The Magic Sequence: Volume 2

~ An Omnibus for the Magic Series by Andre Norton

(Series aka) The Magic Sequence



Contains ~

  • Dragon Magic (1972) Published by Crowell, HC, 0-690-24489-4, 978-0-690-24489-2, LCCN 70158697, $4.95, 213pg ~ illustration by Robin Jacques
  • Lavender-Green Magic (1974) Published by Crowell, HC, 0-690-00429-X, LCCN 73021941, $5.50, 241pg ~ cover and illustrations by Judith Gwynn Brown
  • Red Hart Magic (1976) Published by Crowell, HC, 0-690-01147-4, LCCN 76003539, $6.95, 176pg ~ cover and illustrated by Donna Diamond

Synopsis ~

Dragon Magic ~ What was the magic power of the dust covered puzzle in the old, abandoned house? Each of the four boys who tried to find out was caught in a strange spell that took him backward in time to own long-ago-and-far-away adventure.
Although these adventures are not stories to be found in ordinary history books, they are based on fact. In this intriguing time-warp fantasy, noted science-fiction writer Andre Norton has painstakingly researched legends of four famous dragons and has found in each story a particular meaning for today. Ras, Kim, Sig, and Artie are American boys of different national backgrounds - African, Chinese, Scandinavian, and Welsh. Each boy gains from his adventure an insight into his own past, and pride in his own background and heritage.
A brilliant mosaic of lore from the past, Dragon Magic is also a very contemporary story of four very dissimilar young people who are drawn together by a shared adventure.

Lavender-Green Magic ~ is a beautifully written adventure that will enchant readers of all ages. Three youngsters from the big city move to rural, rundown Dimsdale, where they discover a dreamworld of good and evil forces, ancient curses and powerful magic. This is a classic story by one of America's most distinguished and successful authors of science fiction and fantasy.

Red Hart Magic ~ What is the magic of the Red Hart Inn? An exquisite model of an old English inn that triggers three strange and exciting adventures back into earlier centuries for its two owners. Chris Fitton and his new stepsister Nan Mallory, both lonely and unhappy, must test their courage through three tumultuous periods of English history in this skillfully written timewarp fantasy. What they learn about themselves and each other enables them to live more fully in their own time.


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (2018) Published by Open Road Media, DM, 978-1-504-05393-8, $19.99, 830pg ~ cover by unknown

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