Black Irish

~ A Short Story by Andre Norton


Synopsis ~

A hockey game doesn't turn out as most would hope.


Write-up from a fan ~

Neil Mohun has been pushed into a so-called feud with the popular Chris (?) Charteris by the other boys in Junior Academy, especially the mouthy Anderson.  When Charteris falls on the ice hockey rink in front of Muhun, Neil is unable to avoid him, trips over him and winds up with Charteris's hand being slashed by Mohun's skate.  Of course, the other boys accuse Mohun of having done it deliberately.  Because Neil's ancestry is "black Irish", he has the reputation for holding a grudge.  The other boys "silence" him by refusing to speak to him, or have anything to do with him, except for his friend/roommate Jimmie.  To get away from all the tension, Neil goes out riding on one of the paths through a wooded area, where he is ambushed by two small boys with a bean shooter, who manage to hit his horse, spooking it, nearly sending both of them over a cliff.  Because Neil is a good rider, he manages to bring the animal under control.  On his way back to the academy riding stables, he meets Charteris.  A short way further on, he realizes that Charteris can't use both hands, and if those two brats are still around with their bean shooter ...  So, he turns back and reaches Charteris just in time to catch and control Charteris's horse.  Charteris recognizes that there "are other fools" besides two brats and offers Mohun his friendship.  ~ SL


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • Boy's World (1939) Published by Boy's Life, Weekly Paper, Vol. 30 No. 51, December 17, 1939 ~ illustrated by Henry Moore Pickins



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