The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Places of Witch World ~ Varn

Varn was the last new country to be introduced in the [Witch World] series - in Port of Dead Ships. It is incorrectly called "Var" throughout The Warding of Witch World but there are many spelling errors in that book.

Capital: Varn is a city state but there are tiny farming communities spread throughout the valley.

Government: The Vars race is lead by council of three men lead by the Speaker for the Seated One (a high priestess who wears a face covering cowl). The three councilors are probably in charge of the city, valley farmers/herders, and fishermen. The "Seated One" appears to be a seer priestess wrapped in bands like a mummy who holds a crystal ball of Power and sits on a throne in their temple.

Geography: Varn is a broad, nearly treeless valley surrounded by mountains with much grazing land for raising their own unique breed of sheep. The city was built on the slope rising up from their bay. The bay is guarded by treacherous reefs and a shore cliff on either side.

Surrounding Areas: To the north of Varn is the mountains which form the southern border of Karsten. On the coast, separating Varn and Karsten, is the "Point of the Hound" which juts out into the sea. To the east are more mountains which extend to the southern part of Escore. To the south are mountains which separate Varn from the mostly uninhabited lands where the evil, black cube gate which caused the Port of Dead Ships was located. Somewhere south of that is Salzarat, the former home to the Falconers race, only recently rediscovered (Falcon Blood). To the east is the ocean where there are many islands including the Isle of Usturt (Spider Silk), an island where the Kolder entered the Witch World (explored further in Web of the Witch World), as well as another island with a gate Simon & Jaelithe entered and were trapped in the machine world (Three Against the Witch World & Sorceress of the Witch World). Beyond those is the shore of Sorn Fen on the western continent (Legacy from Sorn Fen).

Special Places:

  1. The city of Varn is famous for it's glass work and the buildings of the city are vibrantly coloured.
  2. The harbor is the main entrance to Varn though there may be mountain passes into the valley.

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