the Unicorn).


Man of Karsten. Mercenary companion of Yvian. Lord Commander of Karsten under Yvian. He was one of three emissaries sent by Yvian to Verlaine for the Ax-marriage ceremony with Loyse. Jaelithe forced him to kill himself with his own dart pistol. (Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack, Gwennan's brother. (Spell of the Witch World).


Man of the Old Race, usurper of Quayth. He was an astrologer and alchemist who used amber to create a false amber that he used in his dealings with the Dark. He apparently desired Yaal, mistress of Quayth, and imprisoned her and Broc her lord. Hylle then assumed control over Quayth. He ventured into High Hallack after the war with Alizon, seeking new sources of amber. He married Ysmay of Uppsdale after he learned that the closed amber mine there was her dowry. Hylle returned to Quayth but in time was defeated by Ysmay, Broc, and Yaal. (Spell of the Witch World).


Were Rider. Captain of the company, father of Herrel. Hyron's totem was an eagle. (Year of the Unicorn).


Man of the Old Race of Arvon. A user of Power, an Adept or near-Adept who served the Voices of Arvon and worked to maintain a balance between the forces of Light and Dark, or to tilt the balance in favor of Light. In High Hallack he was known as Neevor, and there he met and advised Kerovan. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Dalesman of High Hallack. One of the Four Lords from southern High Hallack who led the defense of the Dales against Alizon. Imgry was ambitious and he eventually emerged as the most powerful of the Dales lords after the war. He reluctantly accepted Gillan as a bride for the Were Riders after learning of her deception (pretending to be Marimme, Imgry's niece. (Year of the Unicorn & The Crystal Gryphon).

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First lord of Edale. (Spell of the Witch World).


Ingaret, House of
Descendants of Ingaret, the first lord of Edale. Franklyn and his daughter Brunissende (Elys' wife) were of the House of Ingaret. One of the Lords of Edale married a woman of the Old Race but spurned her. In retribution she cursed the house and drew off many men over the generations to their doom. (Spell of the Witch World).


Man of the Old Race of Karsten. Formerly a nobleman of Karsten, he took service with the Borderers under Simon Tregarth, rising to become an officer or Simon's Lieutenant. Ingvald perceived an alien intelligence behind the slaughter of the Old Race, which conclusion led Simon to document infiltration among Karsten's commanders. Ingvald's father and brother were slain in Karsten. Ingvald accompanied Simon on the mission to rescue Loyse from Duke Yvian. (Witch World & Web of the Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack, shepherd in the Fourth Section of Ithdale. He escaped when the dale was invaded but was wounded. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Invincible, the
A sobriquet of Yvian, the prince of Karsten. (Web of the Witch World).


Daleswoman of High Hallack. Younger sister of Cyart. She married a daleslord and bore him two children, Toross and Yngilda. Although both Islaugha's husband and his dale are unnamed, he lived close enough to Ulmsdale to be familiar with the legends surrounding the House of Ulm. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Dale of High Hallack, located in the middle or low northern coastands. Ithdale was founded by Harb of the Broken Sword and was a pleasant, prosperous dale until Alizon invaded it. The inhabitants fled and dispersed throughout High Hallack. Ithdale was close to Trevamper and apparently was either located directly on the coast or on a navigable river. Ithdale was probably not as far north as Vestdale, which Ulric approached before he approached Cyart in warning High Hallack about the Alizonders. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Westernmost dale ruled by Vescys. (Spell of the Witch World).


Dale of High Hallack, overrun by Alizon during the war. Dwed's father was the Marshal of Itsford. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Daleslady of High Hallack, daughter of Vescys. (Spell of the Witch World).

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Dalesman of High Hallack, master of menie for Ulric of Ulmsdale until he was injured. Jago was given the task of teaching and warding Kerovan during his youth. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Man of Karsten. Yvian's chef, who mastered the art of making boar in red wine, Yvian's favourite. (Web of the Witch World)


Dalesman of High Hallack, Marbon's foster-brother. He fell in the Battle of Ungo Pass. He may have been of mixed blood, and was apparently a Wise Man. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Guardsman of Estcarp. Said by Koris to be an excellent riding master. He rode to Sulcarkeep with Koris and survived the battle there, accompanying Koris and Simon to the Eyrie. From there he returned to Estcarp with Tunston. Jivin was able to catch fish with his bare hands. (Witch World).


Daleswoman of High Hallack and Arvon. Niece of Cyart of Ithdale by his younger half-brother, Joisan was axe-wedded to Kerovan of Ulmsdale. (The Crystal Gryphon, Gryphon's Eyrie & Warding of Witch World).


Man of unknown country. A seaman serving on the Wave Cleaver. Small, hunched man with brown, with brown, sunburnt and weather-beaten face, who was called by the captain, Koityi Stymir, to confirm the direction the ship headed. (Web of the Witch World).


Man of Karsten. One of Hunold's armsmen. He aided in the capture of Jaelithe. (Witch World).


Kantha Twice Born, House of
An Abbey of the Flame in High Hallack. The abbey was overrun by Alizon during the war. Dame Wirtha (see Ulrica) came from this Abbey. (Spell of the Witch World).


Kantha Twice Born
Some personage, historical or imaginary, for whom one of the Abbeys of the Flame was named. The tradition may very well have been brought with the Dalesmen from their original world.


Man of the Old Race of Karsten. He joined the Borderers under Simon Tregarth after escaping from Karsten and proved to be one of Simon's best scouts. (Witch World).

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Kars City
Chief city and capitol of Karsten, situated on the Kars river. The city had a port to which ships sailed up the river. (Witch World).


Kars River
Large river running west through Karsten toward the sea. A great deal of trade passed along the river, at least between Kars City and the sea. (Witch World).


City, Eldor's stronghold in Varr. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Dalesman of High Hallack, warrior of the House from which Ulm and his descendants came. He was the namesake for Kerovan, son of Ulric. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Dalesman of High Hallack and Arvon, last rightful lord of Ulmsdale from Ulm's House. He was cursed through both parents' lines, and walked upon cloven hooves and had amber eyes. Kerovan was axe-wedded to Joisan of Ithkrypt before the war with Alizon. Tutored by a master armsman, Jago, raised by a forester, Kerovan was befriended by Riwal, an adventurer related to Ulric's Head Forester, who often took Kerovan into the Wastes. Kerovan served in the war for several years, earning the respect of Lord Imgry. When Ulric died, Kerovan returned to Ulmsdale but was deposed by Tephana, Hlymer, and their kinsman Rogear of Paltendale. Kerovan went on to rescue Joisan, at first pretending to be one of the Old Ones. Eventually he earned her love and revealed his true identity to her. They travelled to Arvon, where they met Alyn and Jervon, reviving Landisl and working with Ibycus against the Dark. (The Crystal Gryphon, Gryphon's Eyrie & Warding of Witch World).


Daleswoman of High Hallack, sister of Gralya. Sent to be one of the Were Rider brides. She married Harl. (Year of the Unicorn).


Man of Gorm. Commander of the Guards, Marshal and Seneschal of Estcarp. Son of Hilder by a Tor wife, Koris was not allowed by his step-mother Orna to succeed his father. Instead, he barely escaped from Gorm alive when the Kolder arrived to take over his land. Koris found his way to Estcarp, taking service with the Guards and rising to become their Captain. He befriended Simon Tregarth and took Simon with him when he went to Sulcarkeep to help defend the fortress against the Kolder. After Sulcarkeep was destroyed Koris and his men took ship with Simon and Jaelithe, but Koris and Simon's vessel was caught in a wild storm and dragged toward the coast north of Verlaine in Karsten. There Koris found and claimed the Axe of Volt, a great weapon and talisman. He also met Loyse, daughter of Fulk, lord of Verlaine. Loyse joined Koris, Simon, and Jaelithe in their travels and she eventually married Koris. They had one son, Simond. After Simon and Jaelithe disappeared from Estcarp, Koris and Loyse protected their children, preventing the Witches from taking Kaththea to the Place of Wisdom. But eventually Koris was wounded and the Witches seized Kaththea after Loyse went to be with Koris. Koris in time recovered from his wounds but he could no longer bear the Axe of Volt. It was beieved among the Estcarpians that he made a special trip to Verlaine to return the Axe to Volt's tomb. Koris then returned to Estcarp, resumed command of the Guards, and eventually restored order to Estcarp after the Witches' nearly destroyed themselves in bringing about the Turning. Koris then became effective ruler of Estcarp, and he helped to establish relations with people in Escore, Alizon, High Hallack, and Arvon. Koris convened the great council that decided to destroy all the gates and he oversaw the progress of the various missions from Es City. (Witch World, Web of the Witch World, Three Against the Witch World & Warding of Witch World).


Daleswoman of High Hallack. Brixia's nurse. After the death of Brixia's mother, Kuniggod ruled the household of the Lord of Morrachdale, and governed the dale after his death. She was sick with the Deep Chill when Moorachdale fell to the Alizonders, but she and Brixia escaped from the keep of Torgus before it was destroyed. Kuniggod was apparently a Wise Woman who was familiar with some places of the Old Ones in or near Moorachdale. She died soon after getting Brixia to safety. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Woman of the Old Race or some other ancient kindred of Arvon. A guest at Eldor's table when Zarsthor confronted him over the Bane. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Plant of unknown region and origin. When the stems were boiled they would give off a burnable oily substance that the Sulcar used for lamps during storms at sea. The oil was therefore highly flammable and did not mix well with water. (Web of the Witch World).

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Dale, probably in northern High Hallack close to Uppsdale. Urian was lord of Langsdale during and after the war with Alizon. He gave his daughter in marriage to Gyrerd of Uppsdale. (Spell of the Witch World).


Man of the Old Race of Karsten. He joined the Borderers under Simon Tregarth after escaping from Karsten and proved to be one of Simon's best scouts. (Witch World).


Daleswoman of High Hallack, youngest child of Ulric. She was raised separately from Kerovan and supported her mother, Tephana, in her schemes. Lisana was destroyed when they tried to call upon Galkur to destroy Kerovan. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Llan, Challenge
A song celebrating the deeds of Torgus. Perhaps synonymous with the Song of Torgus. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Dalesman of High Hallack. A soldier in Marbon's service. He suffered a wound that would not heal until Jartar brought herbs out of the wild to treat it. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Reddish-purple plant whose flowers became bolls filled with a silk-like fiber. The plants were used by Estcarp's cloth-makers. Simon and Loyse found a field of Loquths in the Tor Marsh. (Web of the Witch World).


Daleswoman of High Hallack. A Dame of Norstead Abbey, she read the stars. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Lost Trace
An area of the southern seas filled with Floating Weed. Sulcar ships came to avoid the region after the weed was altered by the Kolder to attack ships. (Web of the Witch World).


Woman of Karsten. Daughter of Fulk, lord of Verlaine. Loyse was unhappy in her father's household. She was axe-wedded to Duke Yvian, but managed to escape from the castle under the disguise of Briant, a blank-shield, setting free Jaelithe, with whom she went to Kars City and whom she assisted in a mission against Yvian. She met Koris while helping Jaelithe and she fell in love with him. Refusing to claim rule over the Duchy, Loyse forsook her homeland and went with Koris to Estcarp where they were married. She bore Koris a son, Simond, and assisted Koris in governing Estcarp and watching over the Tregarth children after Simon and Jaelithe vanished. But when Koris was wounded Loyse went to be with him and so left the Tregarth children unwarded. The Witches took Kaththea and Koris and Loyse were unable to retrieve her from the Place of Wisdom. (Witch World, Web of the Witch World & Three Against the Witch World).



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