An Index of Andre Norton’s Witch World pt. 2

Compiled by Juanita Coulson (1996)
Commissioned by Andre Norton for the writing of
“The Warding of Witch World”



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High Hallack
   Bodies of Water
   Battle Sites

The Waste

   Clan Territories
   Battle Sites

Oceans between Continents:


Tor Marsh



   Cities and Ports
   Places of Interest
   Inns and Taverns

   Cities and Keeps
   Geographic Features
   Battle Sites














The Witch World naming system originated in the Dales and was brought to the Eastern Continent by Sulcar traders.

Unnamed years: Refugees of Old Race fled from Escore and created a memory barrier re the eastern mountains. Approximately 600 unrecorded years then pass.

  • Year of the Cloven Hoof = Dalesmen come to High Hallack.     (Horn)

Approximately 400 more years pass, after which the following sequence begins:


  • Serpent King = Kerovan is born in Ulmskeep     (Crys)
  • Ringed Dove = Kerovan's sister Lisana is born.     (Crys)
  • Salamander = Almondia and Truan are shipwrecked in Wark.     (Dss)

Joisan is born (Crys)     (Dsm?)

  • Phoenix / Fire Arrow
  • Hippogriff / Bicorn = Elys and Elyn born.     (Dss)
  • Roc / Hill Giant
  • Basilisk / Sea Calf
  • Black Adder / Kestrel
  • Frost Giant
  • Yellow Dwarf = Dairine cast ashore at Rannock     (Sps)
  • Fox Maiden / Mandrake
  • Spitting Toad = Joisan and Kerovan axe married.     (Crys)
  • Kobold
  • Snow Cat
  • Horned Hunter
  • Air Spirit
  • Swordsmith
  • Crowned Swan
  • Moss Wife
  • Fire Troll = The Invasion     (Dss)
  • Leopard
  • Falcon
  • Raven
  • Night Hound
  • Gryphon = Pact with Weres
  • Fire Drake =     (Tog)
  • Hornet
  • Unicorn =     (Yofu)     (Grye)     (Amb)
  • Red Boar =     (Legacy)     (Swou)     (Jpard = Kethan born)
  • Gargoyle =     (Sps)
  • Mandrake
  • Wyvern
  • Winged Bull
  • Horn Worm
  • Dragon Horse = Eydryth born     (?)(Song)
  • Gorgon
  • Manticore = Alon born     (?)
  • Barrow-Wight
  • Cameleopard Firdun
  • Sphinx
  • Nix
  • Lamia
  • Chimera
  • Harpy
  • Orc
  • Werewolf
  • Horned Cat
  • Pookaworm
  • Weld
  • Hydra
  • Triton
  • Centaur
  • Opinicus
  • Simurgh
  • Remorhaz




Dales and Estcarp




Moon Of …….


Month of the …….






Dart Venom     (Nov.)


Crested Owl

Hunger Moon     (Dec.)


Fire Thorn

The Knife     (Jan.)

(Extra calendar day, Veneration Day – falls between 9th and 10th days.)


Ice Dragon

First Welping Moon     (Jan./Feb.)


Snow Bird

The Dire Wolf     (Mid Feb. into March)








Hawk     (First month of Spring)

Chordosh     (March / April)


Crooknecked Fern

The Spotted Viper    (April into May)


Fringed Violet

The Fever Leaf    (May into June)








Willow Carp

The Split-tusked Boar     (June / July)


Golden Lac ewing

(Their extra day, Midsummer’s Day falls between the 14th and 15th.)

The Torgian Foals     (July / August)


Silver Crowned Bee

The Second Welping Moon     (August)







The Bloodwine     (Sept.)


Anda Wasp

Harvest Moon

The Hooded Crow     (Sept. / Oct.)


Shredbark Tree

(Oct. into early Nov.)

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The following categories describe material which recurs throughout the series or is especially relevant.

Notes: An entry marked, for example, (Jpard) indicates the novel or story source of the information.

An entry marked, for example, -- See Jpard (no parentheses) indicates that further detail regarding the item in question will be found under its title in Section II. Consult the Alphabetical Listing for a complete key to abbreviations of novels and stories.



  • (Arv) = Arvon
  • (HH) = High Hallack
  • (Tw) = The Waste
  • (Est) = Estcarp
  • (Alz) = Alizon
  • (Kst) = Karsten
  • (Esc) = Escore
  • (Sul) = Sulcar



The Dales

  • Corriedale
  • Dimdale
  • Domnudale
  • Dorndale
  • Dundale
  • Edale
  • Eggarsdale
  • Ellsdale
  • Estindale
  • Falthingdale
  • Ferndale
  • Fyndale -- Site of a large fair (Amb)
  • Garnsdale
  • Gastendale
  • Grimmerdale
  • Harkendale
  • Harrowdale
  • Haverdale
  • Hockerdale
  • Ithondale
  • Ithdale / Ithsdale
  • Kylldale
  • Langsdale
  • Lethendale
  • Menasdale
  • Mistdale
  • Moorachdale
  • Nordendale
  • Norrisdale
  • Norsdale
  • Paltendale
  • Ravenfielddale
  • Rimsdale
  • Rhysdale
  • Ronansdale
  • Rosehilldale
  • Roxdale
  • Rozdale
  • Seakeepdale
  • Summersdale
  • Syledale
  • Trewsdale
  • Tyrnsdale
  • Ulmsdale
  • Uppdale / Uppsdale
  • Vastdale / Vestdale
  • Ylsedale

Keeps and Holds

  • Arnwold
  • Birkhold
  • Brettford
  • Castle Van
  • Coomb Frome
  • Croffkeep
  • Dorn
  • Ellskeep
  • Eroffkeep
  • Faerwold
  • Horla’s Hold
  • Ithkeep
  • Ithkrygt
  • Klavenport's Gatekeep
  • Komlin's Keep
  • Malmgarth
  • Maryekeep
  • Min's Hold
  • Moycroft
  • Paltenkeep
  • Quayth
  • Ravenfieldkeep
  • Seakeep
  • Sharoon Keep
  • Thantog
  • Traedwyth
  • Trin
  • Ulfmaer
  • Ulmskeep
  • Waleis
  • Wealdmar


  • Kantha Twice Born
  • Landendale
  • Lethendale
  • Linna
  • Meadowvale
  • Norstead
  • Rhystead
  • Rishdale
  • Ulmstead

Towns and Villages

  • Boldre -- Ithondale town (Dsm)
  • Casterbrook
  • Colmera -- Harkendale village (Que)
  • Coomb Brackett
  • Ghyll -- Ithondale (Dsm)
  • Greywold
  • Handelsburg
  • Itsford
  • Inisheer -- Interior town (Dss)
  • Komm High -- Wool market (Tog)
  • Norstead
  • Linna
  • Lormill -- village (Wolf)
  • Pessik -- Harkendale fishing village destroyed by the invaders (Que)
  • Rannock -- coastal Estcarp (Sps)
  • Sym -- River village (Dsm)
  • Trevamger -- Highway & river junction large fair
  • Twyford
  • Wark -- Fishing village (Dss)


  • Jorby/Jurby -- in Vestdale
  • Kalaven Port
  • KlavenPort -- On the Sea of Autumn Mists (Legacy)
  • UlmsPort
  • VennesPort

Bodies of Water

  • Sea of Autumn Mists
  • Komlin Sea


  • The Cradle
  • Emerald Cove
  • Falcon Fist
  • Falcon Pass
  • Falcon Ridge
  • Giant's Fist
  • Gorge of Ravenswell
  • Grayson Heights
  • Hawk s Claw-- Held by Silvermantle Clan and Voices of the Heights before their defeat in olden times (Jpard)
  • Mulma's Needle
  • Salzarat
  • Sorn Fen
  • Throat of the Hawk
  • Wyvern's wing

Battle Sites

  • Arm of Sparn
  • Falcon Cut
  • Ingra Ford
  • Inisheer
  • Battle of Morlan
  • Petthys
  • Ruther's Pass
  • Ungo Pass


  • Lelanin
  • Ulys


  • Herdsman's Halt Inn of Nordendale
  • Inn of the Forks -- at a North-South road junction (Legacy)

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  • The Black Tower
  • The Horned One's Keep
  • Narat
  • Needle's Eye -- village (Peacock)
  • Ravensmoore


The Waste is not all desert. Many pockets of mountains, valleys, etc. unpredictable weather, with some dangerously harsh conditions, such as the: Dune Moving Storm (Swou)


Clan Territories

  • Bluemantle
  • Goldmantle
  • Silvermantle
  • Redmantle
  • Farmarsh -- A village formerly in Silvermantle lands, but annexed by Goldmantle's Lord (blood)
  • Ford at Deepwater -- In Redmantle lands (Song)
  • The White Flow -- River boundary of Silvermantle territory (Jpard)

Keeps and Holds

  • Car of Prawn
  • Car do Yelt
  • Car re Dogan
  • The Gray Towers
  • Kar Garudwyn

Abbeys and Schools

  • Garth Howell
  • Halsted Abbey
  • Linark


  • The Fane of Neave
  • Landisl's Valley
  • Reeth / The Star Tower
  • Valley of the Gryphon
  • The White Highway -- Runs from High Hallack across the Waste to Arvon

Battle Sites

  • Farthfell
  • Thos



  • Islands of Ever Ice
  • Northern Kingship
  • Vellas Islands


  • Bay of Dead Ships
  • Point of the Hound -- Landmark south of Estcarp / Karsten (Port)
  • Usturt -- spiders’ island (Sps)
  • Port of Varn
  • Volcanic Island Chain



  • Aliz -- On west coast, opposite Sulcarkeep across the bay (WW)
  • Alizon City -- Capital, centrally located (Falm & Mage)
  • Canisport --Western coast (Mage)


  • Alizon Gap -- Between Tor Marsh and the mountains (Falm)
  • Alizon Ridge -- On north side of the Forbidden Mountains (Falm)
  • Castle Krevonel -- Kasarian's family holding: Alizon City (Mage)
  • Kennel of the Hounds -- Royal castle, Alizon City (Falm & Mage)
  • The Long Sisters and the Hands -- Shipwrecking rocks off Alizon's west coast (Voice)


  • The Hooded Crow Inn -- in Alizon City (Mage)


  • Enkere -- Where the river draining Tor Marsh reaches the sea (Web)
  • Volt’s Shrine
  • Xactol's Sand Pool


  • Garthholm on the River -- See WW
  • Hawkholme -- See Ware
  • Kars -- Capital, river city -- See WW
  • Verlaine Keep -- See WW& Web


  • Sippar -- Capital and port -- See WW & Web


Cities and Ports

  • Es City
  • Esland – South; grain exporting town (Ware)
  • Eslee Port -- Also called Estee Port and Es Port where River Es empties into the bay (Song)
  • Romsgarth -- South Central town noted as a hiring center (Ware)


  • Dhulmat Manor -- East (Three)
  • Es Castle -- Witches' Headquarters
  • Etsford -- South Central; Loyse's Keep, where the triplets were fostered (Three)
  • Falcon's Eyrie -- South
  • Gweddawl Garth -- South; apprentice witch's home (falm)
  • Ravenhold Keep -- South (Fallaw)
  • Sulcarkeep
  • Keep of Trin
  • Yle

Towns and Villages

  • Blagden -- Southeastern village (Falm)
  • Cedar Crest -- Southeastern village (Wtw)
  • Kastryn --North Central village (Song)
  • Mountain Gate -- Southeastern village (Oldt)
  • Pethiel -- North Central village (Exl)
  • Rannock -- Coastal village (Sps)
  • Ravensmere -- Northwest (Heart)
  • Riveredge – South Women's village (Wtw)
  • Rylon's Corner -- village famous for horse race and fair (Song)
  • South Wending -- Village between Kastryn and Lormt (Song)
  • Torview -- Northwest village (Heart)
  • Twin Valleys -- South Central village (Wtw)

Places of Interest

  • Dame Cavern – Southeast, A Place of Old Ones between Riveredge and Lormt (Wtw)
  • Lormt -- Southeast (Exl & Mage)
  • Place of Wisdom --Northwest Witch school (Falm)


  • Barrier Mountains -- Between Estcarp and Alizon
  • Falcon Crag
  • Falcon’s Eyrie -- Fane of Wings
  • Great Mountains -- Notheast, between Estcarp / Alizon and Escore
  • Karsten Gap -- Destroyed in the Turning
  • The Keyhole -- Near Karsten Gap
  • Serpent Teeth -- Rocks off Rannock

Inns and Taverns

  • The Bold Falcon -- Eastern (Sentinel)
  • The Dancing Dolphin -- In Eslee Port (Song)
  • Silver Horseshoe
  • Silver Spur
  • Wayfarer's Inn -- Adjacent to the Silver Spur (Heart)

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Cities and Keeps

  • Canyon Keep
  • Duke Chastain's Holding
  • The Citadel of Hilarion
  • Dinzil’s Dark Tower
  • HaHarc
  • Iuchar's Tower
  • Jerrany's Keep
  • Lynxholme
  • Old Port

Towns and Villages

  • Coelwyn -- Fishing village (Strait)
  • Maddoc -- A river town east of Green Valley (Strait)

Geographic Features

  • Garden of Stones
  • Green Valley
  • Gulf of Hilarion
  • Hot Sgrings
  • Lake of the Krogan
  • Merfay Island
  • Moss Forest
  • Mount Holweg
  • Mountain Pass
  • Oceax Bay
  • Strait of Storms
  • Undermountain Caves
  • Valley of the Sleepers

Ancient Battle Sites

  • Emnin
  • Jahalli
  • Varhum
  • Vock


The division between Old Ones and deities is often indistinct. Some titles for Deities are: Eternal Ones or Hand of the Over Guardian. Shrines where they are worshipped or reside are called Fanes the priests or priestesses there are Those who Tend the Fanes.

Old Ones = Great Ones, Great Names, Those who Had Been Before. Their more-than-human intermediaries are Voices. The Old Ones' absence from human affairs since ancient times is known as the Long Rest. Their metal is silver, their gems opals, pearls, jade, and amber.

The Triune Goddess and Horned Man

  • Dians = Moon Maiden. Gray eyes, black hair. Carries a silver bow and arrows. Wears a white tunic or robe and the New Moon wrought in silver over her brow. Austere and remote. Kurnous is her brother.
  • Gunnora = Amber Lady Harvest Lady Evernourishing One Corn Woman Mother of Mares     (Kioga). Special protector of women and children. Neither she nor Neave like those who disturb the progress of Things As They Must Be. She is tall, dark, with full breasts and a narrow waist. Her eyes and gown are amber colored her symbol is a sheaf of ripe grain bound with a fruited vine. Kurnous is her Consort.
  • Raidhan = The Crone. Black—robed Hag of the Dark Moon. Kurnous is her son.
  • Kurnous, The Horn Crowned Man = He Who Hunts by ancient tradition, holds power only a few seasons, then his blood and flesh enrich the fields. Slanted eyes, pointed chin, amused expression, curling hair crowned with stag horns. Mail coat is green, brown, and blue. Often called upon by soldiers as well as hunters.

General List of Gods and Old Ones

  • Alafian = He built an ancient way through The Waste and is still served by a Dryad there.     (Horn)
  • Archerydon =     (HH) Female Old One of feathers and fire.     (Circle)
  • Archon = The Dark Ones following him came south into Arvon.     (Horn)
  • Asbrakas = The Waiter in the temple of Varn.     (Port)
  • Cuntif = The evil balance of Kurnous.     (Horn)
  • Destree m'Regnant = Voice of Gunnora. -- See Port
  • The Dog = Gate Guardian. -- See Southeast Ak
  • Dussa = Deity of the Krogan.
  • The Flame: Those Who Set the Flame = Dalesfolk worship the Flame, symbol of creation, served by cloistered Houses of Dames (abbeys) and Ladies of the Shrines. The most devout Dames wear silver hoops on their girdles, turning them like beads or wheels to accompany formal prayers.
  • Galkur = Old One of the Dark -- See Gryg
  • Glydys = An Old One Yonan called upon.     (Gate)
  • Ibycus = Voice.     (Jpard)
  • Jonkara -- See Falb
  • Landisl = Old One of the Light, crested gryphon—man: avian face, paws for feet, taloned hands. (Gryg)
  • Matr = A Sky-One, departed companion of Landisl.     (Gryg)
  • Mig = Old One. -- See Circle.
  • Neave = Goddess of truth and gentle peace. Rules the seasons and proper relationships. Guardian of the Forces of Things As They Must Be.
  • Ninutra -- See Trey, Ware
  • Neevor = Voice of Landisl. -- See CRYS.
  • Nornan = Deity of Gorm.     (WW)
  • Qrd =     (Tw) Dark Master served by Black Ones, birds with red eyes and red flesh about their bills.     (Horn)
  • Rllene = Sky—One, departed companion of Landisl.     (Gryg)
  • Talann = Her Moon Shrine is near Ghyll.     (Dsm)
  • Telgher = Landisl's ally. -- See Gryg.
  • Volt = Avian Old One revered by Torfolk. -- See WW.
  • Yahnon = Old One, creator of a Gate gone rogue whose guardians were: LagitScalgah, and Theffen.     (Port)
  • Yoer = Sky—One departed companion of Landisl.     (Gryg)

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  • Alizonders -- For descriptions see Mage & Falm
  • Dalesfolk -- See Horn for origins.
  • Falconers = Reddish brown hair, gold flecked eyes. Winged helms with masks. Uniforms bear falcon badges small undermodification marks denote individual troops. -- See Falb for origins Falm, FalLaw, Wtw, Southeast Ak for life styles and post—Turning developments.
  • Far North People -- See Web, Ramp.
  • Flannan =     (Esc, Est) Small avians. Sometimes used as messengers. Humanoid heads with jutting beaks. Arms beneath their wings, tiny hands, long, supple necks, clawed red feet. White feathers, except for their faces. Have very short attention spans.
  • Gray Ones =     (Esc, Tw, Arv) Werewolves, usually of the Dark, though exceptions are known. Narrow heads, black lips, matted, brindled fur on their necks and shoulders. Yellow—red eyes.
  • Keplians =     (Esc) Resemble powerful and beautiful horses. Of the Shadow can become either of the Dark or Light.
  • Kioga =     (Arv) -- See Grye
  • Kolder -- See Web (re uniforms, control belts) and Falm.
  • Krogan =     (Esc, Kst) Humanoid amphibians, a result of experiments by Great Ones. They can exist briefly outside aquatic environment. Believe their life cycle is linked to Donta: See S'Ol. Webbed feet and fingers, gills, pale skin and hair eyes are deep green and have no whites. Wear waistcloths of scaled fabric and pouches made of shell halves. Krogan who marry outside the clan add "S'" to their names. For burial customs,-- See S'ol
  • Lizards =     (Esc) Nearly man-sized. Green-gold jewel—scaled skin. Use front feet as hands. Domed, humanoid heads, wide, lipless mouths, long tongues. Distantly related to tree lizards.
  • Moss Wives =     (Esc) Small, hunched, gray. Long, mosslike hair, gnarled hands, wrinkled faces, flattened noses, large eyes with thick, bushy lashes. Protruding stomachs, stumpy frames, withered- looking legs. Their homes     (nests) are walled with curtains of moss-grown vines. Shy usually friendly to humans.
  • Old Race =     (Originated in Esc) Dark haired, pale skinned, slender, grey eyed, arched brows.
  • People of the Green Silences / Green People =     (Esc) Ancient race dwelling in spell-protected Green Valley. Guardians of nature: use wind, water, earth, and air magic. Adapt to their surroundings' colors. Wall their houses with greenery and roof them in woven bird feathers Valley People cannot abide within stone walls or where only men live.
  • Renthans =     (Esc) As large as horses. No manes topknots of fluff above a single red horn curving back in an arc. Coats: red roan with a creamy white underbody. Tails are small brushes they keep clipped tight to their haunches. Highly intelligent mind-speakers. Allies of the People of Green Silences.
  • Sarn Riders =     (Esc) Servants of the Dark mounted on bony Keplians. They wear gloves, black, tight-fitting clothes, and thigh—length, hooded cloaks. Their eyes are greenish—yellow pits and their movements are jerky. Weapons: Rods emitting jagged flames.
  • Sulcar = Tall, fair, big-boned traders and/or raiders. Called "sea-serpents", and live on serpent—prowed boats with their families. Bards chant them into battle. Their identifying crests are mythic creatures: birds, animals, reptiles.
  • Thas =     (both continents) Subterranean race serving the Dark. Small covered with bristly, rootlike growths. They attack by undermining the earth and dragging victims into their vast burrows. Fear air and fire. Weapons: Ropes of roots envenomed spears.
  • Toads of Grimmerdale -- See Tog and Wtw. Ancient race some members have degenerated and serve the Dark.
  • Tormen = Dwell in the marsh between Estcarp and Alizon. Revere Volt his totems guard their house isle communities and fields. Their history is kept by "Rememberers" using "Remember Chants".
  • Torfolk are small in stature, with large bones, long arms, short legs, fine, downy hair, and comely human faces. Are generally hostile to intruders.     (WW, Web, Sas)
  • Var -- See Port
  • Vrangs =     (Esc) Eaglelike dwell in the heights. Have lizards' heads with glittering red scales and narrow, toothed jaws. Their bodies are covered by blue-gray feathers.
  • Vugsalls -- See Sorc
  • Were-Riders -- See Yofu, p. 67, for origins and history. -- See Blood for were-Pack members and their change—forms.



Rites of Passage


  • Naming newborns = Done with a touch of water. "Look upon him, name him, that he may have life well set before him."     (Jpard) -- See also Three and Grye.


  • Rite of Manhood -- See Crys and GEN INFO: OATHS.
  • Festival of Change = The Kioga coming-of—age ceremony.     (Grye)
  • Maiden Day = For girls in Falconers' Women's villages.     (Wtw)


  • Axe marriage = By proxy bride is symbolically bedded beside an axe. This form includes a later right of bride refusal.     (Crys)
  • Cup and Flame = Formal vows: Life Cup drunk and House Candle lit by bride and groom. At Bride Feast they eat from same plate.
  • Fold Gather = Where High Hallack’s nobility assemble to offer their eligible daughters for marriage.
  • hand-fasting = Betrothal.
  • maiden brides = wear blue.
  • sworn troth = As binding as marriage.


  • "Earth take that which is of earth. Water accept that of water. And that which is now freed, let it be free to follow the higher path."
  • (Variant) "Let that which is of earth return to earth. Let the inner spark which is life return to That Which Sent It. May she who lives here be troubled no more and may She who Guards all womankind welcome this one into the House of Peace through the last of all gates."
  • (For a stranger) "May your sleep be sweet, stranger, may your path be beyond smooth, may you come to your desiring and it give you peace." A white round stone is then placed on the grave's head.
  • (For a warrior) "Honor his name forever." A bared sword is raised in salute to the warrior's funeral pyre.
  • High Hallack burial = The dead are laid in the Field of Memory.
  • Krogan burial -- See S'ol.
  • Lelanin burial = The body's grave must be sealed by a priestess's words to prevent the spirit's rising. Grief is buried in a hole into which the mourner screams, then covers with a stone.
  • Sulcar burials = Known as burn burials.
  • Vupsall burials -- See Sorc for description.

Seasonal Customs

  • earth tithe = Harvest Time feast bowl associated with Harvest Sacrifice.
  • Harvest Homing Dance = Practiced in Estcarp.     (Sps)
  • Fall Hunt ceremony
  • Harvest Gift = Sent to an Arvon Clan Chief: wine and grain.
  • Harvest Maid = The last stalks are woven into a human effigy which is toasted in cider, then impaled on a pitchfork atop the wain.
  • First Day of Winter = At that time Dalesfolk burn straw wheels at that time to frighten off evil spirits.
  • Mid—Winter Feast = One of four fateful nights of the year when powers are loosed.
  • Year's Turn Feast =     (Regarded as pagan by the Abbeys not observed by the Dames.) Celebrants burn the Straw Man and Flax Maid women throw ivy in fire, the men holly, for good luck in the coming year.

Luck Wishes and Superstitions

  • "falcon-away" = A sign used by superstitious Falconer women and children to ward off bad luck.     (Wtw)
  • "Luck be with you and fortune your shield."
  • One throws the stones to read for luck on the trail, etc.
  • War Departure wish -- See Crys.
  • Fortune well =     (Crys) In western Ithdale. When the full moon reflects on its waters, one casts in a pin and recites a spell rhyme for luck. The area is marked by numerous wish ribbons and straw and twig effigies.

Miscellaneous Customs

  • Hiring = At market towns and fairs. Laborers seeking employment wear badges on their caps or bonnets to advertise their trades.
  • Merchant flags = Raised over traders' tents and booths at fairs. Sulcar traders raise them when coming into the port.
  • head collecting = A barbarian practice they believe it enslaves the ghosts of the slain.
  • visit veils = Worn by Falconer women chosen to be impregnated.



  • Falconers'/Borderers' marching cadence = Earth-sky—mountain—stone! Sword cuts to the bone!
  • By...the Death of the Kolder     (Sps) = Simond's expression.

the Eyrie
the Fangs of(Zar)
the Favor of Likerwolf
Harith and Haron and the Blood of the Hawk Brood
the Heat of the Eternal Flame
the Horns of(Alizonian)
the Hunter's Cup
the Nine Words of Min
Reith and Nieve
the Sword Hand of Karthen the Fair
the Warmth of the Flame and the Flash of Gonder's Spell Sword
the Waves of Asper

  • Sweet Gunnora
  • Swordbrother Oath -- See Fallaw, Terms and Expressions.
  • Volt guide us


  • Death = The Last gate, Last Road, Black Gate.
  • Evernight; Victory of the Dark.
  • Halls of the Valiant = the Falconers' Valhalla.


  • "A nest of Anda wasps..."
  • "a stoat introduced into a house of hens..."
  • "As long as the Flame Eternal burns upon any altar..."
  • "As thin as Dame Carelda's washboard..."
  • “As well try to empty Fos Tern with a kitchen ladle..."
  • "By the Powers of Air, so shall it be."
  • "I would take Gunnora's three oaths..."
  • "if the Flame favors us..."
  • "like all Demon Night opening..."     (Sulcar saying)
  • "little dove, little love...." said to a child.     (Tog)
  • "looked like a fetch out of an old tale..."
  • "The queens of falcons be my witness..."
  • "wisdom must balance all swords..."     (Estcarp Hillfolk saying)
  • "Witch borne from Witch get. Witch she is, the pattern set."


  • (Anakue child blessing) "Let not his feet carry him near the Shadow. Let these hands work in the service of life and the Light, his mind remain clean and untainted. Grant him the strength of will to naysay any thought born of the Dark."     (Grye)
  • (For killed grey) "Honor to the Great One of the herd. Our thanks to That Which Speak for the four-footed that we may eat. We take not save that which is freely given.     (Horn)
  • "May the Right Hand of Lraken be your shield"     (Sulcar)
  • "Good luck ride with you, to right, to left, at your back, and before."     (Warl)
  • "With the Fourth Blessing..." Neevor's blessing.
  • "May the Great Flame abide about you, hedge you in."     (Trey)


  • "May the Death of Kryphon of the Dart be upon you."     (Horn)
  • "May the Rats of Nore forever gnaw him night and day."     (WW)

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The Dales

  • The Undying and One Flame
  • Mount of Astron = a devotional reading required listening at many Dales' morning services.     (Tog)
  • House spirits = family ceremonies as well as prayers take place before a small niche dedicated to the house's spirits.     (Amb)
  • The Black Wain = This is said to carry away naughty children, or come for those doomed to die.     (Stillborn)
  • Abbey Hours = Hour of the Fifth Flame Hour of Last Light Hour of Great Silence.     (Yofu)
  • Those Who Tend the Fanes = Keepers of Shrines.
  • A mirror kills demons.     (Yofu)


  • Sign of Wottin = May be accompanied with a prayer for calm seas: Wind and wave! Mother Sea/ Lead us home/ Far the harbor/ Wild thy waves/ Still, by the power/ Sulcar saved!"     (Falb)
  • "It lies between the fingers of the Old Woman," then spit over shoulder.
  • A man will not fall in battle unless he hears his name called aloud while the clamor still rings.     (Warl)
  • A man using a dead man's sword may be possessed in battle by his ghost, for good or evil.     (Warl)


  • Temple of Fortune = served by priests titled Reverend Voices     (WW)
  • The Stone of Engis = Karstenians swear oaths by this.     (WW)


  • "The fabled Earth Center from which all life is said to have screamed."     (Jpard)


  • The Hand of the Over Guardian     (WW)


  • White Brethren speculation = That a man who has not completed his task is reborn to finish it.     (Trey)
  • Variant: One who dies with a task laid on him for good or ill clings to a shadow of life until the task is fulfilled.
  • Cross two fingers when speaking of the dead to avoid their possible revenge-taking.     (Sorc)
  • Paths gf Balemat = A primitive belief: An evil spirit awaits the dead whose rites were not properly carried out.     (Sorc)



  • Men clap bare hands together, then raise right palm for friendly salute.
  • A man brings his fist up to salute a war leader.     (Dss)
  • Kioga: Palm pressed to forehead -- sign of respect.     (Grye)

Standard Greeting, with Variants

  • To the giver of the feast, fair thanks. For the welcome of the gate, gratitude. To the ruler of this house, fair fortune and bright sun on the morrow.
  • For the welcome of the gate, my thanks. For the feasting on the board, my pleasure and my good wishes. To the lord of this roof, fair fortune.
  • To the house greeting, to those of the house good fortune. To the day a good dawn and sunset, to the endeavor good fortune without a break.
  • Fair fortune to this holding and good morning to you.
  • Good fortune to this house and the dwellers therein.
  • To the farer on far roads the welcome of this roof, and may fortune favor your wandering.     (Dale welcome for a guest unknown personally to any lord.)
  • Greeting to a sharer of the road.

Welcome and Guesting Cups, etc.

  • High Hallack: A hosting horn     (the wine of hospitality) and a platter of welcome cakes is presented. The hostess then lays hand on a guest's wrist and leads him to table.
  • The welcome cup enables the traveler to wash trail dust from his throat before he announces his name and business. A plate with bread, salt, and water seals the guesting bond.
  • Estcarp:     (A very old formula, in abeyance in wartime) "The House Of _________ , on which be the sun, the wind, and the good of wide harvest, opens gates to a geas—ordered man." Response: "Gates open to one swearing no threat against     (House name), man or clan, roof tree, field, flock, herd, or mount." The host's sword is then held out to the guest, point foremost he kneels and presses lips to it and repeats the response, opening with, "No threat from me against...." The guesting goblet is then offered.
  • Guesting cup/goblet: Filled with a mixture of water, wine, and milk. Both host and guest drink. Then the guest sprinkles drops to right and left     (house and land) and passes goblet back, to be handed around the host's household.
  • Falconers' salutations: "Greeting, sword brother."
  • "Between us there is peace. The Lord of Wings opens his Eyrie to the Captain of Estcarp."
  • "I give you greeting, Brother. Was it fair, the hunting?" "It was fair, the hunting. Is the fire warm upon the hearth?" "The fire blazes and the board is laid. Will my Brother take his rest among my Brothers?" "Gladly would I rest."
  • "Welcome, Hawk Blood, who kept well the faith."
  • Tormarsh Salutations: "I give you greeting. May the blessing of Volt himself be with you."
  • (To a Tor clan daughter who is with child.) "Fair day. Fair be your going, fair be your coming, firm your steps upon the crossing places, full your hands with good labor, your heart with warmth,
  • your mind with thoughts which will serve you."
  • Moss Forest: "Who are you who follow a trail through the mossland?" "No threat from me to the House of _____ and her sister, clan, or rooftree, harvest, flocks...."
  • Krogan: "To Kofi of the river, greeting and peace from..."
  • Sulcar: "I am Koityi Stymir, at your summoning..."
  • Var: "Thrice blessing. Power calls to power, Light to light, even as Dark can call shadows. Peace is not yet won, but there is now a beginning." Response: "well to Varn."
  • Vupsalls: "Fair morning, leader of men."
  • "Mother of men, ruler of the Chief tent, be blessings and more good than can be held in the two hands of all on you."
  • "Seeress, we seek." "They who seek may enter."
  • "The Mother of Many does me honor...There shall be no forewalker or aftergoer between us."



  • High Hallack: "Go with the good will of the house."/"Go with the Peace." / "Go with the Will of the Flame.”
  • "Good fortune, sun bright and lasting to you."
  • "May Our Lady of the Harvest Shrine guide your way."
  • "For the feast, my thanks, for the roof, my blessing, for the future all good, as I take my road again."
  • (Father—kin farewell, YEAR OF THE UNICORN): "As he who stands for all of you as father-kin, do I drink long years, fair life and easy passing, kin—favor, roof-fortune, child-holding. Thus it be ever."
  • Estcarp: "Go with fortune."
  • "Go in strength, watch well your footing, and keep always alert with eye and ear."
  • "May your road be a fair one and may the sun shine upon it."
  • "A fair road before you and a swift return."
  • Falconer: "Be strong, warrior, and fly high. The Lord of Wings favor your hunting."
  • "Go, winged warrior. We be of one breed with your master and there is peace between us."
  • Alizonder: "I.wish you abundant hunting and the best of hounds for your pack.
  • "Whatever you pursue, may your blade strike true."



  • Hands placed between those of the one to whom oath—taker swears, then pressed to forehead: "Lord, I am in your debt. Accept me as your liegeman, as is right."
  • Rite of Manhood:     (Crys) A kin—oath is sworn, then the father's gift-sword is accepted.
  • Kioga Festival of Change: -- See CUSTOMS and Grye
  • Oath of Bearing and Forebearing:     (Crys) Spit at the subject's Eeet. Then, You have taken our kin—Lord. Therefore you stand in his place."     (The burden of the speaker's support is the blood-price.)
  • Falconers' Oath of Sword and Shield, Blood and Bread. See WW
  • Swordbrother oath = See Fallaw, also Terms and Expressions.
  • "I would take Gunnora's Three Oaths."     (Crys)
  • "May I be slain by my own blade, struck with my own darts, if I ever meant any ill to those within the House of Dhulmat or to any man of Estcarp."     (Three)
  • Koris swore upon the Axe of Volt when he promised to guard Jaelithe's triplets in her absence.


  • Swords are exchanged to mark a truce. They also may be scabbarded with peace strings.
  • Both hands held out, shoulder high, palm out: An age—old sign for truce.     (Gryg)
  • Fyndale Peace = Visiting heads of households laid bared hands on an Old Ones' gray stone pillar and swore to keep peace throughout the fair.     (Amb)

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  • angelica = counteracts poison. -- See Magic: Herbs
  • agueweed = feverwort. For coughs and fevers.     (Exl)
  • arrow tree =     (Esc) Throws poisonous thorns.     (Gate)
  • ash tree -- See Magic: Herbs
  • black willow -- See Magic: Herbs
  • blue poppy = Pain killer also for coughs and chest disorders. The seed pod's sap is stewed with sugar to make a syrup.     (Exl)
  • bounty bush =     (Tw)     (Saltg)
  • bronze root =     (HH) A cure for sneezing.     (Nighth)
  • bural =    (HH) A root that is hard to pull free.     (Gryg)
  • carnation -- See Magic: Herbs
  • carnelian fruits =     (Ramp)
  • catmint = For skin swellings, rashes, and small burns should be steeped, not boiled.     (Exl)
  • comfrey = Good for healing wounds.     (Exl)
  • corfil =     (TOR) Plant which yields a scarlet dye.
  • Dragon's Tongue = Cleanses wound of putrid matter.
  • elder flower = used in beauty creams.
  • elder wood -- See Magic: Herbs
  • false sage = beauty cream ingredient.
  • Fever-leaf vine =     (Alz)
  • fogmot =     (Esc) Grows on tree trunks edible.     (Gate)
  • fringe hazel =     ("Double See Spit") Bark is an astringent, stops bleeding salves of it soothe pain.
  • frost flowers =     (Exl)
  • garlic -- See Magic: Herbs
  • golden fruits =     (Ramp)
  • huk-berries =     (Ware)
  • hyssop = Good for insect bites.     (Exl)
  • illbane -- See Magic: Herbs
  • Insect-eaters =     (SoutheastAs) Plants growing on far southern shore     (Port)
  • ker-apples =     (HH) Of autumn.     (Tog)
  • knitbone =     (Exl)
  • langlorn -- See Magic: Herbs
  • langmar -- See Web
  • loguth =     (Tor, Est) Plants which produce fibers used in weaving.
  • Lormt flowers =     (EST) Called "Noon and Midnight". Grow only near that ancient repository of knowledge.     (Exl)
  • minz weed =     (HH) Addictive. It is chewed.     (Rodd)
  • moly -- See Magic: Herbs
  • moss = Used for bandages.
  • mullein = beauty cream ingredient.
  • nettles = boiled, they stop bleeding.
  • pla-plums =     (Crys)
  • primrose = beauty cream ingredient.
  • rampion = Eases women's plight.     (Ramp)
  • ranni vines = When they bud, spring is near.     (Godron's)
  • red dead-man's hand = toxic seaweed; kills shellfish.
  • redwort = Better for stimulating the heart than witch's thimble.
  • rowan tree -- See Magic: Herbs
  • saffron -- See Magic: Herbs
  • salt -- See Magic: Herbs
  • sandalwood -- See Magic: Herbs
  • saxfrage = cures fever.
  • selka =     (Arv) The Kioga make it into a refreshing juice.     (Grye)
  • semroot = narcotic.     (Ramp)
  • shred bark = makes a brown dye.     (Mage)
  • silanti flowers = Grow on Karsten's coast.
  • silver nettle = makes a bleach.     (Mage)
  • star candles = Moss Forest flowers. -- See Warl
  • star eyes =     (Esc) First flowers of spring.     (Sorc)
  • stench vines -- See Warl
  • smother root =     (Alz) A poison.
  • stranglevine flowers =     (Alz) -- See Mage
  • summer s last / first of spring =     (Est) Mountain Gate flowers.     (Oldt)
  • tansen tree = Has fragrant blossoms. -- See Warl
  • tresayne = Its leaves aid in healing.     (Green)
  • valerian -- See Magic Herbs
  • vervain -- See Magic: Herbs
  • weed -- See Web
  • witch's thimble = A heart stimulant.
  • white heart -- See Zar
  • white hedge berries =     (Alz)
  • yarrow = an astringent.




  • Alizonian Hounds -- See WW, Mage
  • Aspt =     (Esc) Beaverlike animals same habits, but larger.     (Warl)
  • assassin beast =     (Tor) -- See WW.
  • Broc-boar =     (HH)     (Crys)
  • blue-horned sheep =     (HH) -- See Mage
  • deer
  • dire-wolf =     (Alz) -- See Mage
  • Donta =     (Kst) -- See S'ol
  • Garth Howell mounts =     (Arv) -- See Song
  • orex =     (Kst, Esc) -- See Ware
  • Lormt pack =     (Est) Tri·horned canids. -- See Falh
  • mountain leapers =     (Esc)     (Kep)
  • mountain monster =     (Est)     (Torb)
  • night-hunter =     (Kst) -- See Ware
  • pards = both continents
  • pronghorns
  • rasti =     (Esc) Rodents three feet long, black, agile. Hunt and kill in packs.
  • scavengers =     (Kst) -- See Ware
  • seafoxes = Live on far northern islands. Thick—furred water dogs whose pelts are prized.     (Ramp)
  • shriekers =     (Alz) Burrowing animals. -- See Mage
  • snowbears =     (Esc)     (Kep)
  • snowcats = Both continents. Larger than pards. Have beautiful thick gray—white fur. Renowned hunters.
  • Torgians =     (Est; Esc) Much valued horse breed noted for speed and endurance. Duns with dark manes coats won't take a gloss.
  • verbears =     (Kst; Esc) -- See Ware
  • vuffle =     (Esc) -- See Warl: Expressions
  • Vupsall Hounds =     (Esc) -- See Sorc
  • Waste ponies -- See Gryg


  • hegitts =     (HH) Sea birds. -- See Ramp
  • hooded crow =     (Alz)
  • idylbirds =     (HH)     (Ramp)
  • lanagoot =     (HH)     (Isle)
  • rus =     (Esc) Flying spies for Sarn Riders and others of the Dark. Long supple necks, small, beaky heads. Cry a whistling screech.


  • Merfay =     (Esc) Turtlelike creatures. Scaly skin, webbed feet and hands, round heads, short necks. Friendly to Krogan.
  • Tor Lizard/ Wak-lizard =     (Tor) -- See Web
  • tree lizards =     (Esc) Live in treetop mazes.     (Three)

Water Creatures

  • Decca -- See Seasd
  • fleckfish =     (HH)     (Ramp)
  • fos-crab =     (Esc)
  • pincushion fish =     (HH)     (Ramp)
  • possel =     (Esc) Shellfish. -- See Warl
  • quasfi =     (Esc) Shellfish. -- See Warl, Strait.
  • taape fish -- See Isle.

Insects, Arachnids, and Crustaceans

  • Anda wasps
  • biting clouds/bitter motes -- See Southeast Ak
  • light insects =     (Tor, Esc) Used by Torfolk and Vupsalls. – See Sas, Sorc
  • rock crustacean =     (ESC) Land-going lobster. -- See Gate
  • spider monster =     (ESC) -- See Ware
  • web-riders =     (ARV) -- See Song
  • zizt spiders =     (Esc) -- See Sorc

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