An Index of Andre Norton’s Witch World pt. 8

Compiled by Juanita Coulson (1996)
Commissioned by Andre Norton for the writing of
“The Warding of Witch World”



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Tall Dames Go Walking

Rose Wolf

Tales of the WW 2           


Three Against the Witch World     

Andre Norton



Through the Moon Gate

Jacqueline Lichtenberg           

Tales of the WW 2


The Toads of Grimmerdale

Andre Norton

Lore of the WW


To Rebuild the Eyrie

Sasha Miller

Tales of the WW 1


Trey of Swords

Andre Norton



Voice of Memory

M. E. Allen

Tales of the WW 3


‘Ware Hawk

Andre Norton



Warlock of the Witch World

Andre Norton



We the Women

Patricia Mathews

Wings of Magic


The Weavers

Esther M. Friesner

Tales of the WW 3


Web of the Witch World

Andre Norton




Lisa Woodworth

Tales of the WW 3



Mercedes R. Lackey

Tales of the WW 1


“Tall Dames Go Walking”
by Rose Wolf
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Jorge Petronius = -- See WW
Fay Morganlee = Morgan Le Fay, the Third Bane of Logres.
Mergyn Mere-Mistress = Lady of the Lake, Morgan's sister and mother in spirit of the queen-maidens.
“The Philadelphia Sisters" = The queen-maidens: Carrie = the eldest, a tall brunette, wore a lapis-colored Arthurian style dress; Sperry = a blonde, dressed in emerald-colored garments; Faith (Fido) = petite redhead, dressed in garnet.
Sir Pettyford D'Artois = Eminent collector of Arthuriana, alleged ‘ employer of Faye Morganlee.

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"Three Against the Witch World"
By Andre Norton

Mojor Characters
The Tregarth triplets (Old Race features)
Kyllan = Born on last day of the year. Warrior; Captain of Scouts in Border service. Magic gift: rapport with animals.
Kemoc = Born in second hour of new year. Right hand maimed in battle. Methodical thinker and warlock-to-be.
Kaththea = Born close behind her brother Kemoc in second hour of the new year. Very Witch gifted. Beautiful.
Dahaun = Lady of the Green Silences, also known as Morguant. Appearance changes with surroundings. Garb: Close fitting tunic, belt and bracelt of green-blue gems. A quiverful of arrows tipped with blue-green feathers and a bow, pale gold in color.
Ethutur = Lord of the Green Silences. Tall, dark-eyed, curly-haired, crowned with small horns.

Karsten border mountains
Manor of Dhulmat = Where Kyllan came first when he recrossed into Estcarp.
Etsford = Loyse's manor-garth, where triplets were fostered.
Green Valley
Lormt = Repository of ancient chronicles consulted by Kemoc.
Place of wisdom = Where witches are trained, and Kaththea confined.
South Keep / South Ward = Home to the House of Tregarth.

Minor Characters
Anghart = Exile: fled her village after Falconers slew her newborn son because of his crippled foot. Has brown braids streaked with white. Aided at the triplets' birth with sword and chant magic stayed on to become their nurse and foster mother.
(Lady) Chriswitha = Second wife of Lord Hervon.
Dermont = Borderers' Commander. His illusionary form used in an attempt to stop Kyllan's and Kemoc's entry of the Place of Wisdom.
Facellian = Ruler of Alizon.
Fikkold = A wounded Gray One whom Dahaun taunted.
Godgar = Lord Hervon's shieldman.
Lord Hervon = Border war veteran, founder of Dhulmat's new clan. Middle-aged, sword scar on jaw. Lost first family in Horning.
Hostovrul = Sulcarman. Led 20 ships on raid upriver to Kars, buying Estcarp a year, while Duke Pagar recuperated.
Jorth = Kyllan's Border patrol comrade. His illusion used in the attempt to stop the brothers' entering the Place of Wisdom.
Nikon = Another of Kyllan's comrades used in the Witches' illusion.
Otkell = Sulcarman crippled in sea battle. One of Hostovrul's officers in the Kars raid. Later sent by Simon to tutor his sons in weaponry and battle skills.
Pagar of Geen = Former smallholder in southern Karsten progressed from Lord of two provinces to the Dukedom. Led his army and nobles against Estcarp. Killed with them in the Turning.
Shabra = The Renthan Dahaun gave Kyllan to ride.
Sabrina = Dahaun's Renthan mount.

Magic and Herbs
Circle of Stones = Menhirs guarding a slate•blue stone platform. Some stones fallen, some broken, blackened, as if lightning-struck.
circle spell
Euthayan = word of Power Kemoc found in ancient scrolls at Lormt and recognized later warding the Green Valley's entrance.
Foretelling chant = Jaelithe's evocation of her triplet's future. "Warrior, sage, witch. Three in one, I will this! Each a gift. Together -- one and great. Apart -- far less!"
familiar = Kaththea's explored the past and told her what could be done in the present to alter the future.
geas = One forced Kyllan to recross the mountains and recruit. ’
horse bonding = An ancient craft: A cake of oats and honey carried against the human's skin three days, then moistened with his spittle and fed to the horse. A further guard against witchcraft: Ash
from a wood fire used to mark a very old sign on horse's forehead.
Illusion spell = Woven from leaves, living hairs, and spittle of the subjects to be hidden. Kaththea wedged these between knotted reins of the triplets' mounts, formed a trumpet of half-open fists, and sang chants to complete this spell.
Pillar trap / web = Pillars surrounding a platform patterned with a spiral led inward to a waiting monster.
Herbs = Found in abandoned healer's garden in Escore: illbane, langlorn, saxfrage.

Peoples / Races
Old Race, Riders of Alizon, Falconers, Sulcarmen, Sulcarmen's Free Companions (courtesans), People of the Green Silences

swords, dart guns, bows, force whips

Guesting cup: -- See General Info.
Gesture of Acceptance: The one accepted lays his hands, palms down, on the other's. Ethutur greeted Kyllan in this fashion.
Axe of Volt: Jaelithe made Koris swear upon that to protect her children from the Council while she was away searching for Simon.
Head collecting: -- See General Info.

Animals / Creatures
flitters = Skin-winged creatures dwelling in treetop maze.
Keplians = One employed by the Dark, That which Dwells Apart, lured Kyllan onto its back and carried him almost to his death.
Pronghorns = Does' horns are black, the bucks' red spirals.
Tree lizards = Inhabitants of treetop mazes. Forked tongues, green lips, silver-green scales, small limbs and elongated, clawed feet.

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"Through the Moon Gate"
by Jacqueline Lichtenberg
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Remora = Former herdswoman of Mistdale. Short, stocky, plain.
Dorian St. John = Stranger from Denver, newcomer to Witch World.

The waste
Gunnora's Place of the Old Ones

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“The Toads of Grimmerdale"
by Andre Norton
in Lore of the Witch World

Major Characters
Hertha = Young, with thin, sharp features.
Trystan = Lord Ingrim's Former Marshal of Forces. Middle-aged, tall, brawny, clean-shaven, scarred jaw, close-cropped hair. Wore a golden bow guard.

Horla's Hold = Of Trewsdale in Hertha's family five generations.
Mulma's Needle = Landmark on Trewsdale's southern divide.
Wyvern's Wing = -- See above
Gunnora's Shrine = Southeast of Horla's Hold.
Nordendale = South of Trewsdale small and in disorder since its lord and his heir fell at the Battle of Ruther's Pass.
Grimmerdale = Southwest of Nordendale.
Komm High = A popular prewar market for the peasants' wool.
Corriedale = A young lord from there joined besiegers at the port Trystan won the golden bow guard from him while gambling.
Lethendale Abbey = Two days ride west of Grimmerdale.
Handelsburg = Its coasters hoped to break the port's siege and carry the invaders away to safety.
Vennesgort = -- See above
Roxdale = Where Urre had been before coming to Grimmerdale.

Minor Characters
Elfreda = Hertha's foster mother, long dead.
Elm = Customer at Nordendale's inn.
Fritigen of Summerdale = Trystan had declined to be his Master of Archers.
Henkin = Customer at Nordendale's inn.
Jannesk = Young guard killed in the invaders' ambush.
Kuno = Hertha's brother; considered her disgraced.
Malka = Maid at Nordendale's inn.
Onsway = Urre's liege man.
Uletka Rory = Bad-tempered mistress of Grimmerdale's inn.
Urre of Corriedale = Dissolute, drunken, blond young lord staying at Rory's inn.

Standing Stones = Seven rows, closer together as they went inward. Cones of cold blue light atop each pillar. Old Road ran straight to a central hexagon, flames at ground level of its angle. Five green stone blocks were seats for the toads.
Blue Stone doors = To block the Toads from drawing humans into their web. Three sealed; three needed closure.
Toad geas stone = A small green-grey pebble to be put in the bed of the man Hertha sought.

Toads = Old Ones. Paunches, skinny limbs, narrow shoulders, no necks; massive heads, large golden eyes, hairless skulls, wide mouths, slits for noses, and bare vestiges of chins.

Customs and Expressions
Thunderer's Altar = Hertha's brother Kuno worshipped there.
Light Day = Observed at Horla's Hold.
Mount of Astron = Required listening at Morn Services.
Harvest sacrifice = Hertha dutifully made it each year.
ker-apples = a golden, autumn fruit.
"little dove, little love" = Said by Elfreda to young Hertha.

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"To Rebuild the Eyrie"
by Sasha Miller
in Tales of the Witch World 1

Eirran = -- See Fmag     Tavern keeper's niece. Dreamed of buying a cottage with kitchen and herb gardens.
Yareth = -- See Fmag     Young Falconer 20. Brown hair and eyes. Good looking. Had served on Sulcar ships, but got seasick.
Juvva = Had taught Eirran herb lore.
Newbold = Yareth's falcon.
Rangin = Yareth's Torgian.

The Karsten Gap = Close to an area Falconers called The Keyhole (destroyed in the Turning).

Mountain Monster = Of the Dark, huge and misshapen.

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“Trey of Swords”
by Andre Norton

Major Characters
Crytha = Niece of Lord Hervon and Lady Chriswitha. Hand-fasted to Imhar. Dark and slender. Healer's gift and uawakened powers. Lured from Green Valley to Uruk's cave tomb; confronted Laidan at Ninurta's Place Apart.
Laidan = Full-lipped and voluptuous. Of mixed race: mother was of the Green People, father a Hill Lord of the Shadow. Laidan's magic rod: black.
Ninutra = Old One: The Lady of Fire, served by flame-feathered birds. Her Fane is The Place Apart. Her foreseeing powers are known as the Mouth of Ninutra; her priestess is Crytha.
Targi = Dark Lord, master of the Thas, originally slain in Emnin. Uruk's captor of old. Returned to ally with Laidan. Pale, red haired. Magic weapon: a black rod tipped by a small, keening animal skull. His heart was hidden apart from his mind and body.
Tolar = Warrior of HaHarc. Fought beside Uruk long ago. First owner of "Ice Tongue". Under an evil geas, made death march to cast the sword into a volcano.
Tsali = One of the Lizard folk, “Brother-Kin of Reto." Tall for his kind. Crested head, rainbow-scaled body, a limber tail. A pouched belt was his only garment. Carried red beads strung on cord for record-keeping and counting.
Uruk of the Ax = Ancient warrior of HaHarc; led Force of Klingheld's province against Targi, who imprisoned him in a pillar of ice. Wields one of the Four Great weapons. His war crest: a jewel-eyed
Yogan = Young, blond, blue-eyed, half-blooded warrior of Hervon's household. Honor-bound to rescue Crytha. Chosen by "Ice Tongue" and possessed by Tolar's memories.

Major Locales
Green Valley
Emnin = Site of the Lost Battle -- Lost for the Fellowship of HaHarc and the Banners of Erk. Where Targi was slain.
Temple of the Scull = Underground; a wide aisle leading to a circle of sculptures of monsters and men. In center, on a red half pillar, sat a crystal skull.
Tower of Iuchar = In the ancient fortress city of HaHarc. Stone blocks circled rune-carved monoliths topped by sculptured heads. Ruined blue stone building within, a pentagram chamber at its heart.
Zephar = Place of sorcery where Laidan brought Crytha. Round walled. Spiraling stone stairs led to windowless upper chamber where a pentagram was set in the floor thick black candles stood on its points and a smaller circle beyond was bordered by black and red runes.

Major Objects
The Four Great Weapons = Choose their own masters. Three weapons are: “Ice Tongue" = Geas Sword with a rune-carved gray crystal pommel. Hums when wielded, snarls when it strikes. Could not pass Green Valley's protective wards; "Helm-Biter" = Uruk's  double-bladed axe; Sword of Shadow = The will and tool of Ninutra. A misty-edged blade not of Dark or Light can be borne by either.

Minor Characters
Chriswitha = -- See Three
Dahaun = -- See Three
Lody Dhalis = Daughter of Lady Chriswitha and Lord Hervon, wed to Hervon's liegeman. Siblings: Imhar and Meegan. Crytha's cousin.
Ethutur = Lord of Green Valley.
Godgar = Hervon's shieldman.
Lord Hervon = Leader of overmountain Estcarpians.
lmhar = Son of Hervon and Chriswitha; hand-fasted to Crytha.
Iuchar = Man of ancient HaHarc, later summoned as a spirt to hearten his people.
Kaththea = -- See Three, Sorc, & Warl
Kemoc = -- See Three, Sorc, & Warl
Kyllan = -- See Three
Lady Meegan = Crytha's cousin.
Simon = -- See WW, & Web
Yagarth = One of the Green Valley People who led Hervon's party of swordsmen up the rocks.

Customs and Expressions
"May the Great Flame abide about you, hedge you in."
"Perhaps it as the White Brethren speculated -- a man who has not completed his task is reborn to finish it."

compulsion mannikin = Crytha's image in clay, with strands of her hair, and a wisp of her scarf wrapped about her. was placed in her bed to summon her out of Green Valley.
Dahaun's protection spell = She drew a circle around Crytha with fresh peeled wand and shook a handful of withered herbs over her.
Ice Tongue's magic = Could locate water or metal underground. Its surviving hilt bonded to a cave icicle, which became its new blade. Was able to disturb Targi's spellcasting, reflecting the power back onto him.
Power colors = Blue: Safety. Dull white, green, or shot through with red: a trap. Gray-green radiance marked a strong center of Dark Forces.
rune stones = Size of a man's head with carved lines: 1: flakes of gold 2: red 3: black.
Targi's familiar = Red eyed, tusked feline head; paunchy body with a coarse pelt of tangled hair. Carried short spear with a long, serrated metal head.
Uruk's chant = Words formed a stream of blue sparks issuing from his lips, forming a glittering cloud.

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"Voice of Memory"
by M. E. Allen
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Major Characters
Sibley = 20; deaf mute scribe. Brown-eyed blonde. Mother was youngest daughter of Ithrypt's lord; she died bearing Sibley.
Cat = Born "Herol"; called "woldor" by Sulcar, "Cat" by Sibley (because of his green eyes). Born near Kalaven Port. Had Old Race blood. Father killed during the Horning.

Ithrypt / Ithkrypt
The Long Sisters = Deadly reefs off the Alizon coast.
The Hands = Low section connecting The Long Sisters.

Minor Characters
Lady Alyss = Mistress of the Keep where Sibley worked.
Blodnath = Lady Alyss' daughter-in-law.
Captain Estban = Commander of the ship that captured Sibley.
Geran = Lady Alyss's deceased elder brother, a noted warrior.
Islak = "Issie"; Sibley's "milk brother", her fellow fosterling with Nana. He and Nana were killed by outlaws.
Jenneth = Youngest girl fostered by Lady Alyss. Befriended Sibley. Married a widowed lord with children.
Logrin = Alyss's brother. A scholar. Devised finger speech for Sibley to use for communicating.
Nana = Woodcutter's widow. Fostered Sibley and Islak.

"The Dalemaid's Litany" = popular High Hallack song / poem.

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“Ware Hawk”
by Andre Norton

Major Characters
Alon = Orphaned boy Tirtha and Nirel found hiding in the farm's wall stones. Had joined Parlan's household when it left the plains.
Nirel = Falconer; Tirtha's guide. Well-cut features, thin-lipped, gold-flecked eyes, dark, close-shorn hair. Missing hand replaced by metal one with prongs like talons. Wore a battered helm.
Ninutra = Old One. -- See General Info.
Rane = Dark Lord. Dusky-skin, handsome, webbed fingers. Reptilian hide (black and red scales) clothed lower body and formed his cap.
Tirtha = Holdruler, sole survivor of Hawkholme. Studied at Lormt. Thin shoulders, calloused hands, tanned, short black hair. Nervous habit: tip of tongue between lips. Healer; carried serpent-skin pouch of drug leaves, some powerful enough to kill. Weapon: a thin, nicked sword, pommel a hawk head screaming defiance.

Esland = Tirtha bought Esland grain in Romsgarth's market.
Falconers' Eyrie = Appeared to be a hollowed-out mountain; few outsiders had crossed its drawbridge. After the Turning and massive stonefalls, no trace remained of former strength.
Hawkholme = Ancestral keep of Tirtha's line. A valuable casket lay there, a trust Tirtha had to preserve from the Dark.
Romsgarth = Once a major town; last Estcarpian hold on border passage to Karsten. That prominence ceased two generations before.
Yar = Center of Karsten silver mines and associated industries.
Yost = Center of Karsten's iron mines.

Minor Characters
Arkel = Sixth Master of Falconer's Eyrie.
Crytha = -- See Trey      Priestess / Voice of Ninutra.
Dion = Parlan's nephew. Mastership of the garth fell to him when Parlan sickened just days before the raid.
Ettin = Guest at Parlan's garth. Alon remembered Ettin's ring: of reddish metal, carved like Tirtha's sword hilt.
Falgon = Torgian which bonded with Alon.
Frith = Alon's age mate when they were babes half a head taller by the time of the raid, due to Alon's slower growth pattern.
Gerik = Leader of the raiders who slaughtered Parlan's household. Dark Lord's servant; recklessly brave against an insect monster.
(Lord) Honnor = Claimed rule over part of Karsten, but his title in dispute. The raiders falsely claimed Honnor sent them.
Lamer = Misguided servant who opened Parlan's gates to the raiders.
Ortal = Falconer geas-driven to sea in the days of Master Arkel.
Parlan = Master of the garth where Alon was fostered. Posted to a garrison and escaped the Turning. Crippled in chaos following. Settled in Karsten's hills with wife and household.
Rudik = Abductor who died when he tried to take Tirtha's casket.
Sala = Child of Parlan's household; only ten, but taller than Alon.
Urak = -- See Trey      One of Crytha's escorts.
Valda = Tirtha's mare: rusty-black, sure-footed, a wicked temper.
Wind Warrior = Name (in his own tongue) of the falcon who bonded with Neril.
Wood lord = Guardian of forest outside Hawkholme; gentle, courteous voice, regular, well-cut features, red-tinged eyes, long, pale fingers. Helm's crest a hideously wrought snake or lizard with stumpy legs and gems for eyes.
Yonan = -- See Trey     Crytha's escort.
Yachne = Alon's nurse. Came to Parlan's household when his mother was but a girl hand-fasted to Parlan's father. Yachne seemed old to Alon, yet always unchanging. A healer and teacher of weaving and dyes. Was missing on day of the massacre.

casket of Ninurta = sealed to the line of Hawkholme. For any other to touch it was death.
Defense wall = Tirtha had seen it described on a Lormt scroll and knew it for defense against the Dark, when laid with proper ritual.
geas = -- See General Info.     Tirtha bore one of kin oath-laying it passed from the dead to the living of her line and could not be denied.
Ninutra's record holder = Tightly capped cylinder of old metal; engraved along its sides. Contained layers of reptile skin glued into a sheet covered with symbols in red paint or ink.
Tongue of Basir = One of the Four Great Weapons. A short sword deeply engraved with ancient symbols. Hilt of blue metal. Pommel an unfaceted blue gem. The Weapon chose Neril to be its bearer.
skull square = In woods clearing: Two white wands laid crosswise on stone, human skulls forming two sides of the square.
"smoothing the cords" = Alon's term for one of his forms of magic: his hands met palm to palm, then pushed apart.
three = A number of power. Thrice summoned, one cannot resist.

Animals and Creatures
gorex = of the heights. Timid.
verbears = rare.
pronghorns = small species thereof.
scavengers = brownish, with several pairs of legs.
beasts of the Wood Lord = Bipedal, naked, squat, covered with coarse shaggy hair. No necks, overlong arms, clawed hands, red eyes.
spider monster = Pony-sized, dark-eyed, bright scarlet hair about its joints. Green slime oozed from clicking mandibles.
night hunter = Of the mountains. A mind-seeker. Grayish-white matted fur, a paunch, long fangs, and taloned hands.

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"Warlock of the Witch World"
by Andre Norton

Major Characters
Kemoc = -- See Three     Warlock-in-progress. Birthlink with Kaththea compelled him to follow her to Dinzil's Tower.
Kaththea = -- See Three      witch-in-progress. Much yet to learn.
Orsya = Krogan; -- See General Info     Oval face, silvery hair. Thin, keening mindtouch. First daughter of Orais's elder sister, and thus closer kin to him than his children.
Dinzil = Warlock and warleader from Escore's Heights. Old Race features. Comely and courtly, ambitious and ruthless. Tutored by one of Escore's few remaining wonder workers.

Green Valley
HaHarc = A valley choked with stunted, dark-leafed trees and bushes. Its masses of tumbled and broken masonry once had been a safe place, overthrown when a strange piping made the hills dance.
Lake of Krogan = Ringed by wide beach divided in geometric patterns by arrangements of shells and rocks. Paths bordered by ankle-high stake fences of bleached driftwood. Some vegetation similar to that traded by Sulcarman -- tall shoots with soft silvery plumes.
Moss Forest = Spongy ground, curtains of limb-rooted moss, pearl-glow star-candles, Moss wives' nests are in the hollows of trees.
Garden of Loskeetha = Stone-walled basin of hard blue sand studded with scattered standing rocks. Patterns traced in the floor.
Undermountain Caves = Between Loskeetha's Garden and Dark Tower. Harbor unknown monsters and traces of ancient civilization.
Dark Tower = An aura of great age. Appears to be solid stone, without doors or windows.

Races / Creatures
Old Ones; People of the Green Silences; Moss Wives; Gray Ones; Krogan; lizard folk; merfay; rasti;  Renthan; rus; Sarn Raiders; Thas; vrang

Minor Characters
Aidan = A warrior Kemoc knew from Estcarp. Native of the outback, where people still believed in talismans.
Anghart = -- See Three
Bruthe = A legend; supposedly so fair even flowers could not equal her. As children Kyllan and Kemoc once gave Kaththea a flowering crown and Tansen branch sceptre called her "Lady Bruthe".
Lady Chriswitha = -- See Three
Dahaun = -- See Three
Dussa = Krogan deity.
Ethutur = -- See Three
Farfar = Green Valley's Flannan representative, though his species were too few to be reckoned full members of Escore's Council.
Godgar = Lord Hervon's Leader-of-Forces.
Grenwel = Nurse who told Loelle tales about Flannan and other "legendary" creatures.
Lord Hervon = Led his people to Escore to seek a new life.
Jaelithe = -- See WW, Web, and & Three
Kofi = Helpful merfay Orsya and Kemoc met at a mountain stream.
Koris of Gorm = -- See WW, Web, and Three      Became virtual ruler of Estcarp after the Turning.
Kyllan = -- See Three     Dahaun's Consort.
Loelle = Of the House of Mohakar. Estcarpian from overmountain.
Loskeetha = Of the Garden of Stones. Reader of Sands: future possibilities. Resembled Moss Wives, but thin hair pulled into a topknot bound with ring of polished green stone. Wore bracelets of the same material about bony wrists and ankles. Her eyes were green and fierce as a hawk's.
Loyse = -- See WW, Web, and & Three
Mosswives = Foruw, Frono, Fubbi, Fuusu, Fyngri
Obbo = Krogan killed by Sarn Riders.
Oboro = Krogan sent by Orias to capture one of the overmountain people -- Kemoc.
Orias = Krogan leader. Dark scar from left temple to jaw.
Orfons = with Obbo, he was taking Orsya to the enemy.
Otkell = -- See Three
Rothorf of Dolmain = Overmountain Estcarpian. Sulcar father, with his Karsten mother's Old Race temperament.
Shapurn = Speaker for the Renthan in Escore's Council.
Shil = Kemoc's Renthan mount.
Vorlong = "wing Beater," vrang' representative to Escore's Council.

Blood magic = -- See General Info.
Blue stones = Place of the Light where Dahaun led the newly-arrived overmountain refugees. She circled the hill, beating a bush branch on the ground, then stripped leaves and twigs off, gathering them in her cloak and tossed them in the fire, bit by bit. The aromatic smoke was protection against Thas and Sarn Riders.
Dahaun's Warding = She held fingers in vee and spit between them to right and left.
Euthayan = -- See General Info.
Law of power = Explanations must not be asked; volunteered only.
scarf = Kaththea's retained her essence, and Kemoc used it as a tracer to follow her. It rolled like a hoop or crawled ahead of him like a snake, showing the way.
screeing cone = Orsya used one from the undermountain cave tomb to penetrate illusions and guard her and Kemoc while they slept. It was short, ivory-white, pointed, and ridged with spiraling corrugations. She breathed on it and spoke magic words to activate the power. It worked only for a virgin, being lore of the Unicorn.
Spell breaking = -- See General Info.     Kemoc used this to enter the Tower.
Sytry's magic sword = Kemoc found it in the undermountain tomb. Hilt was cut from single piece of yellow quartz with sparks of red, gold, and blue. Runes carved on blade appeared to be written in fresh blood and ran when evil was nearby.
Sytry = Name of great power; Kemoc called on it when fighting the undermountain monster and to free the thing which wept blood.

Animals / Creatures
aspt = Man-sized, beaverlike: powerful clawed hind feet, round, earless head, wide mouth, jutting teeth. Live in underwater homes.
guasfi = Shells emit light when wet. Orsya used these in the caves.
Undermountain monster = Eyes: two glimmering gray disks set a man's palm apart. Stinking breath, sibilant hiss, huge paws, scaly skin. Ability to draw Krogan, but not humans, to it.

Krogan boat = Water animal's skin pulled taut over bone frame.
Krogan staff = Carved, green and black, and sharply-pointed.
maps = Ethutur's were made of dried leaves, ribs and markings serving for location points and divisions.
Star-flowers / candles = In Moss Forest. Phosphorescent, six-pointed.
stench vines = Some thread-fine, some thick as man's wrist. Green with a sickly oversheen, smelling of decay. Things lived in them which shunned like light and air. Vines killed by wholesome water.
Tansen tree = -- See Bruthe     White blossoms with pink centers and a sweet fragrance.
warn-sword = -- See General Info.      Passed among peoples of Escore to warn of coming conflict. White wood with intricate runes carved on broad and edgeless blade. Haft and guard twined with green and red knotted cords.

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“We, The Women”
by Patricia Mathews
in On Wings of Magic

Major Characters
Arona Bethiahsdaughter = Riveredge's former Junior Recorder, of the Foxlady Clan (Mari  Anghard(t)'s, the Tregarth triplets' nurse). When going to Lormt, was disguised as “Aaron" Bethiahson.
Egil = Born in Cedar Crest Lisha's son. In Riveredge, gradually supplanted Arona's position.
Krakoth = "Dame Frog", once Recorder of Grimmerdale. Short, squat, gray, lumpy skin, huge yellow eyes, wide, lipless mouth. Taught Arona in the Dame Cavern.

Riveredge = Falconer women's village.
Cedar Crest = Village burned by Hounds of Alizon, its men slain.
Twin Valleys = Village some inhabitants were related to those of Cedar Crest.
Falcon Crag = Visible from Riveredge.
Lookout Mountain = -- see above
Far Shore = The Western Continent.
Grimmerdale = -- See Tog & Change      Where Krakoth's race studied "aliens".
Dame Cavern = An entity as well as a place left from ages before Escore was sealed. Within are stasis-locked beings of that era.

Riveredge Characters
Asta Lennisdaughter = "The Sneak".
Bethiah = Arona's mother. Carpenter.
Dame Birka = Priestess.
Brithis = Village girl.
Darann = Mulemistress. Egil was her stable helper.
“The Dissident" = The witch Jommy brought to Riveredge.
Eina Parrasdaughter = Senile.
Elthea = Lame weaver.
Jommy Einason = Clubfooted hermit and weaver.
Floree Anasdaughter = Elder and healer.
Freyis Ingneldasdaughter = Helped build Gunnora's shrine.
Lennis = Miller.
Lorin = Village seamstress.
Loyse Annetsdaughter = Rich, supposedly charitable.
Maris Guidasdaughter = Senior Recorder.
Marra = Asta's aunt.
Mechtild = Eldest Mother.
Natha Lorinsdaughter = Co-guardian to young Keeper of the Records.
Nelga Olwithsdaughter = Village girl.
Nidoris = Village girl.
Noriel Auricasdaughter = Smith. Of Wolfhame Clan.
Ofelis Kemisdaughter = Elderly bard.
Olwith = Beekeeper.
Ragny Grethiersdaughter = Gunnora's Priestess, helped build shrine.
Peliel Laelsdaughter = Humiliator of young (then) Maris.
Eagle Mylenesdaughter = New Eldest Mother, after the Turning.
Roldeen Lennisdaughter = "The Bully".
Saris = watchgirl missing when the wolf came.
Virdis Nilyrasdaughter = Her farm was vacant after the Turning, and was offered to Lisha.
Ylsa Dorinesdaughter = Helped build the shrine.

Ceder Crest Characters
Betza = Yelen's youngest daughter.
Gondrin = Alewife and brewmistress.
Hanna = Daughter of Lisha and Harald.
Harald = Baker. Killed by Hounds of Alizon.
Huana = (Guntirsdaughter) widow of Blacksmith Morgath.
Karmount = Yelen's son.
Leatrice = Huana's daughter.
Lisha = Full name: Elyshabet. Harald's widow. Huana's cousin.
Lowri = Lisha's daughter.
Melbrigda = Beldam. Widow. From farm at edge of village.
Morgath = Blacksmith. Killed by Hounds of Alizon.
Norine = Egil's paternal grandmother; a bully.
Oseburg = (Smithson) Huana's son.
Rannulf = Yelen's son.
Sorin = Lisha's son.
Yelen = Carpenter's wife. Had a sickly-sweet voice.

Other Characters
Derren = -- See Exl    Duratan's Second among Lormt's scouts.
Duratan = -- See Chron
Haroc  = Falconer ally who tried to assault Arona and was punished by his comrades.
Langward = In Falconer legend, Queen Theora's once-loyal man (as detailed in scrolls which Arona brought to Lormt).
Lorryl = Young Falconer ally who came to help the village after the Turning.
Markhalla = Lived in Twin Valleys. Leatrice's aunt.
Morfew = -- See Chron
Myrrha Foxlady = Of Falconer legends.
Nareth = -- See Chron
Nolar = -- See Chron
Ouen = -- See Chron
Dame Rhianne = Elderly Lormt scholar took girls as pupils.
Queen Theora = In Falconer legend, Ruler of Salzarat.
Tsengan = Myrrha Foxlady's ravisher, in Falconer legend.
Warina Falconlady = Writer of the scrolls Arona brought to Lormt.

Terms and Expressions
Gormvin = Authorities / Elders of Krakoth's people; "toads" worked for the Gormvin and in return had all their needs taken care of. In Grimmerdale, they are doing research on "aliens" in the area.
"Lifewater" = raw ale.
rarilh = Deliberately failing to record a tale, out of malice.
raduth = Conspicuously employing a useful thing only for show.
Songs = "Lady Capela" (ballad), "Witch Vow," "Swamp Maid," "Four Falconers Down from the Crag."
visit veils = Worn by women of child-bearing age who had been drawn in the Falconers' summer lottery.
The War That Sealed the East = The previous Turning.

Dame Butthead = Goat kept by Arona and Maris.
Fang = Maris's dog.
Little Red Pest = Arona's cat.
Smokey Patchesdaughter = Most docile of the cats Arona knew when she was a girl.

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"The Weavers"
by Esther M. Friesner
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Fyuru = Moss Wife who could assume human form. Rescued a wounded man long ago, and bore his child.
Lord = with dark gold hair who once was healed by and loved Fyuru; refused to accept her natural appearance.
Girl = Their daughter, a bard. The best of both races.

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“Web of the Witch World”
by Andre Norton

Major Characters
Aldis = Yvian's mistress, and a Kolder pawn.

Tor Marsh
Es Castle
Es Port
Enkere = where the river draining Tor Marsh reaches the sea.
Lost Trace = Sulcar sea route leading to some barren islands; Since the Kolder came, it had been cut off by poisonous weed.
Seakeep = The Witches' stronghold at Es Port.
South Keep = Simon's and Jaelithe's home fortress.
Romsgarth = Town on Estcarp's western road; a nexus of farm trade.
Yle = Kolder outpost on the far end of Estcarp's peninsula: An invisible barrier guarded its sea and land approaches against even witches' probes.

Minor Characters
Alavin = Crewman on the ship "Wave Cleaver".
Anner Osberic = Son of Magnis. Led attack on Kars and evacuated Estcarp's forces there.
Berthora = Woman of Kars who lured Loyse from Es Castle. Simon later found Berthora dead on the beach.
Durstan = Head of Estcarpian guards accompanying Simon in search for Loyse.
Fulk = -- See WW     Loyse's father, Verlaine's lord, here a Kolder pawn; killed himself to avoid capture and interrogation.
Guttorm = Falconer who led the van through Kars' north gate.
Ingvald = -- See WW    Simon's second-in-command at South Keep.
Jappon = Duke Yvian's chief cook.
Jokal = Crewman on Wave Cleaver: a small, bent old man who knew a ship's location by sea smells and floating weeds.
Koityi Stymir = Captain of Wave Cleaver; under Jaelithe's direction, he was able to follow Simon across the sea.
Sigrod = Sulcarman who rowed Jaelithe to the Kolder shore. *
Thurhu = A Kolder who questioned Simon asked if, "Thurhu sent you".
Uncar = Falconer went with Simon to rescue Loyse.
Waldis = A boy serving with Simon's Borderers.
Ynglin = Sulcarman who rowed Jaelithe to the Kolder shore.
(Duke) Yvian = -- See WW     Tall, broad-shouldered, sandy colored hair. Badge of his House: A mailed fist holding aloft an axe.

"Changing" spell = one of earliest witch children learn: "Air and earth, water and fire". Jaelithe used it when wave Cleaver was menaced by weed; she felt a small beat in her mind, a sign that the spell was ready to work.
Chant song = -- See General Magic
Message rod = A witch imprints one by touching its tiny indentations; that activates a mechanism registering course and distance. A Falconer's bird aboard wave Cleaver wore such a device.
mist = produced by burning herbs and gums; assists in difficult raisings.
Shape-changing spell = -- See General Magic
Witch Jewel = Secrets of its power are lost in time; each jewel is tuned to the personality of its wearer.

Old Race
people of the Far North (small, dark people who speak a click-click language they trade soft, fine furs with Sulcarmen).

Sulcar Expressions and Customs
Luck-evoking ritual: "It lies between the fingers of the Old Woman..." then spit over the shoulder.
"Like all Demon Night opening..."
"By the Waves of Asper..."

Terms / Things
Council of Es
Guardians' Council
Women of Power
Kolder Control belt/stone: Cast of greenish metal in pattern of interwoven knot.
Kolder uniforms: smocks and skullcaps.
langmar = A thick oil skimmed off a boil of plant stems; used by Sulcar ships to provide light in storms -- and to burn Kolder weed.
loguths = mainstay crop of Estcarpian weavers. Their purple flowers ripen into bolls of silken fibers.
Sword Bride = Captain Stymir's ship.
Tor Marsh lizard = Large enough to threaten a flying machine. Leprous, warty skin, huge claws, malignant, whitish eyes. Spits a milky fluid. Bulky and awkward.
Volt statue = A stone pillar looped with reptilian coils of vine it stands by the ancient stone road in Tormarsh.
Weed = Floats on warmer ocean waters. Formerly known to Sulcarmen as a harmless storm wrack. After the Kolder arrived, weed became poisonous to the touch, its awful effects lingering till death.

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by Lisa Woodworth
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Major Characters
Khemrys = Tawny-furred Were-pard. Human form: slim, with dark hair, wide-set gold-flecked green eyes, a triangular face.
Harlyn = Were-pard. Human form: dark haired.

Rhystead Abbey of Rhysdale = Where Khemrys was fostered.
Star Temple = near the Waste. Second haven for Khemrys.
Grove = Near Rhystead Abbey. Blue-green stones were set there in an ancient pattern. Khemrys' first haven.
Jurby/Jorby Port

Alois = Fostered at Rhystead. Blonde, blue-eyed, of a coastal family. Shallow in nature.
Herwyd = Khemrys' father; died shortly after arriving at Rhystead.
Dame Katreen = Appliqued the Abbey's banners.
Keldar = Harlyn's stallion.
Lysande = Fostered at Rhystead. Dark hair, deep blue eyes, fair. Khemrys' friend.
Malgwyn = Lord of Rhyskeep.
Dame Rimia = Stillmistress of Rhystead. Khemrys' mentor.
Dame Rosera = New Abbess of Rhystead. Haughty and strict. Came from Ulmstead, where she had wealthy and powerful kin.
Dame Seralda = Offered her tiny, ancient carpet as welcoming gift for the new Abbess; it was not appreciated.
Serilla = Fostered at Rhystead. Dark eyed, dark blonde. Spiteful.
Tirath = Khemrys' mother. Died when the girl was 11.

Herwyd's Sword = Khemrys found it in Tirath's chest. Badly nicked and dented blade. Pommel's hilt was a leopard's head with jeweled green eyes; the quillions were two incurling leopard tails.

"As thin as Dame Carelda's washb0ard."

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by Mercedes Lackey
in Tales of the Witch World 1

Glenda = were-leopard. Human form: Mouse-colored hair, yellowish brown eyes. An orphan, evicted by her aunt. Only valuable possession her mother's ring: heavy silver in shape of a crouching cat, with topaz chips for eyes.
Harwin = Black were-leopard. Human form: Tall, dark, lean, and golden-eyed. Father: Harl; Mother: Kildas.
The Gate-Keeper = Of the "witch house" in Glenda's city.
Elvath = Stocky, blond Dales guard. Panicked when he saw Glenda turn were.

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