Andre Norton Chats with Friends

During Noreascon III ~ Boston, Mass. 1989


Three short films of Andre, friends and colleagues discussing whatever comes to mind as they take time to visit one another during their very busy weekend. Part 1 is of Andre Norton talking with L. Sprague De Camp. We believe that the lady in the blue blouse on the right side of the picture is Sasha Miller and we are doing what we can to verify this. Andre is being presented with a leather bound edition of "GURPS Witch World: Role-playing in Andre Norton’s Witch World Witch World” by Ben and Sasha Miller.

Andre Norton chats with friends pt. 1 ~ Approx. 17 ¾ minutes



Part 2 is after Andre has ended a private party she sits with friends Ingrid Zierhut and Becky D. Peters discussing topics like shopping, sewing and how to put that in stories. This is a real nice look into the private side of Andre.

Andre Norton chats with friends pt. 2 ~ Approx. 17 ½ minutes



Part 3 ~ A segment of Andre Norton, Sandra Miesel and Jane Yolen participating in a panel titled “The Best New Fantasy Writers”. The topics are interesting, but I feel the need to tell you that you should listen to this without trying to watch it. The audio and video don’t really add up and the picture is real shaky.

Andre Norton chats with friends pt. 3 ~ Approx. 12 ¼ minutes

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