The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Races of Witch World ~ Moss Wives


Moss Wives appear in Warlock of the Witch World

Appearance: Moss Wives have very long, mossy hair and short, withered-looking bodies.1 Mosswives skin and hair blends in with the drab grays and browns of their moss covered forest giving them natural camouflage.

Living Area(s): Forest of Mosswomen, Escore. They might live in forests in Arvon, but this is unclear. On page 42 of The Jargoon Pard Kethan states: "I have seen the forest people come freely to our sowing feasts, our Harvest festivals. These we welcome, though they are closer to the plant world than to ours." Who or what the 'forest people' are is not really gone into, nor are they described, but if they aren't the Mosswives, they may be a kindred race.

Life Span: There's no indication how long Moss Wives live, but if they are anything like trees they could have very long lives indeed.

Power: It's unclear what exact power Moss Wives have. They can certainly manipulate plant life, but other Powers might be possible. Fyuru from The Weavers also seems to be able to cast an extremely powerful glamor (or possibly even shape shift) to appear as a beautiful woman. She is also so empathetic that she is overwhelmed by the emotions of anyone within the bounds of her woods.

Other: Moss Wives seem to stay within their forest home rarely, if ever, leaving it. They seem to have an affinity towards names beginning in ‘F’. There have never been moss men sighted or reported, though the Moss Wives give birth to children. Milk from a Maiden's Breast explains their origins and why there are no males.

1. Their eyes are not described, but could easily be gray, brown, green or even amber.

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