The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Trey of Swords

 An Anthology of Original Short Stories in the [Witch World Saga]

Sometimes counted as 6th Novel in the [Witch World: Estcarp Series] by Andre Norton

trey of swords 

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Edition Used for Analysis:

(1978) Published by ACE, PB, 0-441-82355-6, $1.75, 180pg ~ #82356 1978 $1.95 180pg, #82349 1982 $2.25 180pg ~ cover by Charles Mikolaycak 


Trey of Swords is Andre Norton's newest and greatest Witch World adventure. It is the story of Yonan, half-breed warrior and liege to Lord Hervon. On patrol against the gathering Forces of Darkness, Yonan uncovers a strange sword. This, our hero learns, is an ancient sword of mystic power, and he discovers the extent of its strength when he uses it to free an ancient warrior imprisoned by the loathsome minions of the forces of evil. When Yonan uses the sword, the spirit of Tolar, an ancient hero of Witch World and past wielder of the sword, inhabits Yonan's body.
Uruk, the warrior freed by Yonan, an Tolar, now become Witch World's most powerful weapons in combating Targi, the warlock leading the evil Forces of Darkness. Only Yonan's sword, Ice Tongue, and Uruk's battle axe can destroy Targi, whose powers have become so strong that all of Witch World is threatened. Since Targi's defenses make him nearly invincible, Uruk and Yona-Tolar must discover his weak point, the place and time where he is most susceptible to their weapons. That point is in the past, at the infamous Lost Battle where the Forces of Light were irrevocably weakened. Armed with their weapons and their courage, they journey into the shadows of the past to confront the deadly sorcerer.
When Yonan-Tolar and Uruk disappear into the past, Crytha, an untrained witch, learns that she, and she alone, can defeat the power of Laiden, the sorceress who is Targi's ally. Crytha ia young and inexperienced, but she has discovered the Sword of Shadow, the powerful but dangerous weapon that can be tamed by either the Forces of Light or Darkness. To Crytha falls the nearly impossible task of holding the rising forces of Targi in check until Yonan-Tolar and Uruk can return... The fate of all Witch World hangs in the balance.


  • Sword of Ice (na)
  • Sword of Lost Battles (na)
  • Sword of Shadow (na)

Timeline Points:

Takes place concurrent to the first six chapters of Warlock of the Witch World.

  1. p0. I. Sword of Ice
  2. p1. Chapter 1:
  3. p1.Yonan's mother was of those Horned by Yvian - she was a distant kinswoman of Lady Chriswatha - she married a Sulcarman & died giving birth.
  4. p2. Imhar two years older than Yonan. Yonan says "Ragan of Cleen" eventually became Duke of Karsten after Yivan's death. (I suspect this is a misspelling of Pagar of Geen's name.)
  5. p3. Yonan joins Borderers of Estcarp, the Turning (see: Three Against the Witch World)
  6. p4. Simon & Jaelithe lost at sea.
  7. p5. Crytha - two years younger than Yonan.
  8. p7. Crytha of handfasting age - Yonan 18?
  9. p8. Kyllan visited Hervon's homestead. (see: Three Against the Witch World)
  10. p9. Chapter 2:
  11. p9. Entered Escore.
  12. p12. Yonan (narration): 'Ethutur himself rode out as war herald with the Lord Kemoc Tregarth to visit the Krogan, who were water dwellers.' (see: Warlock of the Witch World)
  13. p17. Chapter 3:
  14. p26. Chapter 4:
  15. p27. Yonan (narration): 'During the night attack they (Thas) were defeated only by an outgush of water which was brought about by Lord Kemoc and Godgar of our own troop. However, Lord Kemoc was grievously wounded and, on our riding, he was swept from us in a flood of the same water which had earlier saved us.' (see: Warlock of the Witch World)
  16. p34. Chapter 5:
  17. p42. Chapter 6:
  18. p50. Chapter 7:
  19. p59. II. Sword of Lost Battles
  20. p61. Chapter 1:
  21. p69. Chapter 2:
  22. p77. Chapter 3:
  23. p85. Chapter 4:
  24. p93. Chapter 5:
  25. p101. Chapter 6:
  26. p109. Chapter 7:
  27. p119. III. Sword of Shadow
  28. p121. Chapter 1:
  29. p129. Chapter 2:
  30. p138. Chapter 3:
  31. p146. Chapter 4:
  32. p155. Chapter 5:
  33. Crytha discovers she was once a follower of Ninutra.
  34. Crytha summons Ninuta's Sword of Shadow.
  35. p163. Chapter 6:
  36. p170. Chapter 7:

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