Andre Norton Chats with Mark

Murfreesboro, TN ~ July 2004

An Interview by Mark Karpinski


Volume 1 parts 1 -4

This is an eight part look into the life of Andre Norton, done in two separate interviews split into four quarter segments each. In what is more than likely Andre’s last words on video she answers both personal and professional questions. The viewer should be aware that these videos where done just six to nine months before her death and at times you can tell that the Great Lady is fading away from us. What they show to me is that Andre had no regrets and loved her profession till the end. Although it did appear she had a problem with publishers but hay – who doesn’t.

Part 1 opens with Mark asking Andre “How did your parents meat?” and the history goes on until the beginning of WWII. We learn that Andre had to close her book store and then became a Government Teacher of English for Immigrants during the war.

Andre talks to Mark Vol. 1 pt. 1 ~ Approx. 15 ½ minutes


In Part 2 Andre is telling us about cars when she was young, and recounts her cruise on the high seas just before the war. There is an interruption in the film and we return with Andre telling us about conventions, her earliest publishers and responding to fan mail.

Andre talks to Mark Vol. 1 pt. 2 ~ Approx. 14 ½ minutes


Part 3 Andre tells us about the marketing of her work and why she never really got any backing from her peers. With a little more about the history of publishing.

Andre talks to Mark Vol. 1 pt. 3 ~ Approx. 15 3/4 minutes


Part 4 opens with Andre and Mark sitting at the dining room table recounting old stories and family history. It fittingly ends with the need for ice cream.

Andre talks to Mark Vol. 1 pt. 4 ~ Approx. 14 minutes

Continued with Andre Chats with Mark pt. 2




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