Baleful Beasts and Eerie Creatures
~ A Collection of Short Stories

NOTE: It is often stated that Andre Norton is the editor.

However no editor is credited in this book making it hard to verify.


As stated  in Andre Norton: Grand Master of the Witch World/a Working Bibliography (Galactic Central, Bibliographies for the Avid Reader, Vol 41) by Phil Stephenson-Payne (1993) Published by Borgo Press, 0-809-54739-2, HC, 74pg.  ~ (pg.66) "The true editor is more probably Dorothy Haas." includes this title in Andre's bibliography for 2 reasons:

1.) For the past 40 years Andre has been credited with this book.

2.) Andre's name in on the front.



Contains ~

  • Introduction by Andre Norton
  • The Patchwork Monkey by B. Butler
  • The Yamadan by L. Gessner
  • Monster Blood by C. Land
  • Tigger by A.M. Lightner
  • The Spell of Spirit Stones by A. Wellman
  • The Night Creature by R.R. Smith
  • To Face a Monster by C.H. Rathjen
  • You Are What You Eat by W. Bednarz
  • Nightmare in a Box by R. Ritchie


Synopsis ~

From the back cover ~

The creatures inhabiting the pages of this anthology come in all shapes and sizes. Some are deceptively normal until you get to know them – and others reveal at a glance that they are to be avoided at all cost. A cuddly patchwork monkey, a phantom spirit of the night, a basilisk of old – these are among the horrors presented. Like recurrent nightmares, they will return to haunt you.

The scope and variety of the nine stories comprising this collection insure that every reader's spine will be tingled. And the illustrations by Rod Ruth - both in full color and in black and white -- bring each "baleful beast" and "eerie creature" to life in frightening detail. Though the stories presented here are by no means bedtime fare for the weak of heart, a delightful shiver or two is in store for the reader with courage.


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (1976) Published by Rand McNally, HC, 0-528-82171-1, LCCN 76020529, $5.95, 124pg ~ illustration by Rod Ruth {Pictorial Boards & End Papers} {Library Edition – Pictorial Boards & End Papers, 0-528-80211-9, $5.97}



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