Andre Norton Chats with Mark

Murfreesboro, TN ~ July 2004

An Interview by Mark Karpinski


Volume 2 parts 1 -4

Volume 2 is held in the same setting but sometime later (no date) although we are sure it is later than volume 1. Andre is slightly off her game in this sitting but is still lucid enough to tell some interesting tidbits.

Part 1 opens with Mark asking why she had to change her name. Then we move into authors that influenced her and the market. Moves a little slow but is interesting.

Andre talks to Mark Vol. 2 pt. 1 ~ Approx. 16 ½ minutes


In part 2 Andre is asked “How many books where you doing at your prime?” We find out what influenced the writing of her last book “Three Hands for Scorpio”. What happened to the last six chapters she was writing, and we hear of an invention that would have been of great interest to Andre.

Andre talks to Mark Vol. 2 pt. 2 ~ Approx. 16 ½ minutes


Part 3 we find out why librarians wash their hands so much. How she got published and what getting published is like today. Why she edited books and why Sci-Fi took off so to say.

Andre talks to Mark Vol. 2 pt. 3 ~ Approx. 13 ½ minutes


We end this look into Andre’s life while listening to Andre talk about the two kinds of Sci-Fi and who writes what. How technology tends to follow Sci-Fi and who was the leader of tech writing.

Andre talks to Mark Vol. 2 pt. 4 ~ Approx. 14 ½ minutes




We at will surely miss Andre and proudly proclaim

Long Live the Memory of the Great Lady of Science Fiction

Andre Norton

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