The End is the Beginning

~ A Short Story by Andre Norton

end is the beginning


Synopsis ~

The “People” discover that the “The Great Lie” they have come to believe has been the truth all along. Due to the curiosity of one “he-kit” named Marguay their journey comes to an end.


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • Oceans of Space (2002) Edited by Brian M. Thomsen and Martin H. Greenberg, Published by DAW, PB, 0-756-40063-5, No.1217, $6.99, 315pg (pgs 48-62) ~ 16 original tales of adventurers and explorers who roam the seas of distant worlds and far-flung starways...

Write-up from the back of the paperback ~

The seas which cover much of our world have always been synonymous with mystery, adventure, the lure of the unknown, and the chance of discovering wealth untold. And from the moment of the first successful rocket launch, we could begin to dream of new seas to conquer - the vast unknown oceans of space, filled with distant star systems and planets just waiting for exploration.

Now join some of today's finest navigators of the starways as they set sail through the uncharted regions of deep space to distant worlds where marvelous adventures await.

From an alien tribal leader displaced from his rule for failing to stop the takeover of his world by humans... to a biologist creating new forms of humans able to thrive in environments different from our own... to a ghostwriter spinning adventure yarns in a distant star system, only to find himself living them... here are sixteen original tales of humans and aliens ready and willing to explore the unknown for the pure thrill of discovery - or in search of the glory and fortune beyond most people's dreams....

    15 • Zembla • short story by Dennis O'Neil
    33 • Young as the Mountains • short story by C. J. Henderson
    48 • The End Is the Beginning • short story by Andre Norton
    63 • Nicobar Lane—The Soul Eater's Story • short story by Mike Resnick
    71 • Message in a Quantum Bottle • short story by Tom Dupree
    83 • Pyrats! • novelette by Jody Lynn Nye
    110 • No Stars to Steer By • short story by Ed Greenwood
    129 • Salvor's Pearls • short story by Jean Rabe
    148 • The Wake of the Crimson Hawk • shortstory by Ron Goulart
    168 • Sargasso • novelette by Simon Hawke
    209 • A Matter of Faith • short story by Robert Greenberger
    229 • The Old Way • short story by Bill Fawcett
    241 • The Admiral's Reckoning • short story by J. Robert King
    258 • Strings • short story by Roland J. Green [as by Roland Green]
    275 • Last Ship to Haefdon • novelette by Bill Baldwin
    296 • Fragment of the Log of Captain Amasa Delano • short story by Brian M. Thomsen 


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