The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Timeline by the Years - part 1


This timeline is based, as much as possible, on events mentioned in various Witch World books, novels, and short stories as they first start appearing in Year of the Unicorn. This timeline also attempts to incorporate both the GURPS: Roleplaying Guide as well as Andre Norton's own list of years compiled by Juanita Coulson.
There are some years and events that contradict earlier ones within the books and, especially, in the GURPS years. Even Coulson's Index sometimes conflict with events. When resolving contradictions, the timeline will have this order of precedence: 1) publication order of the Norton books 1 2) Norton books before anthology books 2 3) GURPS years before Coulson's Index. 3
Years marked with an asterisk are those mentioned in at least one published story. All others will either be Roleplaying Guide or Coulson's Index4


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1. If a book published in 1989, for instance, contradicted a book published in 1969, the 1969 book would have precedence.

2. Both Year of the Pard and Year of the Yellow Dwarf are supposed to be ten years before the Year of the Moss Wife. Because Year of the Pard appears in a book published by Andre Norton (even though the short story containing the Year of the Dwarf was published before), the Year of the Pard will have precedence.

3. While normally the author's notes would be given precedence, some years have slashes that makes it confusing to tell what order they are supposed to be in.

4. Interestingly, though the Roleplaying Guide and Coulson Index diverge a great deal, the following years appear in the same order in both sets: Serpent King, Ringed Dove, Salamander, Fire Arrow, Bicorn, Hill Giant, Sea Calf, Kestrel; Raven, Night Hound, Gryphon, Fire Drake, Hornet, Unicorn, Red Boar; Lamia, Chimera, Harpy, Orc, Werewolf; Roc, Phoenix, Hippogriff, Basilisk, Black Adder, Frost Giant; Weld, Hydra, Triton, Centaur, Opinicus, Simurgh, Remorhaz.

5. These years are mentioned in Port of Dead Ships. It is the Year 6810 in Port of Dead Ships, but it is unclear what Dales year it is; the order here is the best guess. Since Simon and Jaelithe are back it is, at least, sometime after Sorceress of the Witch World

6. In Ciara's Song, Ciara goes from a young girl during the Horning to a grandmother by the Turning. This simply won't work since only 25 years have passed between the Horning and the Turning. Further, a lot of events mentioned in Three Against the Witch World get placed at different intervals in Song. This column shows where the timeline varies. Considering the same author wrote both Silver May Tarnish and Ciara's Song and the Year of the Pronghorn is mentioned in both, it can reasonably be assumed they are cotemperal and this column reflects how events would occur if the two books are internally consistent.

7. Having asked Lyn McConchie why the timeline discrepancies exist, her reply was: "This is down in a way to the publisher who decided they didn't need the 'intermission' that I wrote between books one and two. This was a dozen or so pages skimming over the intervening generation, and with it gone and nothing altered in book two, it left that time problem. I suggested that I rewrite, but they didn't want to wait and as I'd long since signed the contract they simply brought the book out." ~ (December 04, 2019)


Founding Years of Varn  5

Year Since the Betrayal

Dale Year


Ciara's Timeline  6 & 7

circa 5752

Year of the Betrayal

Year of the ???

Shorrosh and Elsenar bring in the Alizonders from their home world. Elsenar weds lady Kylanina. Alizon City created; Lormt erected. The First Turning. Shorrosh reveals himself as a Dark Adept and Elsenar seals the Gate to the Alizonder home world with Shorrosh trapped on the other side. The Master Gate is attempted at Lormt but fails. Elsenar attempts a postern to Arvon but it is first broken by the energies of the failed Master Gate, then later rerouted by the Dark Adept Narvok. Elsenar is subsequently trapped, severed spirit from body, until released by Kasarian. a1 Presumably Es City is founded around this time too.

circa 5753


Year of the ???

Krevonel, son of Elsenar and Kylanina born.

circa 6352

circa 600

Year of the Cloven Hoof a2

The first Dalesmen come to High Hallack through their own Gate. They are caused to forget why they left their homeworld, however. Events of Horn Crown take place

circa 6376-6576

circa 625-825

Year of the???

The first Karstenians arrive in what will become Karsten. a3

circa 6651-6676

circa 900-925

Year of the???

The Falconers arrive seeking sanctuary in Estcarp. a4; Sometime between now and when Mereth is born, Sulcarkeep is built. a5

a1. The Magestone

a2. GURPS: years or Coulson's Index

a3. On p.165 of Witch World Ingvald mentions that the new race in Karsten and the Old Race have been more or less at peace for ten generations. Assuming a generation is 20-25 years then this would have been 200-250 years ago. It is possible to assume even longer since the Old Race live much longer: Utta in Sorceress of the Witch World has lived through six different consorts up to Ifeng, and was likely an adult by the time she met her first consort, so she's probably at least 140 years old at the time of her death, and she could easily be much older. For purposes here, I'm assuming it's been no less than 200 years and no more than 400.

a4. On p.116 of Witch World Koris mentions it's been 'a hundred years or more' since the Falconers first came from overseas and settled in the mountains between Estcarp and Karsten. Of course, in this story they are not fleeing Jonkara but rather an overthrow by barbarian invaders.

a5. On p.53 of Witch World Magnis Osberic mentions Sulcarkeep was built in his great-grandfather's day. Since Magnis's son Anner is fully grown Magnis himself is likely in his 30's or 40's at the time he destroys Sulcarkeep. Depending on how old each of his ancestors were there could be between 60-90 years of time (if the ages were 20-30) beforehand. In any case, it is certainly built by the time Mereth is born.



Year of the Blue-Horned Ram* b1

Mereth is born.



Year of the ???



Year of the ???



Year of the ???



Year of the ???



Year of the ???



Year of the ???



Year of the ???



Year of the ???



Year of the ???

Trovagh is born b2



Year of the ???

Ciara is born b3



Year of the ???



Year of the ???



Year of the ???



Year of the ???



Year of the ???



Year of the ???



Year of the ???



Year of the ???



Year of the ???

Ciara is 9 and the Horning occurs b5



Year of the ???

Mereth turns 20. Earlier this year her mother dies. b4

Ciara is 10 b6



Year of the ???

Hlymer born b7; Lorcan's brother Merrion is born.



Year of the ???



Year of the Serpent King b8

Kerovan born b9; Sif born

b1. Mentioned in The Magestone

b2. Ciara's Song

b3. Ciara's Song

b4. Ciara's Song This is an issue since in Three Against the Witch World it is nearly 25 years since the Horning when the Turning takes place and the Triplets are 21. If Ciara's timeline were correct, however, it would be almost 44 years from Horning to the Turning. While the 44 years gives Ciara time to become a grandmother, the 25 would not.

b5. The Magestone

b6. Ciara's Song

b7. On p8 of The Crystal Gryphon it mentions that Lady Tephana's son was "in his second year" the year Kerovan was born.

b8. Both GURPS: years or Coulson's Index begin the 'regular' listing of years with the Serpent King.

b9. Of the Shaping of Ulm's Heir / Heir Apparent



Year of the Ringed Dove

Kerovan's sister Lisana is born; Lorcan's brother Anla is born.



Year of the Salamander* c1

Joisan born; Dragon Scale Silver begins when Almondia and Truan arrive in Wark, High Hallack; Alys born



Year of the Sea Serpent* c2

Elyn and Elys born; Gillan may be born c11



Year of the Fire Arrow c3



Year of the Pronghorn* c4

Coughing sickness kills two of Lorcan's siblings

Ciara is 18 c5



Year of the Yellow Dwarf* c6



Year of the Pard* c7

Lorcan born.



Year of the Bicorn



Year of the Hill Giant

Ciara (22) gives birth to her son Kirin. c8



Year of the Spitting Toad* c9

Kerovan (10) and Joisan (8) ax-wed



Year of the Winged Bull* c10

According to Port of Dead Ships shortly before Kolder invade Gorm

c1. Mentioned in Dragon Scale Silver

c2. Mentioned in Dragon Scale Silver

c3. It would be possible to insert this year between that of the Salamander and Sea Serpent. See the discussion section of Dragon Scale Silver

c4. Mentioned in Silver May Tarnish and Ciara's Song

c5. In Ciara's Song it is mentioned that Ciara and Trovagh are married when she is 18, but it also mentions she turns 18 in the Year of the Pronghorn. Given the same author wrote the two books in which this year appears, it is not unreasonable to assume she meant them to be correlated, especially since the Year of the Pronghorn is the only year specifically mentioned by name in Ciara's Song.

c6. Mentioned in Sea Serpents of Domnudale. Technically it takes place ten years before the Year of the Moss wife, placing it as the same as the Year of the Pard.

c7. Mentioned in Silver May Tarnish

c8. Ciara's Song

c9. Mentioned in The Crystal Gryphon

c10. Mentioned in Port of Dead Ships

 c11. She believes herself no younger than 18 and no older than 20, so if this is true she's born sometime between the beginning of this year and the end of the Year of the Pronghorn.



Year of the Horned Worm d1

According to The Magestone the Kolder invade Gorm (p.154); Mereth 34-35.



Year of the Sea Calf

Ciara (26) gives birth to her daughter. d2



Year of the Kestrel d3



Year of the Mandrake d4

Witch World could take place d5; This is the earliest possible year the Horning can take place in order for it to be "nearly twenty-five years" since the event by the time the Turning occurs in Three Against the Witch World and for all other things to be consistent. It's not impossible for it to have happened two years later, though, since 23 is nearly 25.

In Ciara's Song it mentions this is about the time Pagar starts his raids on Estcarp and the Sulcar sack Kars. Pagar is mentioned as being 33.

d1. From GURPS. Norton's notes have a Year of the Horn Worm. In both timelines these years follow that of the Winged Bull.

d2. In Ciara's Song it mentions this is about when Pagar of Geen starts his campaigning, which doesn't work with the timeline for several reasons.

d3. In both GURPS: years or Coulson's Index the Kestrel follows the Seacalf. However, the Sea Calf usually follows the Hill Giant, which doesn't work out.

d4. In GURPS the year after the Mandrake is the Spitting Toad while in Norton's notes it's both the Kobold and the Wyvern (the Year of the Mandrake gets listed twice).

d5. In The Crystal Gryphon Joisan mentions that two years prior to the Year of the Moss Wife the Sulcars had suffered some grievous defeat. The only thing this can likely refer to is the fall of Sulcarkeep. However, this doesn't quite fit in with the invasion of the Dales due to the length of time between the destruction of the Kolder and the start of the War in the Dales.



Year of the Crowned Swan* e1

Web of the Witch World could take place. e2; Kerovan is 16 and Joisan is 14 e3; Merreth born and left at the abby. e4



Year of the Moss Wife* e5

Simon Tregarth enters the Witch World e6; Sulcarkeep falls to Kolder forces; The Horning takes place early winter this year. e7; All other events of Witch World take place e8; Simon Tregarth and Jaelithe probably married at the end of this year e9; Spies of Alizon begin snooping around the Dales e10; Lorcan 10 e11; Una of Seakeep born e12; Doubt proposes to Mereth (age 39 or 40) e13



Year of the Fire Troll* e14

War in Dales begins e15; Gillan (between 10-12) brought over on an Alizon vessel for unknown reasons e16; Events of Web of the Witch World take place e17; Kasarian is 5 or is born e18; Kyllan Tregarth is born on the last day of the year.

e1. Mentioned in The Crystal Gryphon

e2. This presents one major issue - between the destruction of the Kolder gate this year and the beginning of the War on the Dales (which uses Kolder weapons) there's almost a two year gap. While Kolder tactics don't tend to make a lot of sense, unless they had a multi-year supply of weapons and fuel it's hard to see how the invasion would work, unless they assumed it'd only take a short time to win. Even then, other than a handful in Alizon, there's none left by the time the War began

e3. The Crystal Gryphon

e4. Candletrap

e5. Mentioned in The Crystal Gryphon and Silver May Tarnish

e6. Simon is mentioned as having been in Estcarp weeks when Magnis arrives seeking aid.

e14. Mentioned in several books

e15. The Crystal Gryphon chapter 6, Dragon Scale Silver



Year of the Leopard* f1

Kemoc and Kaththea Tregarth born the first day of the year f2; Elyn (15 or 16) joins the war, Elys and the people of Wark travel inland (spring) and it would also be their first summer in exile f3Wolfhead could take place this year f4; Well into this year, the Dales make their first, small victories f5; Pagar strong enough to take on his rivals by the end of the year. f6

In Ciara's Song it is mentioned that this is the year Pagar's supposed half brother is killed but others rise to replace him.



Year of the Falcon f7

Sif (20) returns to Ulys to rescue Alys (17) f8; Four months into the year Pagar proclaimed Duke of Karsten; In the summer of this year Pagar is border raiding against Estcarp. In retaliation Hostovrul of the Sulcar leads twenty ships to attack Karsten, even attacking the city of Kars. This attack leaves Pagar’s hold on Karsten weakened so that shortly after Pagar’s half-brother challenges his rule. f9; This would be the second summer of the people of Wark's exile. f10

f1. Mentioned in The Crystal GryphonYear of the Unicorn

f2. Three Against the Witch World

f3. Dragon Scale Silver

f4. In any case it takes place after the start of the War and before the Year of the Gryphon

f5. The Crystal Gryphon chapter 7, Year of the Unicorn

f6. Three Against the Witch World

f7. Mentioned in Coulson's Index. It is used here because GURPS puts the Year of the Leopard next to the Year of the Raven which won't work.

f8. Rampion

f9. Three Against the Witch World

f10. Dragon Scale Silver



Year of the Raven* g1

Simond may be born g2; This would be the third summer of the people of Wark's exile - when they finally find refuge. g3Night Hound's Moon takes place at the end of this year and the beginning of the next. g4



Year of the Night Hound* g5

Events similar to those of Port of Dead Ships take place in Varn; Kerovan goes back to Ulmsdale to see how it fares - he is atacked along the way, finds his father dead and Lady Telphana in charge. She, Rogear, Hlymer, and Lisana all plot to deal with Power, to the undoing of Ulmsdale; Cyart, Math, and Toross die and Ithdale is overrun; Kerovan meets Joisan and most of The Crystal Gryphon takes place g6; People of Wark's first midsummer since finding refuge. g7



Year of the Gryphon* g8

Covenant made with the Were Riders in the spring of this year. Specifically, Kerovan meets the Wereriders in the Waste. g9Gryphon in Glory takes place g10; People of Wark's second midsummer since finding refuge. When Elys meets Jervon and he tells her of the covenant with the Wereriders in the spring of this year g11; Near the end of fall this year, Elys defeats the Curse of Ingaret and rescues her brother Elyn with the help of Jervon. g12; Past-Abbess Malwinna dies in winter of this year. g13

g1. Mentioned in Night Hound's Moon

g2. The Year of the Frost Giant is when the GURPS timeline places Simond's birth, but this would be sixteen years before the earliest possible year for Sand Sister to take place - and both Simond and Tursla seem to be around 16 in the story.

g3. Dragon Scale Silver

g4. GURPS places the Year of the Raven immediately after the Year of the Leopard, but the story does not mention the war in the Dales specifically, though it does mention 'violent skirmishes' when Kennard was 5 (and he's around 12 in the story). Dales are known to have fought before the War, but both Norton's notes and the GURPS timelines place this year as if it's part of the war, so it's placed here.

g5. Mentioned in Night Hound's Moon

g6. While Kerovan mentions that they were well within the Year of the Leopard before they saw any gains, the only way that events in Crystal can happen some months before those in Gryphon in Glory is if they happen this year, even though the set-up of Crystal seems to imply the Years of Fire Troll, Leopard, and Gryphon all occur one after another. However, Gryphon's Eyrie takes place three years after Gryphon in Glory and it is clearly the Year of the Unicorn. Similarly, Dragon Scale Silver makes it clear that there would be three years unaccounted for if this were the case.

g7. Dragon Scale Silver

g8. Mentioned in Year of the Unicorn and Dragon Scale Silver

g9. Gryphon in GloryYear of the UnicornDragon Scale Silver Note that Elys and Jervon meet Joisan (before she's taken by the Thas) and then Kerovan shortly after he treats with the Wereriders, despite them not actually meeting until summer of this year, let alone being near the Waste.

g10. In the book it's mentioned that the events of The Crystal Gryphon are months in the past. Kerovan would be 22 or 23 depending on when his birthday occurs. Joisan would be 20 (since this is spring) but 21 by the end of the year.

g11. Dragon Scale Silver

g12. Dragon Scale Silver

g13. Year of the Unicorn



Year of the Fire Drake* h1

If Were-Wrath takes place in the Witch World, this is probably when it takes place. Tirath may have met Herwydin the fens; Khemrys may be born. h2



Year of the Hornet* h3

Alizon forces are beaten h4; Pagar has defeated his half brother and other forces h5; Kasarian is 12 h12; Lord Baron Facellion is overthrown and killed, Mallandor is placed as Lord Baron h6. Brixia, Marbon & Dwed travel into the The Waste free the ancient city An-Yak from Zarsthor's Bane. Elys & Jervon fight an ancient god in The Waste with the Sword of Unbelief. Hertha raped by Daleman in the aftermath of the Invasion and seeks out The Toads of Grimmerdale. Before the first day of the Year of the Unicorn, twelve and one brides are given to the Were Riders as payment in the Great Bargain; Gillan believes herself to be no younger than 18 and no older than 20. h13



Year of the Unicorn* h7

On the first day of the year the Were Riders and their new brides enter Arvon. Events of Year of the Unicorn take place; Fyndale fair may be resumed this year. h8; Hertha's baby girl Elfanor born and Hertha seals the circle of the Toads in ChangelingGryphon's Eyrie takes place this year. h9; Ysmay marries Hylle in High Hallack and journeys to Quayth where she frees Broc and Yaal. Hylle is overthrown on Midwinter Day h10; Lorcan 18 and Meive 15 Years old at end of Year of the Unicorn. h11

h1. Mentioned in Year of the Unicorn

h2. Were-Flight

h3. Mentioned in Year of the Unicorn

h4. Year of the Unicorn

h5. Three Against the Witch World

h6. The Magestone

h7. Mentioned in Year of the Unicorn

h8. The Sword Seller mentions the fair resumed shortly after the end of the war. How shortly is not stated, but it's not unreasonable to guess it would have been as soon as feasible. It's entirely possible that the fair could have been resumed as soon the Year of the Hornet - though that would probably push things a bit.

h9. Kerovan is 25 or 26 and Joisan is 23 (she'll be 24 in the fall).

h10. Amber Out of Quayth

h11. "But two days after my eighteenth birthday, at the End of the Year of the Unicorn, I rode South." - Lorcan on page 47 of Silver May Tarnish. If Lorcan turns 10 at the end of the Year of the Moss Wife, he ought to turn 19 this year.

h12. This works with him being 5 when the War started but not with him being 22 in the Year of the Kobold (he should be 27).

h13. Year of the Unicorn



Year of the Red Boar* i1

Kethan and Aylinn born and switched at the Shrine of Gunnora at the beginning of this year i2; Hyana may be born to Kerovan and Joisan i3Legacy from Sorn Fen probably takes place around here. i4; Much of Silver May Tarnish happens this year i5



Year of the Hippogriff* i6

Eydryth born, Alon may also be born; Levas and Elesha wed in spring while Lorcan and Meive wed in summer. Lord Silas and his people arrive in summer and settle in Merrowdale. Meive is pregnant by the end of the year and will give birth before the summer of the next year. i7



Year of the Roc

Around this time Ully the Piper probably takes place. The child of Meive and Lorcan is born summer of this year. i8

Ciara's daughter turns 16 and is wed. i9



Year of the Basilisk

Events of The Sword Seller take place i10

Kirin and Aisha are wed and Pagar resumes raiding Estcarp. i11



Year of the Black Adder

Kyllan, Kemoc and Kaththea are 12. Kyllan and Kemoc go on their first foray. The three rescue a Witch in need from Karstinian forces. i12

At some point, Ciara's daughter dies and trader Tanrae is slain, though it may not be exactly this year. Similarly at some point Kirion is born i13

i1. Mentioned in The Jargoon Pard

i2. The Jargoon Pard

i3. Joisan mentions in Gryphon's Eyrie that she expects to deliver around midwinter, which is generally shown as towards the end of the year, as in Amber Out of Quayth, so Hyana could have been born near the end of the Year of the Unicorn instead.

i4. It takes place after the war, but the context makes it sound like it's not too far after.

i5. Lorcan is captured by bandits in spring, in late spring of this year, Meive (now 16) saves Lorcan from bandits (p.90). They begin wandering the Dales looking for people to repopulate Honeycoombe. In summer of this year Meive and Lorcan visit Tildale. By near the end of the year there are now twenty-four in Honeycoombe. It is this winter that Hogeth decides to come after Lorcan, but he and his army are killed.

i6. Mentioned in Songsmith

i7. Silver May Tarnish Note that Lorcan mentions it is spring again when he and Meive visit Tildale, putting a year between, but this contradicts the flow of the book: Lorcan is captured in early spring, freed by Meive in late spring, they both visit Tildale in summer and stay about ten days. It is about a week after they leave Tildale that they save the few remaining survivors of Drosdale. Ten days after they hire Levas and his men, they arrive at Merrowdale and a day after in Honeycoombe - so about two months of traveling altogether. It is late summer by the time they get back to Honeycoombe. They spend time there except when Meive goes out looking for more supplies and people, until winter arrives. It probably is early in the next year that Hogeth arrives, since it's after false spring, but Lorcan and Meive do not spend any intervening winter outside Honeycoombe.

i8. Silver May Tarnish

i9. Ciara's Song Ciara would be 42.

i10. Not counting the year of the Unicorn, this would be the fourth year. Counting it, the story would have been last year. WW: ss - Amber Out of Quayth mentions it being hot when the fair took place, so likely in summer of this year (or last).

i11. Ciara's Song

i12. Three Against the Witch World

i13. Ciara's Song



Year of the Frost Giant j1

Simon Tregarth vanishes at sea while exploring islands suspected of Kolder activity. Jaelithe moves to Estford and shuts herself up for months. When she emerges she calls her children to her and uses them to help her find Simon. Shortly after this she rides out and vanishes as well. She made Koris swear on Volt's Axe to protect her children from the wiles of the Counsel. j2



Year of the Phoenix j3

Kethan (6) goes to the Youth's Tower j4; Firdun born j5



Year of the Horned Hunter* j6

The story Candletrap takes place; Mereth is traveling to Lormt over sea. j7

Keelan may be born. (He is three years younger than Kirion in any case.) j8



Year of the Lamia* j9



Year of the Chimera* j10

Kaththea (17) taken by the Witches, Koris wounded and can no longer wield Volt’s Axe j11

j1. GURPS places Simond's birth in this year, but it seems unlikely that Koris and Loyse would have waited this long before having a kid. It's not impossible, though, since they may have had trouble conceiving and there's nothing in the timeline to prevent it from being this late.

j2. Three Against the Witch World

j3. Though both GURPS and the notes place this year before that of the Hippogriff, Eydryth is only one year younger than Hyana and 13 in the Year of the Werewolf.

j4. The Jargoon Pard

j5. Songsmith

j6. Mentioned in The Magestone.

j7. In The Magestone the Turning is mentioned as having taken place two years prior (p.5). Given that the Tregarth Triplets must be 21 in the year of the turning, and that their birth cannot take place until after Web of the Witch World, it seems more likely that Mereth should be traveling in the Year of the Horned Cat.

j8. Ciara's Song

j9. Mentioned in The Jargoon PardThe Magestone

j10. Mentioned in The Jargoon Pard

j11. Three Against the Witch World



Year of the Sphinx* k1

Sand Sister may take place k2



Year of the Harpy* k3

Khemrys turns 16 k4; Elys and the unborn Trevon hidden by forces of the Dark; Eydryth 10, Firdun 5; Trevon would have been born k5; Kemoc (19) wounded and goes to Lormt. k6; Most events of Were-Flight takes place at the end of this year and the beginning of the next.



Year of the Orc* k7



Year of the Kobald* k8

Year of the Second Turning; 23-25 years since the Horning k9; Pagar tries to invade Estcarp; Kyllan and Kemoc rescue Kaththea and all three escape to Escore k10Three Against the Witch WorldWarlock of the Witch World, and the beginning portion of Sorceress of the Witch World all take place this year as does Trey of Swords k11; Trey takes place concurrently with Warlock k12; according to The Magestone Kasarian is 22 k13Exile takes place during this year, shortly after the Turning; According to Spider Silk Dairene is saved from the sea appearing to be age 6 or 7; Una of Seakeep may be married to Ferrick and shortly after a sickness sweeps over the Dales k14; Aisling is born this year k15; Kerovan is 40, Joisan is 38.

According to Ciara's Song Aisling would be born this year - it is also the year of the Turning. The year itself is not mentioned, but Kirion is 9 and Keelan is 6 when Aisling is born. Ciara would be 52.

k1. Mentioned in Were-FlightThe Jargoon Pard seems to imply this would be the Year of the Chimera instead "for we had behind us such as the Years of the Lamia, the Chimera, the Harpy and the Orc. There were signs that the golden peace of my childhood was fading, though the why of this puzzled all who thought about the matter. " (p.44). Though this implies they occur in this order, there's no reason they couldn't occur in some other order nor that there could not be years in-between. In any case, Kethan would be 10 this year.

k2. This is the earliest possible year the story can take place, since when Simond goes into Tor Marsh it is known that his father lost the ability to wield Volt's Axe. We don't know how old either Simond or Tursla is, except that Tursla is old enough to get pregnant. (p.54) Tursla is likely around 16 and Simond seems about the same age. In any case, since both Simond and Tursla are in The Warding of Witch World their meeting has to take place sometime earlier than the events of that book.

k3. Mentioned in Were-Flight and The Jargoon Pard

k4. p.414 Were-Flight. Note that it's only been 14 years since her birth, though. This means she either had to be born about a year before the Year of the Gryphon (which would contradict her father being separated from his fellows in the War) or she ought to turn 16 in the Year of the Kobold.

k5. Songsmith

k6. Three Against the Witch World

k7. Mentioned in Were-Flight and The Jargoon Pard

k8. Mentioned in Spider Silk

 k9. Depending on when Witch World is placed.

Continued with Timeline by the Years - part 2

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