The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

 Timelines of Witch World ~ Version 1.3


This version of the timeline takes the Previous Timeline and adds information from The Magestone, which introduces a year number (which eases things somewhat) and the short stories To Rebuild the Eyrie & Falcon Magic - the changes are given in red.



Refugees of the Old Race flee Escore erecting the Great Mountains separating Escore from Estcarp (Three Against the Witch World).

Approximately 600 years pass unrecorded.

Year of the Cloven Hoof

The first Dalesmen come to High Hallack fleeing the disasters of their own world (Horn Crown).

Approximately 400 years pass.


Year of the Blue-horned Ram

Mereth born – 40 years before invasion


Year of the Serpent King

Kerovan is born in High Hallack (The Crystal Gryphon).


Year of the Ringed Dove

Kerovan's sister Lisana is born in High Hallack (The Crystal Gryphon).


Year of the Salamander

Almondia and Truan are shipwrecked off Wark

Joisan is born in High Hallack (The Crystal Gryphon).


Year of the Fire Arrow


Year of the Sea Serpent

Elys and Elyn are born in High Hallack (Dragon Scale Silver).


Year of the Hill Giant


Year of the Sea Calf


Year of the Kestrel


Year of the Yellow Dwarf


Year of the Mandrake


Year of the Spitting Toad

Joisan and Kerovan are married by axe in High Hallack (The Crystal Gryphon).


Year of the Horned Worm


Year of the Gorgon


Year of the Barrow-Wight

Simon Tregarth arrives in Estcarp through a Gate from Earth (Witch World).

Sulcarkeep is destroyed (Witch World).

Loyse of Verlaine marries Duke Yvian of Karsten by axe (Witch World).

Kasarian born (The Magestone)


Year of the Cameleopard

Simon Tregarth marries Jaelithe in Estcarp (Witch World).

Duke Yvian of Karsten is killed (Web of the Witch World).

Kyllan Tregarth is born on the last day of the year (Three Against the Witch World).


Year of the Crowned Swan

Kemoc and Kaththea Tregarth are born on the first day of the year (Three Against the Witch World).


Year of the Fire Troll

Koris of Gorm and Loyse of Verlaine are married in Estcarp (Three Against the Witch World).

Alizon invades High Hallack (The Crystal GryphonDragon Scale Silver).


Year of the Mosswife

Pagar begins his rise to power in Karsten (Three Against the Witch World).


Year of the Weld

The Sulcar come to the aid of High Hallack and begin harrying the coasts of Alizon (The Crystal Gryphon).


Year of the Swordsmith

The Sulcar carry then- harrying action into Karsten

Simon and Loyse are imprisoned in Tormarsh (Web of the Witch World).

Simon and Jaelithe destroy the Kolder Gate (Web of the Witch World).


Year of the Leopard

Pagar's power base in Karsten grows unsteady (Three Against the Witch World).

Gillan arrives in Norstead Abbey

High Hallack rallies against the Alizon invasion (The Crystal Gryphon).


Year of the Night Hound

Elys and Jervon dispel Ingaret's Curse in High Hallack (Dragon Scale Silver).

Imgry becomes leader of the war forces in High Ballade (Gryphon in Glory).


Year of the Raven

Pagar begins to solidify his power in Karsten (Three Against the Witch World).


Year of the Gryphon

High Hallack makes the Pact with the Weres (Year of the UnicornThree Against the Witch WorldThe Jargoon Pard and Gryphon in Glory).


Year of the Firedrake


Year of the Hornet

High Hallack defeats the invaders from Alizon (Three Against the Witch World and The Jargoon Pard).

Fall of Facellian, Baron of Alizon, replaced by Mallandor (The Magestone)


Year of the Unicorn

Kyllan, Kemoc and Kaththea Tregarth rescue a Witch in Estcarp. Alerted to Kaththea's powers, the Council summons her for testing. Her parents refuse (Three Against the Witch World).

Ysmay marries Hylle in High Hallack and journeys to Quayth (Amber Out of Quayth).

Gillan and the Were Rider Herrel are married in High Hallack (Year of the Unicorn).


Year of the Red Boar

Ysmay frees Broc and Yaal; Hylle is overthrown in Quayth (Amber Out of Quayth).

Aylinn is born in High Hallack (The Jargoon Pard).

Kethan is born in High Hallack (The Jargoon Pard).


Year of the Fox Maiden

Simon Tregarth disappears from Estcarp (Three Against the Witch World).


Year of the Phoenix

Jaelithe Tregarth goes in search of Simon and disappears from Estcarp (Three Against the Witch World).


Year of the Hippogriff

Kyllan and Kemoc Tregarth ride with the Borderers of Estcarp against Karsten (Three Against the Witch World).

Alon is born in Karsten (Ware Hawk).


Year of the Roc

Kaththea Tregarth is taken for training by The Council of Estcarp (Three Against the Witch World).

Duke Pagar of Karsten suffers a defeat by the Borderers and subsequent setback (Three Against the Witch World).


Year of the Basilisk

Duke Pagar of Karsten rallies once more (Three Against the Witch World).


Year of the Black Adder

Kemoc Tregarth is wounded and goes to the Archives at Lormt Three Against the Witch World).

Koris is wounded and retires from leadership in Estcarp (Three Against the Witch World and Warlock of the Witch World).


Year of the Frost Giant

Simond is born to Koris and Loyse in Estcarp (Sand Sister).


Year of the Kobold

The Witches of Estcarp wreak the Turning — devastating the barrier ridge separating Karsten from Alizon — and Karsten is defeated (Three Against the Witch World).

Kyllan and Kemoc Tregarth rescue Kaththea from the Council of Estcarp

Kyllan Tregarth and Dahaun of the Green Silences are handfasted in Escore (Three Against the Witch World).

Dairine is cast ashore at Rannock, High Hallack (Spider Silk).


Year of the Snow Cat

Kyllan Tregarth returns to Estcarp to recruit settlers for Escore (Three Against the Witch World).

Kemoc Tregarth and the Krogan maiden Orsya are handfasted (Three Against the Witch World).

Kaththea Tregarth is lured away by the adept Dinzel and is rescued by Kemoc (Warlock of the Witch World).

Kaththea Tregarth is lost in an avalanche en route from Escore to Estcarp. She is rescued by the Vupsall and taken deep into Escore (Sorceress of the Witch World).


Year of the Horned Hunter

Kaththea Tregarth becomes apprenticed to the Vupsall Wise Woman Utta (Sorceress of the Witch World).

Kaththea Tregarth finds the Dark Tower and discovers the Gate into the Machine World (Sorceress of the Witch World).

Kaththea Tregarth discovers Simon and Jaelithe in the Machine World, and they rescue the adept Hilarion from imprisonment (Sorceress of the Witch World).


Year of the Lamia

Kelsie arrives in Escore through a Gate from Earth (The Gate of the Cat).


Year of the Chimera

Simon and Jaelithe Tregarth return to Estcarp from Escore (Sorceress of the Witch World).


Year of the Harpy

Tirtha of Hawkholme, Nirel the Falconer and the youth Alon adventure in Escore (Ware Hawk).


Year of the Orc

Events of (To Rebuild the Eyrie)


Year of the Werewolf


Year of the Thorn Cat

Kethan and Thaney are betrothed (The Jargoon Pard).


Year of the Manticore

Dairine receives the gift of Touch-Sight in High Hallack (Spider Silk).


Year of the Weldworm

Dairine becomes apprenticed to the Weavers of Usturt (Spider Silk).


Year of the Hydra


Year of the Triton


Year of the Centaur


Year of the Opinacus

Events of (Falcon Magic?) Fall of Mallandor, Baron of Alizon, Norandor now Lord Baron


Year of the Sumurgh


Year of the Remorhaz


Year of the Elder Tree


Year of the Wild Huntsman


Year of the Troll-Dame


Year of the Silversmith


Year of the Bitter Herb


Year of the Alfar

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