A Video Interview with Andre Norton

World Fantasy Convention 1992

Moderated by Irene Harrison


 We have two versions of the same interview, the first group of four films makeup the professional recording of the discussion and the second group is the hand-held by Mark Karpinski, a good friend of Andre's.

The first four videos consist of quarter hour segments of Andre Norton talking about being a writer, how the business has changed over the years, her cats and of course her books. They are taken with a tripod and a professional camera. Unfortunately we cannot tell you who may have shot the film or holds the copyright for it. It was supplied by Irene Harisson, the lady doing the interview. Because we have no copyright info we have posted this without any credits or watermarks. We wish to thank Irene for finding this video and contributing it to us.


Of course Part 1 starts off with Cats what else would it be. She then announces the release of “Catfantastic 3” and “Mark of the Cat”. Some pearls of getting a book published in today’s market and then she tells of the saga behind her book “Songsmith” and getting cover-art.

World Fantasy Con 1992 pt. 1 ~ Approx. 15 ¾ minutes


Part 2 continues right where we left off talking about cover-art for books like “Stand to Horse”, “Sneeze on Sunday”, “Knave of Dreams”, “Storm Over Warlock” and one of my favorites “Forerunner”. There is very interesting segment with Andre covering history and research that she would do for a story like “Empire of the Eagle”. 

World Fantasy Con 1992 pt. 2 ~ Approx. 16 ¾ minutes


Part 3 picks up with Andre talking about writing short stories and the release of “A Very Dickensy Christmas” and the “The Nabob’s Gift” with quick mentions of other titles coming out soon. Then the floor is opened up to audience questions. 

World Fantasy Con 1992 pt. 3 ~ Approx. 14 ¾ minutes


Part 4 continues with audience questions covering topics such as writing under a pin name, fan feedback and where she came up with the idea for the “Sword” series. 

World Fantasy Con 1992 pt. 4 ~ Approx. 17 ¾ minutes

 The following four videos are basically the same as the ones above except they are from a handheld video camera just to the left of the one above and are submitted to us by Mark Karpinski, a great friend of Andre’s.  Be aware that the credits for the following four videos state the date as 1987 this is wrong and someday we will correct it.

Viewer Warning: The first 10 minutes of Mark's film has a serious audio problem. The audio and video are not in sink and there is a delayed echo lasting just long enough to make you think that there is another lecture going on. I recommend that you just listen to the first 10 minutes. It does improve.

World Fantasy Con 1992 pt. 1 ~ Approx. 16 ¾ minutes ~ handheld


World Fantasy Con 1992 pt. 2 ~ Approx. 17 ¼ minutes ~ handheld


World Fantasy Con 1992 pt. 3 ~ Approx. 16 ½ minutes ~ handheld

(approx. 7 minutes in the lighting goes a little funky for a bit)


World Fantasy Con 1992 pt. 4 ~ Approx. 16 minutes ~ handheld

The last 4 minutes is of everyone exiting the hall and the audio gets rather load.

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