Witch World Estcarp Cycle

(aka) Witch World: Swords and Spells

~ An Omnibus for the Witch World: Estcarp Series by Andre Norton



Contains ~

  • Trey of Swords (1977) Published by Grossett, HC, 0-448-14348-8, LCCN 77072636, $10.00, 180pg ~ cover by Charles Mikolaycak
  • `Ware Hawk (1983) Published by Atheneum, HC, 0-689-50287-7, 978-0-689-50287-3, LCCN 83002835, $11.95, 214pg ~ cover by Jack Gaughan
  • The Gate of the Cat (1987) Published by ACE, HC, 0-441-27376-9, LCCN 87009137, $16.95, 243pg ~ cover by Rick Lovell

Synopsis ~

Trey of Swords ~ Andre Norton's newest and greatest Witch World adventure. It is the story of Yonan, half-breed warrior and liege to Lord Hervon. On patrol against the gathering Forces of Darkness, Yonan uncovers a strange sword. This, our hero learns, is an ancient sword of mystic power, and he discovers the extent of its strength when he uses it to free an ancient warrior imprisoned by the loathsome minions of the forces of evil. When Yonan uses the sword, the spirit of Tolar, an ancient hero of Witch World and past wielder of the sword, inhabits Yonan's body.
Uruk, the warrior freed by Yonan, an Tolar, now become Witch World's most powerful weapons in combating Targi, the warlock leading the evil Forces of Darkness. Only Yonan's sword, Ice Tongue, and Uruk's battle axe can destroy Targi, whose powers have become so strong that all of Witch World is threatened. Since Targi's defenses make him nearly invincible, Uruk and Yona-Tolar must discover his weak point, the place and time where he is most susceptible to their weapons. That point is in the past, at the infamous Lost Battle where the Forces of Light were irrevocably weakened. Armed with their weapons and their courage, they journey into the shadows of the past to confront the deadly sorcerer.
When Yonan-Tolar and Uruk disappear into the past, Crytha, an untrained witch, learns that she, and she alone, can defeat the power of Laiden, the sorceress who is Targi's ally. Crytha ia young and inexperienced, but she has discovered the Sword of Shadow, the powerful but dangerous weapon that can be tamed by either the Forces of Light or Darkness. To Crytha falls the nearly impossible task of holding the rising forces of Targi in check until Yonan-Tolar and Uruk can return... The fate of all Witch World hangs in the balance.

Ware Hawk ~ For as long as she could remember, Tirtha had been haunted by a recurring dream that drove her to return to Hawkholme, the ruined stronghold in Karsten that for generations had been home of her family. The vengeful Duke Yvian put to outlaw and killed all her blood but her parents. She knew that, as one of the last of the Old Race, she was mysteriously bound by spell to fulfill a mission at Hawkholme whose purpose was not revealed to her.
Tirtha was ready at last to begin the dangerous journey. With her went the Falconer, a member of a fighting group whose Eyrie had destroyed when the Witch Women overturned the rugged mountain range as a final defense of Estcarp. He was a blank shield, for hire. Tirtha had a small talent for farseeing in dreams. The Falconer was joined by a falcon, who kind had always partnered each Falconer as scout and companion. Beset by perils on every hand, they at last won through to Hawkholme only to find that the greatest test of their courage, strength and steadfastness must still be met.
This dark and brooding tale, the seventh of the widely acclaimed Witch World fantasy saga set in Estcarp, throws its own spell upon the reader as it sweeps to an unforeseeable climax in a novel of extraordinary imaginative power.

The Gate of the Cat ~ Kelsie McBlair a hunter, trying to save a wildcat from danger stumbles through a gate into Escore. She discovers a dying woman and a few armed men who have been killed. The woman tells Kelsie her name and hands a jewel on a chain to the cat. She is menaced by a Sarn Rider and his hound. They get rescued by Kemoc and Kyllan Tregarth and Dahaun and taken to the Green Valley. There she meets Wittle, a witch from Escarp who resents Kelsie having a dead witch's jewel. Wittle has come to Escore looking for a source of Power. Kelsie has a geas put on her to go with Wittle and Dahaun assigns Yonan to travel with them. His knowledge of flora and fauna of Escore is invaluable to their survival. The journey is fraught with danger from forces of the DARK. They get captured and manage to escape or so they think. There is an amazing battle against the forces of the Dark who are after the witch jewels and the power that they possess. ~ PG

Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (2018) Published by Open Road Media, DM, 9781504055710, $9.99, 1000pg ~ cover by unknown
  • (2021) Created by Podium Audio, Audible, length 11hrs & 34mins, $42.99 ~ narrated by John Lee & Adjoa Andoh

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