When is a Cover not a Cover?


Answer ~ When it is made for an art project.

Below are book covers for titles by Andre Norton that were created for an art project by the LIGHT GREY ART LAB


Station Zero
Vintage Sci-Fi Covers Reimagined

From the far reaches of the galaxy to the urban technological landscape, bionic arms to complex love stories, Light Grey Art Lab's exhibition Station Zero features a large diverse collection of vintage science fiction novels, that have been recreated and designed by a group of illustrators from all over the world. Paying homage to the original illustrations, authors, and genre, each artist has reinterpreted the work creating a contemporary design and interesting exhibition of past and present work.


These are shown here in hopes that you do not get fooled into thinking you can find any of these editions.

High Sorcery by Danielle Storey


Key Out of Time by Sam Schechter


Postmarked the Stars by Claire Hummel


Secret of the Lost Race by Rodrigo Avilés


Sorceress of the Witch World by Roxie Vizcarra


Star Gate by Ashley Mackenzie


The Last Planet by Allison Smith


The Sioux Spaceman by Frederico Piatti


The Stars Are Ours by German Shible


Web of the Witch World by Sage Einarsen


Year of the Unicorn by Angela An


Zarsthor's Bane by Marguerite Sauvage


Zarsthor's Bane by Marguerite Sauvage #2



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