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Daleswoman of High Hallack. Former abbess of Norstead. She had learned the ways of Power and performed a Farseeing for Joisan. She also befriended Gillan, and guessed at Gillan's heritage, but died three years before the Year of the Unicorn. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Dalesman of High Hallack, merchant who sold ale at Fyndale's fair five years after the war with Alizon. (Spell of the Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack, last lord of Eggarsdale. Marbon inherited some of the power of the Old Race and could speak with birds, calm horses, and sing wounded men to sleep. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Man of Karsten. One of Hunold's armsmen. He aided in the capture of Jaelithe. (Witch World).


Town or dale in northern High Hallack, located near Uppsdale and Fyndale, possibly to the west. (Spell of the Witch World).


Daleswoman of High Hallack, niece of Lord Imgry. She was to be sent as one of the thirteen brides of the Were Riders, but Sussia and Gillan arranged to have Gillan take her place. (Year of the Unicorn).


Daleswoman of High Hallack. She had married Alwin, the son of Ithkrypt's village headman, the year before Ithdale was invaded. She bore a son soon after escaping. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Master Trader
Title among the Sulcar. Magnis Osberic bore this title and it may be there was only one Master Trader at any time. (Witch World).


Daleswoman of High Hallack. Sister of Cyart, lord of Ithdale. She was axe-wedded in her youth to a lord of the southern Dales, but he died before they met. Math then entered Abbey Nortsead but before taking the final vows of a Dame Cyart's wife died. Math returned to Ithdale to become mistress of the household. She oversaw Joisan's education. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Daleswoman of High Hallack, Dame in Ghyll. (Spell of the Witch World).


Man of Gorm, once known to Koris. Midir was a recruit in the Bodyguard of the Lord Defender of Gorm when the Kolder invaded the island. He was converted to a zombie-like warrior by the Kolder and used to attack the company of Magnis, Koris, Simon, and Jaelithe on their road to Sulcarkeep. Koris put his body to death. (Witch World).


Midwinter Feast
A feast in High Hallack. Betrothals were sometimes celebrated at this feast. (Spell of the Witch World).


Dale of High Hallack, located in the south. Ruled by the House of Torgus until the war with Alizon, when the dale was overrun. Although in southern High Hallack, Moorachdale was close enough to Norsdale for Kuniggod to visit the Abbey twice a year. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Dale of northern High Hallack. Moycroft was abandoned during the war with Alizon because of a lack of manpower. (Spell of the Witch World).

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Daleswoman of High Hallack. Wife of Stark, Ithdale's miller. She escaped with a small party of survivors when Ithdale was overrun. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Falconer. He was a sentry on the border between the lands of the Eyrie and Karsten, and he encountered Koris, Simon, Jivin, and Tunston, giving them safe passage to the Eyrie. (Witch World).


Personal anniversary in High Hallack, apparently celebrating the day of a child's naming. It was customary (at least among the noble families) to give gifts to loved ones on their name-days. (The Crystal Gryphon).


See, Ibycus.


Daleswoman of High Hallack, wife of Arnar. She is referred to as a mill-woman. (Spell of the Witch World).


Woman of the Old Race, sorceress in Quayth, ally and servant of Hylle. (Spell of the Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack. Apparently a nobleman, his house is not mentioned. He served Ulric of Ulmsdale, negotiating the marriage of Kerovan and Joisan and standing in as Kerovan's proxy at the axe-wedding. (The Crystal Gryphon).


A name by which Koris swore he would not seek to rule in Gorm. (Witch World).


Dale of High Hallack. Located five days west of Ithdale, it was east of Falthingdale and bordered on the north by Harrowdale. The Arm of Sparn, a rock outcropping, marked the northern border. Abbey Norstead was located in this dale. Many refugees from the coastal Dales fled to Norsdale and Abbey Norstead during the war with Alizon. (Year of the Unicorn & The Crystal Gryphon).


Norsdale, Village of
Unnamed village with an inn where men visiting Abbey Norstead were accustomed to stay. (Year of the Unicorn).


Abbey of the Flame in High Hallack. Probably the largest and most renowned of the Abbeys. Being far removed from the sea, Norstead was a popular refuge for the wives and daughters of many of the noble houses of High Hallack during the war with Alizon. Lord Imgry assembled the thirteen brides there who were to be given to the Were Riders in payment for their service against Alizon. (Year of the Unicorn & The Crystal Gryphon).

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Oath of Sword and Shield, Blood and Bread

An oath Koris called upon to win acceptance and hospitality from among the Falconers. This was apparently a warrior's oath sworn between friends or allies. (Witch World).


Woman of Gorm. Second wife of Hilder, mother of Uryan. She conspired with the nobles of Gorm to supplant Koris and put Uryan in his place as Lord Defender. Because Uryan was still a child when Orna assumed control of Gorm she was able to impose her will, but eventually she saw the need for powerful allies and summoned the Kolder to back her. She and all her people were then enslaved by the Kolder. (Witch World).


Osberic Anner
Man of the Sulcar. Leader of the Sulcarmen after the death of his father, Magnis, who died defending the Sulcarkeep. (Web of the Witch World).


Osberic, Magnis
Man of the Sulcar. Master Trader, leader of the Sulcar and lord of Sulcarkeep when Simon Tregarth first entered the Witch World. Magnis rode to Estcarp to get help from the Witches, but when he returned to Sulcarkeep the Kolder invaded from the air. Magnis ordered his people to abandon their home. He set off the explosives which destroyed the fortress and prevented the Kolder from using it as a base against Estcarp. (Witch World).


Over Guardian
A mystical force, perhaps, referred to by Jaelithe when she said to Simon, "...our two strands of life stuff have been caught up together by the Hand of the Over Guardian." Perhaps a euphemism for God, a supreme being. (Witch World).


Oxtor, Fangs of
Named in a curse or oath. Perhaps a reference to a demon, real or mythical, in High Hallack's folklore. (Zarsthor's Bane).

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Dale of northwestern High Hallack, home to people of mixed blood (see Borderers). The Dalesmen of this land were often shunned by other men of High Hallack. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Peace of the Highways
Custom by which Sulcar traders were allowed free travel through foreign lands unmolested. The peace was most established in stable lands such as Estcarp and probably High Hallack, but was less certain in lands such as Alizon and

Karsten. (Witch World).


Pole of Proclamation
Decrees were given by messengers from the Duke of Karsten in the shadow of these poles. The thrice horning of the Old Race was performed by Poles of Proclamation. (Witch World).


Power Projector
The source of light and heat for Sulcarkeep, and the means by which Magnis Osberic destroyed the city. It apparently had a core of pure energy, or something which radiated energy. (Witch World).


Coastal domain north of High Hallack, apparently a remnant of the ancient Arvonic culture. Broc and Yaal ruled Quaythy until Hylle trapped them and seized power. After he brought Ysmay back as his wife, Hylle was overcome by Ysmay, Broc, and Yaal (whom Ysmay freed). (Spell of the Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack, lord of Ithdale. He was the father of Cyart, Math, Islaugha, and Joisan's father. He harbored a Wise Woman who journeyed through the Waste and roused the fear of Ithdale's people. When Randor went off to Trevamper his people tried to burn out the Wise Woman, but he returned in time to save her. In gratitude she blessed Randor's unborn child (Cyart) with a foreseeing ability to aid him in times of trouble. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Men of Karsten, servants of Fulk. Their duties are not certain, but they required horses. (Witch World).


Were Rider's horse, given by Herrel to Gillan. (Year of the Unicorn).


Man of the Old Race of Karsten. He had been blood brothers with Garnit and his brother. They were captured by Yvian's men, the leader of whom killed Renston since he could not be sold as a slave to the Kolder. (Witch World).


Dale of High Hallack, apparently in the southern mountains, called an upper dale. Rishdale specialized in wool. Rishdale was one of the first dales invaded and overrun by Alizon. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Rishdale, House of
Lords of Rishdale. Their emblem was a serpent. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Dalesman of High Hallack. A Wiseman from Ulmsdale, Riwal was related to Ulric's Head Forester. Riwal raised herbs and helped the farmers of Ulmsdale raise good crops. The countryfold went to Riwal with all their illnesses, as he was an herbmaster of superb skill and lore. He befriended Kerovan and took him into the Wastes, where Kerovan eventualy discovered the Crystal Grphon. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Dalesman of High Hallack. A member of the House of Paltendale, Rogear was hand-fasted to Lisana, Ulric's daughter and youngest child. He schemed with Tephana to gain control of Ulmsdale by killing Kerovan and marrying Lisana. After destroying Ulmsport in an effort to defeat Alizon, he parted company with Tephana and the others and found his way to Joisan. Rogear briefly assumed Kerovan's identity, but Kerovan unmasked him. Stealing Joisan away, Rogear rejoined his kinsfolk but perished trying to destroy Kerovan. (The Crystal Gryphon).


A small town of Estcarp with a marketplace for the local community. Situated a few miles from the cove where the Kolder ship which seized Loyse of Verlaine anchored. (Web of the Witch World).


Were Rider's horse, Herrel's mount. (Year of the Unicorn).


Dalesman of High Hallack. He was an armsman from Toross' dale who went to Ithdale with Toross, Islaugha, and Yngilda. (The Crystal Gryphon).


A type of Sulcar ship, apparently used for fast travelling. They could go armed or unarmed and were undoubtedly used for trade whenever possible. (Witch World).

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Magnis Osberic mentioned a "necklace of Samian fashioning" lying amid the hoard of Sulcarkeep. Samia may have been the name of a race or nation with whom the Sulcar traded. (Witch World).


Man of the Old Race of Karsten. He joined the Borderers under Simon Tregarth after escaping from Karsten. (Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack, lord of Uppsdale in Ulric's day. He was probably the father of Gyrerd, Ewald, and Ysmay. Savron heeded Ulric's warnings about Alizon and attended Kerovan's first arming, which event served as an excuse for the northern lords to meet without rousing suspicion among the Alizonder spies. Savron was killed during the war. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Wise Woman of High Hallack. She lived in Ghyll during Vescys' time.


Dalesman of High Hallack. Probably a kinsman or rival of Lord Marbon. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Shrine, the
Apparently an Abbey of the Flame, in or near Uppsdale. (Spell of the Witch World).


Man of the Sulcar. A marine serving on the Wave Cleaver, who together with his mate Ynglin transported Jaelithe to the island base of Kolder. (Web of the Witch World).


Largest city and capitol of Gorm. Sippar had a large port and many warehouses, and the Lord Defender lived in a palace. (Witch World).


Man of Karsten, priest in the Temple of Fortune in Kars City. Siric was one of three envoys sent by Yvian to the ax-marriage ceremony with Loyse. Siric was probably murdered by Fulk after Loyse escaped with Jaelithe. (Witch World).


One of the Four Lords who united High Hallack against Alizon. He died heirless. Since the Four Lords came from the south, he was a southern Dales lord. (Spell of the Witch World).


Daleswoman of High Hallack, from Wasscot Keep. She came of an impoverished house that received favors from Imgry in exchange for her becoming one of the Were Rider brides. Solfinna had at least two sisters. She married the Were Rider Hisin. (Year of the Unicorn).


South Ridges
Hills or mountains in southern High Hallack where iron was mined. Savron of Uppsdale consulted with a miner from South Ridges in hopes of re-opening the amber mine of Uppsdale. (Spell of the Witch World).


The fotress headquarters of the Border Warder of the South -- Simon Tregarth and his wife Jaelithe. SouthKeep was the chief garrison of the Borderers, who were recruited mostly from the Old Race refugees from Karsten. The keep was situated four hours by horse from the seashore. (Web of the Witch World).


Apparently a large, dangerous fish found near Gorm. It was considered dangerous or at least risky for a man to face one with only a knife. (Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack. Ithdale's miller. Apparently killed when the dale was overrun. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Stone of Engis
Talisman or ancient shrine named by Caluf in an oath to assure Simon he was certain of a report he had made. (Witch World).


Strange Place
A cavern underneath Fulk's clifftop fortress in Verlaine. Jaelithe identified it as a place of power where old gods had been worshipped a thousand years or more in the past. (Witch World).


Stymir, Koityi
Man of the Sulcar, captain of a Sulcar cruiser Wave Cleaver. Tall, well-built, with broad shoulders and light hair, young but already having some successes on his account. He agreed to follow the Kolder submarine in which Simon Tregarth and Loyse of Verlaine were imprisoned. (Web of the Witch World).


The name cried aloud by the Sulcar warriors when they went into battle. (Witch World & Web of the Witch World).


Seafaring men who entered Witch World through a gate in the northern seas. Their own world was used as a refuge by a race so foreign to them the Sulcar tried to destroy them. But the aliens were too powerful and the Sulcar were themselves nearly destroyed. An Adept of Witch World opened a gate for a small fleet of Sulcar ships to escape through. The Sulcar then established themselves as renowned traders throughout Witch World, earning respect and a repuation for fairness and bravery unmatched by other peoples. But they chose their friends carefully and entered into alliances with the Falconers, the Old Race of Estcarp, and the Dalesmen of High Hallack. Some of the Sulcar may have fallen into a barbaric or near-savage state, perhaps being cut off from their main enclaves. These groups seem to have harried the eastern coasts of Escore. The Sulcar eventually built Sulcarkeep on a peninsula to the west of Estcarp and from their conducted their trade throughout the world. When Sulcarkeep was destroyed new enclaves were established in other lands but the chief group seems to have settled under Anner Osberic in Es Port. The Sulcar assisted in searching for gates and destroying them. (Witch World, Web of the Witch World & Warding of Witch World).


Vast fotress city situated on the peninsula to the west of Estcarp, built in the day of Magnis Osberic's great-grandfather to be a haven in time of storm and war for the Sulcar and their ships. Sulcarkeep was built of solid stone and masonry and took advantage of the natural outlines of a promontory jutting out into the sea. Gongs seem to have been positioned around the perimeter of the fortress to warn ships of impending peril during times of fog. Sulcarkeep was filled with many warehouses, and Magnis boasted that every pirate and lordling in Witch World dreamed of looting the city. The Sulcar always manned the fortress but had prepared its power projector (q.v.) against the need to destroy Sulcarkeep should it ever be taken. This proved to be the fate of Sulcarkeep during the Kolder War. Magnis Osberic destroyed Sulcarkeep when the Kolder overran it. (Witch World).


Daleswoman of High Hallack, last of her immediate line. Sussia's homeland was situated on the coast of High Hallack and was one of the first to fall to Alizon. She was harbored in Abbey Norstead, but at war's end her surviving kinsmen betrothed her to prevent her being sent to the Were Riders. Sussia confided in Gillan as the time of payment grew near. (Year of the Unicorn).


Sword Bride
A Sulcar ship which brought provisions for Estcarp's army from the south to Es Port. Koityi Stymir took some of these provisions aboard the Wave Cleaver when he accepted Jaelithe's commission to follow the Kolder submarine carrying Simon Tregarth and Loyse. (Web of the Witch World).


Town in High Hallack, possibly ruled by Vescys before the war with Alizon. (Spell of the Witch World).

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Talisman, Kolder
A device Aldis used to track Loyse and monitor her thoughts. (Web of the Witch World).


Falconer. He served as a marine on Sulcar ships for five years. During the Kolder war he accompanied Faltjar on a mission to the coast and was captured by the same Kolder who took Simon Tregarth prisoner. (Witch World).


Temp of Fortune
Temple in Kars City. (Witch World).


Temple Brotherhood
A religious organization of Karsten. Siric was apparently a member of it. (Witch World).


Daleswoman of High Hallack, third wife of Ulric. Tephana shunned Kerovan, her second son and first child by Ulric, because of his hooves. She had called upon the Darl Adept Galkur to give her a tool to fulfill her ambitions, but did not understand that Gunnora and Landisl interfered with the spell until too late. She bore a second child to Ulric, a daughter named Lisana. Tephana schemed to gain control of Ulmsdale for her kinsman Rogear, but the invasion by Alizon upset her plans. Tephana helped defeat the fleet of Alizonders threatening Ulmsdale but Ulmsport was destroyed in the process. Tephana was destroyed when she called upon Dark power to destroy Kerovan. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Dale of High Hallack. Thantop was a small coastal dale ruled by Furlo before the war with Alizon. He traded with the Sulcar. Thantop was apparently overrun by Alizon. (Year of the Unicorn).


That Which Abides
Some power or powers to which Gillan made reference with respect to unseen movers and planners of the future fate of Men. (Year of the Unicorn).


Those Who Have Set The Flames
Whatever powers the Dalesfolk of High Hallack attributed as the source of their sacred Flames. (Year of the Unicorn).


Thrice Horning
A sentence of death, declaring an open warrant on anyone so designated. Duke Yvian had the Old Race thrice horned in vengeance for the loss of his envoys and bride. He was probably motivated by Kolder to do this. (Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack. Son of Nalda and Stark. He escaped when Ithdale was overrun by Alizon. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Daleswoman of High Hallack. She was sheltered in Abbey Norstead during the war with Alizon. (Year of the Unicorn).


Dalesman, perhaps of High Hallack. Ancestor of Brixia. He defeated the Power of Llan's Stone, whatever that was. Also called Trogus. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Torgus, House of
Descendants of Torgus. Lords of Moorachdale, a small dale in southern High Hallack. It appears that the family was wiped out in the war with Alizon, except for Brixia. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Torgus, Song of
Song celebrating the deeds of Torgus against the Power of Llan's Stone. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Dalesman of High Hallack. Son of Islaugha. He visited Ithdale in the autumn time, assisting in the hunts which helped build up the winter stores for Ithkrypt. He befriended Joisan and desired to inherit the lordship of Ithdale. Toross was killed in the war with Alizon. He was said to be very handsome and much admired by young women. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Tregarth, Jaelithe
Woman of the Old Race of Estcarp. A witch, one of the most powerful of the Estcarpian witches of her day. Jaelithe undertook dangerous missions against Estcarp's enemies and met Simon Tregarth while fleeing the Hounds of Alizon. She was paired up with him again later in actions the Witches took against Gorm and the Kolder, and went with Simon to Karsten, Gorm, and the Kolder Nest. Jaelithe eventually decided to give up her place among the Witches and marry Simon. For this she was cast out from their order and treated poorly.
Jaelithe bore three children at one birth: Kyllan, Kemoc, and Kaththea, foretelling their fates: warrior, warlock, witch. Before the children were fully grown Jaelithe followed Simon out of Estcarp and into another world. Eventually they were reunited with the grown Kaththea, who had fled from the Witches, and they returned with her and the Adept Hilarion to the Witch World. Staying in Escore a short time to assist in the war against the rising Dark, Jaelithe and Simon eventually returned to Estcarp. There they assisted in the final great effort to close all the gates after while power started opening them.
Jaelithe was tall, slim, and had long black silky hair. (Witch World, Web of the Witch World, Three Against the Witch World, Sorceress of the Witch World, The Magestone & Warding of Witch World).


Tregarth, Simon
Man from Earth. His family originally came from Cornwall, but Tregarth was born in Matacham, Pennsylvania. He served in the U.S. Army during World War II, rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, but was discharged for dealing on the black market after the war. Simon worked for a man named Hanson, apparently in charge of a criminal organization, but eventually crossed him and had to flee for his life. He met George Petronius, keeper of the Siege Perilous, and used that device to open a gateway to the Witch World.
Tregarth entered Estcarp through a gate in southern Alizon near the border. He took service with the Witches of Estcarp and fought against the Kolder, travelling to Gorm, Karsten, and eventually the island where the Kolder Nest was established. Simon married the witch Jaelithe, who bore him three children: Kyllan, Kemoc, and Kaththea.
Tregarth was given a command over the Borderers, special forces watching the marches with Karsten. In time, Simon left Estcarp to investigate rumors of a Kolder base. When no word came back from Simon, Jaelithe followed him. They passed to another world and were eventually reunited with their grown daughter Kaththea, who had followed the Adept Hilarion to a technological world devastated by a terrible war. Simon, Jaelithe, Kaththea, and Hilarion returned to the Witch World through Hilarion's gate. There they became embroiled in Escore's ancient wars, but with aid from Hilarion they eventually helped turn the tide in favor of the Light and Simon and Jaelithe eventually returned to Estcarp.
When the Magestone was taken from the Witch World, and gates began opening wildly, Simon and Jaelithe assisted in locating and closing several gates. (Witch World, Web of the Witch World, Three Against the Witch World, Sorceress of the Witch World, The Magestone & Warding of Witch World).


Town or city in northern High Hallack. Merchants held fairs there every year which many people from the northern Dales attended. Trevamper was located at a crossing of a highway and a river. The river leading to Trevamper was navigable, and the trade there was of sufficient volume to attract Sulcar ships. (Spell of the Witch World & The Crystal Gryphon).


Man of the Old Race of Estcarp. Koris' second-in-command over the Guards of Estcarp. He rode to Sulcarkeep with Koris, survived the battle for the city, and accompanied Koris and Simon to the Eyrie. From there he returned to Estcarp with Jivin. Tunston eventually served in the force which assaulted Gorm, and was one of the twenty Guards and Sulcar who accompanied Simon Tregarth on his assault of the fortress of Sippar. (Witch World).


Town or trading place in Vescys' lands. Possibly a port. (Spell of the Witch World).

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Dalesman, founder and lord of Ulmsport. Called the Horn-handed. Father of Ulric. Ulm looted treasure from a place of the Old Ones. He and all the men with him on that expedition took sick, and most of them died. Ulm chartered the sea-rovers who founded Ulmsport, apparently merchants who needed a port-city of their own. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Ulm, House of
Lords of Ulmsdale, establied by Ulm, who was apparently a younger son of an older noble house. Their emblem was the Gryphon on a green field. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Dale in northern High Hallack, north of Vestdale, east of Fyndale, south of Flathingdale. Ulmsdale was first settled by Ulm, grandfather of Kerovan. The chief city was Ulmsport, which became a major trading center. Ulmsdale was one of the ports visited by Alizonder ships prior to the war, and a Wise Woman of Ulmsdale discovered the Alizonders were planning to invade High Hallack. During the war with Alizon, Ulmsdale was invaded and Tephana tried unsuccessfully to defend it with Dark power. Ulmsdale may have been resettled after the war with Alizaon. (The Crystal Gryphon & Spell of the Witch World).


Ulmsdale Keep
Fortress in Ulmsdale, home of the Lords of Ulmsdale. (The Crystal Gryphon).


City of northern High Hallack, a major seaport, capitol of Ulmsdale. Founded by Ulm approximately fifty years before the war with Alizon. Ulmsport was destroyed during the war with Alizon. Before the war Ulmsport hosted fairs. The lord of Marchpoint (Dairine's father) met his wife at a fair in Ulmsport. Ulmsport may have been rebuilt after the war. (Spell of the Witch World & The Crystal Gryphon).


Dalesman of High Hallack, lord of Ulmsdale. He was the son of Ulm. All of Ulric's children by his first two wives were either stillborn or died young. Ulric finally married Tephana of Paltendale about nineteen years before the war with Alizon (he was middle-aged). Their son was Kerovan, named for an ancestor or relative of a generation prior to Ulm's coming to Ulmsdale. Ulric tried to warn the lords of High Hallack of the impending invasion but he was unable to marshal sufficient forces to defeat the initial onsloughts of the Alizonders. Ulric was killed during the invasion. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Wise Woman of High Hallack. She served in the House of Kantha Twice Born, one of the Abbeys of the Flame. Also called Dame Wirtha. (Spell of the Witch World).


Falconer. He accompanied Simon Tregarth and Koris when they captured Fulk of Verlaine. (Web of the Witch World).


Ungo, Pass of
Place in High Hallack where a battle was fought in the war with Alizon.


Dale in northern High Hallack. About 40 years before the war with Alizon Uppsdale had an active amber mine, but a rock slide closed it. The mine was then passed through the daughters of the House of Uppsdale as a dowry, although it seemed to have no value. Hylle the Usurper from Quayth married Ysmay and re-opened the mine. See also Savron, Ysmay, Hylle, Quayth, Langsdale. (Spell of the Witch World).


Daleslord High Hallack, lord of Langsdale. He apparetly fought against Alizon during the war, and married his daughter Annet to Gyrerd of Uppsdale. (Spell of the Witch World).


Man of Gorm. Younger son of Hilder, only child of Orna. Uryan was set up in his brother's place by Orna after the death of Hilder but he did not live long enough to seize and enjoy the power for himself. (Witch World).


Cat, Brixia's companion. Probably the same Uta whom Kethan freed and married. (Zarsthor's Bane).

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Domain of Eldor, situated in the lands which were abandoned by Arvon to become part of the Waste. (Zarsthor's Bane).


Coastal province of Karsten which grew rich on salvage from the sea. Fulk married into the Line of Verlaine and developed ambitions for increasing his power throughout Karsten by marrying his daughter, Loyse, to Duke Yvian. (Witch World & Web of the Witch World).


Dales lord in High Hallack. He ruled many dales before the war with Alizon. (Spell of the Witch World).


Dale of High Hallack. Apparently located along the middle to northern coast. Vestdale, also called Vastdale, contained Jorby (also called Jurby), one of the chief trading cities of High Hallack. Vastdale was one of the first to be invased by Alizon. Wark was a client dale ruled by the lords of Vastdale. (The Crystal Gryphon & Spell of the Witch World).


Last survivor of a pre-human race on Witch World. He took pity on the primitive men of the Old Race and taught them wisdom and lore. Volt possessed great power and he warred against some human tribes or nations whom he deemed to be evil. His final resting place was a cave north of Verlaine where Simon and Koris found him. Volt's weapon was the ax, and Koris upon finding Volt's weapon intact claimed it. (Witch World).


Man of the Old Race. A servant or soldier in the service of Lord Vortimer, Estcarp's ambassador to Karsten. Vortimer sent Vortgin to warn Jaelithe of the thrice horning. Vortgin accompanied Jaelithe, Simon, Koris, and Loyse north out of Kars city. He helped rouse the Old Race into flight from Karsten. (Witch World).


Man of the Old Race of Estcarp. A nobleman from an ancient house, Vortimer was the last ambassador of Estcarp to Karsten. When Yvian was told that a raid from Estcarp was responsible for the deaths of his envoys and bride, he ordered the thrice-horning of all Estcarp's people in Karsten and Karsten's Old Race families. Vortimer gathered as many of Estcarp's people as he could into the tower that served as the embassy and he destroyed it with them all inside. (Witch World).

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Wager discs
Coin-like objects with radiating markings used for gambling in Karsten. The mark pointing away from the thrower was used as the betting value. After one thrower established his value the discs would be passed to another thrower. The higher value won the wager. Fulk and Hunold used Wager discs to determine who would take Jaelithe's innocence. (Witch World).


Man of the Old Race of Karsten. As a boy he served in Ingvald's household and escaped from Karsten, tracking down Ingvald and joining the Borderers under Simon Tregarth. He accompanied Simon Tregarth and Koris of Gorm when they followed Loyse to Verlaine. (Witch World & Web of the Witch World).


Dale of High Hallack, situated on the coast and subject to Vestdale. Truan and Almondia settled here after fleeing Estcarp. (Spell of the Witch World).


In the mainland of Estcarp the warnings and alarm signals were transmitted by liaison-witches, who sent them by thoughts to their sisters in Es city. In the south-western part of the country, too distant from the centre, where the watch-towers were small and often provisional, light signals were used, passed on by a system of observation-towers established on top of the hills. (Web of the Witch World).


Wasscot Keep
Home of Solfinna, one of the thirteen Were Rider brides. Apparently Wasscot's dale was located in northern High Hallack, as the prospect of marrying a southern dales lord or captain would have meant much the same for Solfinna as leaving High Hallack: never seeing her kin again. (Year of the Unicorn).


Waste, the
Forbidding land to the west of High Hallack and the south of Arvon. Much of the Waste is arid semi-desert or scrub land, but there are some small woods and forests scattered across it. Once inhabited by the Old Race and others, the Waste appears to have been created by the effects of the ancient wars of the Adepts. Outlaws and adventurers, as well as some Exiles of Arvon, lived in the Waste. (The Crystal Gryphon & Year of the Unicorn).


Wave Cleaver
Sulcar cruiser, small, fast and manoeuvrable ship, whose captain was Koityi Stymir. The Wave Cleaver followed the Kolder submarine which had captured Simon Tregarth and Loyse of Verlaine, and it was the first ship to find a way through the Floating Weed surrounding the Kolder Nest. (Web of the Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack, lord of Flathingdale in Ulric's day. He attended Kerovan's first arming. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Wise Woman of Kars
Persona assumed by Jaelithe on her missions to Karsten. She maintained a large house in of the seedier parts of the city, selling love potions and charms as a way of meeting people with the information she sought. In this persona Jaelithe gained access to Duke Yvian's chambers through Lady Aldis. (Witch World).


Women, usually of the Old Race, with Talent. The Witches of Estcarp were an ancient order, established after the Adepts of Escore nearly destroyed themselves and all others with their insane wars and gates. The Witches blamed the male Adepts for the disastrous war and forbade men to learn or use the Talent. They, however, used their own considerable powers to raise the mountains between Estcarp and Escore and to block the minds of their people so they would not think of the East and the ancient past. The Witches established a refuge, the Place of Wisdom, where they trained young girls of the Old Race. The restriction placed upon Witches was celibacy, and the slow extraction of women with Talent from the Old Race of Estcarp eventually resulted in a decline of Witch-stock among the Old Race of that land. They were reinforced by refugees from Karsten but when invasion from the south became eminent the Witches used their powers to again raise the mountains and destroy Pager's army. However this mighty deed devastated the Witches' ranks, as many died or became burned out husks incapable of using the Power again. Bereft of their great pool of strength and Talent, the Witches lost control of Estcarp to Koris of Gorm, their Seneschal, who assumed responsibility for governing Estcarp. The Witches recovered their numbers slowly and a new generation of leaders guided the councils in the Place of Wisdom to work with Hilarion, Simon and Jaelithe Tregarth, and other users of Power to help close the gates. The Witches of Estcarp were considered formiddable adversaries and were renowned throughout the Witch World for their great Talent. They concluded alliances with the Falconers and Sulcarmen which proved beneficial to both Estcarp and the allied races, especially as the Sulcar provded to be the only people with whom the Old Race could intermarry and produce children. (Witch World, Web of the Witch World, Three Against the Witch World, Warlock of the Witch World, Sorceress of the Witch World, Witch World: The Turning, The Magestone & Warding of Witch World).


Worship of the Cleansing Flame
the religion of the Dames of the Abbeys of High Hallack. This tradition was apparently brought by the Dalesfolk from their original world, and its adherents often clashed with the traditions taken up by the common people under the influence of the Exiles of Arvon. (The Crystal Gryphon).

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Lady of the Old Race, lady of Quayth. Yaal was desired by Hylle but she was faithful to Broc, her husband. Imprisoned with Broc by Hylle, Yaal hid a serpent talisman in the keep that Ysmay found and used to free them. She accepted Ysmay as a sister-in-spirit after Hylle was destroyed. (Spell of the Witch World).


Kolder city, situated on the southern shore of a peninsula dividing Estcarp from Karsten. After Sippar's defeat it became surrounded with a force field. Though built of native Estcarpian stone and not of metal, it was somehow separated from the land it stood on in Simon Tregarth's perception. (Web of the Witch World).


Daleswoman of High Hallack. Daughter of Cyart's youngest sister Islaugha, and was married to Elvan of Rishdale. She was impoverished by the war with Alizon after Rishdale was overrun. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Man of the Sulcar. A young marine serving at the Wave Cleaver who together with his mate Sigrod transported Jaelithe to the island base of Kolder. (Web of the Witch World).


Lord of a southern dale in High Hallack. (Spell of the Witch World).


Dalesman of High Hallack, Marshal of Ulmsdale. He was Jago's successor and rode to war with Kerovan when Ulric sent a force to help the southern Dales. (The Crystal Gryphon).


Daleswoman of High Hallack, from Uppsdale, sister of Gyrerd and Ewald. Ysmay inherited an amber amulet and the amber mine of Uppsdale as her dowry. She governed Uppsdale during the war with Alizon but after Gyrerd returned with Annet Ysmay was relegated to meaningless tasks by Annet. Ysmay alone was made responsible for the herb garden in the keep since only she could raise the herbs properly. After five years she married Hylle the Usurper out of Quayth and went there to live with him, but in time freed Broc and Yaal, the rightful rulers of Quayth. Ysmay stayed with Broc and Yaal after Hylle was destroyed. (Spell of the Witch World).


Daleswoman of High Hallack. Dame of Abbey Norstead, successor of Malwinna as Abbess. She presided over the Abbey in the Year of the Unicorn and allowed Gillan to accompany the Were Rider brides without protest. (Year of the Unicorn).


Man of Karsten. An apparent orphan, he embarked upon a mercenary career that culminated in his seizing control of Karsten and proclaiming himself Duke. For ten years Yvian fought off resentful nobles until he arranged for a marriage with Loyse of Verlaine. Her maternal line was old and respected and he hoped to establish some legitimacy through the marriage. He also hoped to build a port in Verlaine to compete with Sulcarkeep for the northern trade. He was killed by Koris.
Yvian had a sharp, pointed chin and light, bushy eyebrows. (Witch World & Web of the Witch World).


Dalesman, ancestor of the Lords of Eggarsdale. Formely lord of An-Yak, he married a woman of the Old Race and settled in Eggarsdale. But Zarsthor roused the anger of his brother-in-law, Eldor, who called upon the Dark Power to curse Zarsthor and all his line. Zarsthor had a powerful sword which was used against him to his undoing. When he learned that Eldor plotted against him, Zarsthor confronted his brother-in-law. An-Yak was cursed and Zarsthor appaently fled to High Hallack, but his spirit seems to have been irretrievably bound to Eldor's. (Zarsthor's Bane).


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