Chronicles of the Witch World

(aka) Lost Lands of Witch World

 ~ An Omnibus for the Witch World: Estcarp Series by Andre Norton 1998


Contains ~


Synopsis ~

Write-up from the front flap of the 1998 dustjacket ~

Never before in all of Estcarp had there been three like them – Kyllan the warrior, Kemoc the sage and Kaththea the witch – three who were one, linked by psychic forces. They were the offspring of a witch mother, Lady Jaelithe, and Simon Tregarth, a man from distant Earth, and as they inherited unprecedented powers from their parents, who were determined to keep them out of the Witches’ hands.
Yet the Witches wanted Kaththea’s gifts to increase the sum of their Power, and so they seized her for their own. But three were one, and Kyllan and Kemoc could not relinquish what was a part of them. So, they determined to rescue their sister, and flee with her past Estcarp’s borders, in a direction they alone could perceive-East! East across a magically defended frontier to a land not on any map, a land called Escore, where new menaces threatened…and where three would uncover the sorcery that had secretly molded all their destinies.


Write-up from a fan ~

Three Against the Witch World ~ The adventures of the Tregarth triplets. The Witch Council of Estcarp has kidnapped Kaththea Tregarth to train as one of their own. Her brothers make plans to liberate her from captivity. Karsten Attacks and the Council "Turns" and tumble the mountains on their southern border, destroying the invading army. Many witches perish in the deed. While they are weak form the effort, Kyllan and Kemoc scale the walls and bring her forth.
Being half-breeds, they can perceive the direction EAST, which has been mind-blocked from the population of Estcarp for hundreds of years. To avoid pursuit, they travel East across the mountains into the blasted land of Escore. There they meet deadly dangers and make new friends in people out of legends and indeed one finds a soulmate. Non-stop riveting action and adventure and new destinies await them in this war-ravaged land. This book is a necessary lead-in for Warlock of the Witch World and Sorceress of the Witch World. ~ PG

Warlock of the Witch World ~ Kylla started this narrative in Three Against the Witch World Now it's Kemoc's turn. The forces of good are recruiting anyone they can to join their cause against an incursion of the Dark. Coming back from a failed mission to the Krogan (amphibious race), Kemoc discovers that his sister Kaththea has gone off with Dinzil. a powerful sorcerer whom Kemoc feels is wholly of the DARK. He takes off looking for her and is joined by Orsya, a renegade Krogan. They have many dangers to face, and many illusions bar their way, but will his sister turn out to be the biggest threat of all? I have changed plans. ~ PG

Sorceress of hte Witch World ~ This is a powerful (no pun intended) tale of fall and redemption of Kaththea Tregarth. At the end of Worlock of the Witch World, she was duped into aiding an evil sorcerer and lost her powers as a witch. She decides to travel back to Estcarp for healing. She never makes it and is rescued from an avalanche by a tribe of nomads with a dying Wise Woman who offers to train Kaththea in the ways of magic. Kaththea learns how to do magic enough to help the tribe survive, but then traps her to take over when the old one dies. Slowly she figures out how to escape, when the tribe is attacked. She and a girl from the village hide in a ruined fortress and pass through a Gate into another world. There, she finds the owner of the fortress who is imprisoned and enslaved in this new world. In her attempts to free him, she contacts her Parents who are looking for a Gate back to Estcarp. They escape and walk into a battle against deadly evil. Can they trust the new Adept that they had just met? Can Kaththea trust herself? ~ PG


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (1998) Published by SFBC, HC, 1-568-65658-0, #20044, $14.98, 522pg ~ cover by Gary A. Lippincott {Black Paper Boards & Spine, # 20044 on Rear of Dust Jacket} Sold with a poster of the cover art.



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