An Index of Andre Norton’s Witch World pt. 7

Compiled by Juanita Coulson (1996)
Commissioned by Andre Norton for the writing of
“The Warding of Witch World”

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Neither Rest Nor Refuge

Ardath Mayhar

Tales of the WW 1           


Night Hound’s Moon

Mary H. Schaub

Tales of the WW 1


Nine Words in Winter

Caralyn Inks

Tales of the WW 1


Oath- Bound

Pauline M. Griffin

Tales of the WW 1


Of Ancient Swords and Evil Mist

James R. Heidbrink

Tales of the WW 1


Old Toad

Geary Gravel

Tales of the WW 2


Peacock Eyes

Shirley Meier

Tales of the WW 2


Plumduff Potato-Eye

Jayge Carr

Tales of the WW 3


Port of Dead Ships

Andre Norton

Storms of Victory


A Question of Magic

Marta Randall

Tales of the WW 3



Meredith Ann Pierce

Four from the WW


Rite of Failure

Susan M. Shwartz

Tales of the WW 2


The Road of Dreams and Death

Robert E. Vardeman

Tales of the WW 1


The Root of All Evil

Sharon Green

Tales of the WW 3


The Salt Garden

Sandra Miesel

Tales of the WW 2


Sand Sister

Andre Norton

Lore of the WW


The Scent of Magic

Juanita Coulson

Tales of the WW 3



Pauline M. Griffin

Storms of Victory


Sea-Serpents of Domnudale

Ginger Simpson Curry      

Tales of the WW 2


The Sentinel at the Edge of the World     

David Wind

Tales of the WW 2


The Shaping of Ulm’s Heir

Andre Norton

Tales of the WW 1


S’Olcarias’s Sons

Lisa Swallow

Tales of the WW 2



Andre Norton



Sorceress of the Witch World

Andre Norton



Spider Silk

Andre Norton

Lore of the WW


The Stillborn Heritage

Elizabeth H. Boyer

Four from the WW


The Stones of Sharnon

Ann Miller

Tales of the WW 2



C. J. Cherryh

Four from the WW


Strait of Storms

K. L. Roberts

Tales of the WW 3


The Sword Seller

Patricia C. Wrede

Tales of the WW 3


Sword of Unbelief

Andre Norton

Lore of the WW


"Neither Rest Nor Refuge"
by Ardath Mayhar
in Tales of the Witch World 1

Jorem of Estcarp = Nineteen. Sulcar father, mother of the Old Race. Had witch gift.
Thelia = Short, pale, with a triangular face. Family killed in the Horning.
Sabyl = witch; married, then widowed, yet retained enough of her gift to teach. Thelia and Jorem decided to seek her out in her coastal cove home and ask for him to be trained as a warlock.


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"Night Hound's Moon”
by Mary H. Schaub
in Tales of the Witch World 1

Kennard = Asthmatic 12 year-old separated from his parents during the troubles in the Dales.
Rubeth = wise woman who treated Kennard when he was young bartered for the leaves he still carried to ease his asthma.
Silver = The Night Hound. Large as a hill pony, with a short, thick, dusky grey coat, alert, pointed ears, and light blue eyes. Wore a collar of silver metal.
Jerrel = Old soldier, Brehm's escort. Nearly blind.
Brehm = Prospector. Older than Jerrel.
Grund = Outlaw chieftain with a scarred face.
Fows = Outlaw.
The Purple Robes = Darst's worshippers of the Dark. Their leader was a tall, gaunt adept. Moon magic destroyed them.

Darst = Place of Old Ones: randomly set standing stones. Its summoning bell was blackened metal. Human sacrifices were bound and laid on a stone platform, where black vapor flowed around them.
Battle of Morlan = Where Jerrel received a head wound.

"By the Flame, by the Sword wielded in just cause, by all that stands with the Light, we claim protection."

bronze root = herbal cure for sneezing.

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“Nine Words In Winter"
by Caralyn Inks
in Tales of the Witch World 1

Mag'ra = 81. Midwife, Lore Mistress, handmaiden of Min.
Min = Old One. -- See Circle
Zaya = Mag'ra's craft-daughter, kidnapped by brigands. Fourteen, with brown hair and eyes.
Felde = Alesanfar's daughter escaped and hid from Radnor.
Radnor = New Lord of Min's Hold. A sorcerer trafficking with the Dark. Clean-shaven, ye1low-eyed.
Alesanfar = Rightful lord of Min's Hold.
Bass = Guardsman.
Lentor = Guardsman.
Danner the Potter = Made false teeth for Mag'ra in exchange for midwifery services.
Stern = Hermit. Mag'ra went to tend his sow the night of the raid.
Horse = Mag'ra's gray gelding.

Min's Hold = A long, narrow valley with small villages.
Sharoon Hills = Said to be full of brigands.
Old Stern's = Maq'ra was there during the raid.

Min's Nine Words = Sleep. Renewal. Death. Humor. Courage. Loyalty. Sacrifice. Silence. Triumph.

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by Pauline Griffin
in Tales of the Witch World 1

Tronel = Falconer marine; Qu'el's escort.
Lady Qu'el = Gate Guardian. Sent to be Helmgard's bondwoman for seven years in exchange for the loss of his son.
Storm Lord = Tronel's falcon.
Helmgard = Captain of the "Water Swallow".
Bretor = Helmgard's eldest son, killed defending the Gate.

Gate = A circle of twenty tree-shaped menhirs in their center, a plain gray stone arch.
Dark Lord's guardians = Bipedal, white skinned, long heads with mere slits for features. Their hands ended in gaping holes which emitted a deadly frost. Killed when their shells were broken.
Shadow servant = Sooty mist, red-flecked, hovered at Gate arch.
Green Fire = The only cure for the Dark Lord's deadly cold.

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"Of Ancient Swords and Evil Mist"
by James R. Heidbrink
in Tales of the Witch World 1

Jobec Stardith = Red Dawn's Captain. Big, blond Sulcarman.
Salith = Spirit. Small, with long pale hair. Thin faced, with slanting eyes that shone in the dark.
Haylor = Sulcar crewman. Tall, muscular.

Ruined keep = Scene of an ancient slaughter by the Dark,
killer fog = Fed on life, but confined to place of power, the keep.
Salith's blue light = Guided Jobec back to the beach.

Red Dawn = Jobec's ship, part of a plunder-filled fleet of five.
red hilted sword = Jobec found it in the ruined keep and thanked its former owner, promising to bear the weapon with honor.
Salith's scarf = Memento, left for him to find when he woke.

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"Old Toad"
by Geary Gravel
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Major Characters
"Old Toad" = New witch assigned to Mountain Gate. Squat, with a round face, her black hair streaked with white.
Ander = "Master Searcher". Youth of Mountain Gate. Pointed chin, light brown hair, gold-flecked brown eyes.
Bereth = "Berry", Ander's sister. Dubbed "Mistress of the Unending Question" by Old Toad. Wiry, with Old Race coloring.

Mountain Gate = Village in Estcarp.
Tower of Wisdom = Residence of Mountain Gate's witch.
Watch Rock
The Ninth Meadow = Gate that had to be guarded during the Turning.

Minor Characters
Donnar = Father of Ander and Bereth. Wed a Falconer woman.
Duroth = Donner's brother; gate guardian and lookout.
Hully = Mountain Gate's keeper of maps.
Karith = Sharp-tongued goat-owner who tried to have her flock double-blessed by the witches, and failed.
"Raven" = Mountain Gate's Witch for 2B years. Called to Es City for the Turning. Tall triangular face, black hair.
Rof = Village headman. Stoop shouldered drooping mustaches.
Tosker = Big-bellied food store keeper.

Euthayan = Old Toad used that word to test the Gate's Power.

"Evernight“ = Victory of the Dark; Judgment Day.

Flowers = "summer's last"; "first-of-spring".

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"Peacock Eyes"
by Shirley Meier
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Shallon = Blue-green eyes the color of peacock feathers. Chose for a while to be human and have a husband and daughter.
Ravenlord = Death as Destroyer rather than Changer of Lives. His crest was blood-matted feathers on an otherwise naked skull.
Tyrick = Shallon's brother: resented her choosing a human mate.
Felika = Shallon's daughter.
Ishal = Healer of Needle's Eye, who helped Felika.
Neevor = Shallon's husband ran a small road house in Needle's Eye. Chose to stay with her when she became not—human.
Wold = Shallon's youngest brother, who became "Volt, as you now call him."

Needle's Eye = Village where Shallon and her family lived.
New Road = later known as the ruined road called "Old".
Ravensmoore = In The Waste.

"Mother, of my spirit, Father, of my change."
"Flame, that lights the way, I choose again."
"Svochos – ENYAHG; I-choose-POWER."

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"Plumduff Potato-Eye"
by Jayge Carr
in Tales of the Witch Wolrd 3

Plumduff = Gentle-natured Giant. Frog-faced, wide-mouthed, with little black eyes.
Gregoriat = Blue-eyed Goldmantle youth, apprenticed to a smith. His girl friend was the village carpenter's daughter.
Andor = The young Redmantle archer who shot Plumduff.
Widow Emmiet = Andor's father had fallen off her roof while he was fixing it.


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“Port of Dead Ships”
by Andre Norton
in Storms of Victory

Major Characters
Destree m'Regnant = Sulcar mother, father, of the Dark. Tall, big-boned, and fair large, steel-grey eyes, black brows and lashes. Wore Gunnora's amulet, became Voice of Gunnora.
Lagit = Sulcar legend: Guardian of an erratic sea gate set by an Old One, Yannon. Form: a beautiful woman and / or a Black Cube.
Chief = Black cat found on the abandoned ship.
Brother-in-Power = Shaman who named Jaelithe "Sister of Lightning". His axe, sand paintings and rattle-stick helped defeat Laqit.

Varn = City and port of the Vars people.
The Place of Light = In Varn; The Waiter renders judgments there.
Cliff Stairway = Above bay, leading to the Black Cube.
Islands of Ever Ice = Far North Captain Sigmun had ranged there.
Point of the Hound = Landmark south of Estcarp.

Minor Characters
Bretvald = Sulcarman; brought Vars fountain to Estcarp.
Ewend = Drunken Sulcarman who tried to rape Destree.
Harwic = Captain of the wave Skimmer.
Jim = Seen in Destree's vision. Brown hair, silver about ears.
Miggy = Redhead in the vision; on the boat drawn through sea gate.
Sigmun = Captain of the Far Rover. Tall, hard-faced.
Simot = Harwic's first officer.
Woden  s'Fayre = Betrothed of Destree's mother.
Yahnon = Laqit's ancient master, creator of the Gate gone rogue.
Yakin = Mate of "Far Rover".
Zizzar can = Var fisherman passed by a deserted sailing ship.

Xalta = Krogan magic against the Dark. Orsya mixed dark sand with blue-green powder and large pebbles (three red, six blue), chanted, and threw it overside, where it sank and drew Scalgah after it.
whittling magic = Splinter carved from skiff Scalgah destroyed used to farsee if the monster was still following the ship.
gongs = Sulcar seeresses use them to call a favoring wind.
Vars testing stone = Held by The Waiter: A crystal which changed Destree's amulet to blue-green as well as gold.

Vars = Very old race, live on coast far south of Estcarp. Tall slender, black skinned. Worship The Waiter. Port: Varn. Reckon time from their Founding in 6783 (now 6810).
Bird race = The woman and her brother Destree saw in mist-vision: Down covered, dark eyes and lips, spoke in trills.

Terms, Expressions and Customs
Asbrakas, High One = Vars' name for The waiter.
The Great Call = Sent out by Estcarp's Council before The Turning.
"water-see" girl = pilot aboard Sulcar ship.
Vars greeting = -- See General Info.: Salutations.
Sulcar pass-sign = Ancient ritual among Kin-by-Sword companies: "water and fire, earth and air, in the heart of death is the core of life. He who naids tne..."
Northern kingship = Sulcar report: custom in land bordering Alizon where leader not addressed but only through a maiden.

Objects and Things
trade flag = Raised when Sulcar ships came to Varn.
Insect-eating plants = In the alien southern land greenish net, pale yellow-green stalks, long narrow leaves, tall center stems with rounded knobs on top which attracted and killed insects.
Var glass = Rainbow hued, much-valued by Sulcar traders.
trade wood = Spicy pine, redheart, and wence, a hard gold-yellow wood which takes a metallic polish.
Mirror of Keffin Du = Set to guard Varn's south wall.

Creatures and Animals
Scalgah = Sea Gate guardian; a Sulcar legend. As long as a ship, overlapping armor scales, double rows of fangs, finless tail, no side or dorsal fins, and taloned extremities. Huge head.
Theffan = Sea Gate guardians: leather wings, bodies and tailed have thick, pointed hairs. Red-eyed miniature human heads. Four poisonous fangs. Hooked noses, human legs, no arms or hands.
Warwing = Falconer's bird; spotted the metal object on island.
Bold wing = Falcon who fetched the jewelry.

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“A Question of Magic"
by Marta Randall
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Major Characters
Imrie = Dark haired. Parents killed in raids on Menasdale. Inherited amulet stolen by magician's boy, recovered in the tunnels.
Ryle = Heir of Harkendale: a brave romantic.
Valon = The Captain of Harken Castle's small guard.
Magician = A trickster with a bit of genuine Power. Raised in the Waste mother a witch of small ability. Made his living traveling from Dale to Dale, and being run out of many of them.
Magician's boy = Apprentice and thief. Killed in the tunnels.

Menasdale = Imrie's birthplace, on the border with the Waste.
Harkendale = On the sea.
Harken Castle = Destroyed by the invaders.
Colmera = A village in Harkendale where Imrie's kindred lived. `
Norrisdale = Harkendale's neighbor, and equally small landbound.
Pessik = A fishing village at the foot of Harken Castle, destroyed by the invaders.

Minor Characters
Lord Betry = Of Norrisdale; Josich's brother-in-law.
Halle = Betry's messenger; brought Colmera's headman war news.
Jora = Imrie's best friend, who said Imrie had no imagination.
Lord Josich Harken = Ryle's father, killed in the invasion.
Lady Kora = Ryle's mother, Lord Betry's sister. Died in attack.
Melia = Imrie's aunt, Tib's mother.
Met = Smith's son. Squat, loud, and drunk. Prospective husband for Imrie, to her dismay.
Posten = Field worker another prospective husband for Imrie.
Rosin = Imrie's uncle, Tib's father.
Set = Colmera's headman.
Tib = Imrie's cousin. A small boy.

Amulet = A Power focus -- an artifact of the Old Ones -- Imrie inherited from her mother.

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by Meredith Ann Pierce
in Four from the Witch World

Major Characters
Alia / Alys = Namesake of her father's first (childless) wife daughter of Lady Benis. Nearsighted and slightly built.
Sif = Alys' half-sister (her mother was Zara). Straight, unkempt blonde hair, cleft chin, blue-green eyes, long nose, dark brows.
"Gyrec" = Sif's male disguise as a tenor Seasinger. Bangs, false reddish-gold beard.
Zara = Witch / wise woman who came through a far northern Gate. Brought to Castle Van by Sulcars. Very tall, with dark red hair and dusky skin. Died trying to get to Arvon.

Ulys Island = Off High Hallack's coast between Jorby and Quayth.
Castle Van = Alys' home.
Vellas islands = In far north; home of the seafoxes.

Minor Characters
Lady Alla = Halss' first wife. Died childless.
Benis = Alia's cousin; married widower Halss and bore Alys.
Danna = Saucy maidservant Uldinna's daughter.
Dame Elit = Brought from mainland to teach Alys Flame worship.
Halss = Lord of Ulys. Fair, with sandy-coppery hair.
lmma = Castle Van maidservant.
Olsan = Betrothed to Alys when she was 13. Died in border dispute.
Rolla = Benis' second ranking maidservant.
Old Sul = Boatman. Took charge of Sif after Zara's death.
Uldinna = Danna's mother, servant at Castle Van.

rampion = Herb which relieves women's plight. Has jagged, fleshy leaves. Cone-shaped, pungent flowers have a leek-like smell.
red dead-men's hang = toxic sea plant which kills shellfish.
seamilk = wine "Gyrec" served; amber-gold in color and aromatic.
chancesticks = gambling devices.
foxsilk = pelts of the seafox.
carnelian and golden fruits
semroot = a sleep-inducer.
Haryl Clan = "Gyrec" was thought to be one of that group.

Brides of Ulys who had contracted to marry on the mainland were dosed with semroot to make them sleep before they were ferried across the rough water.

Seafoxes = Small, thick-furred water dogs prized for their pelts.
hegitts = sea birds which are difficult to catch.
pincushion fish

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"Rite of Failure"
by Susan Shwartz
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Aurek = Candidate to be the Pack's second shaman. Lean, blond, amber-eyed. were form: a golden pard.
Huran = Shaman of the Pack. Aurek's teacher and foster father.
Derora = Beval's daughter.
Beval = Warlock. Derora's father. Silvered hair and beard.
Danior = "Born with teeth", a were-black panther, dominated by his beast-half rather than human-half.
Hyron = -- See Yofu
Herrel = -- See Yofu
Halse = -- See Yofu

Bleak Grove = Where Beval warded Danior.

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"The Road of Dreams and Death"
by Robert E. Vardeman
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Luanna = Eighteen. Stubborn personality, brown hair and eyes.
Pearr = Old prospector for Waste metal. Owned a map of the Road.
Anscom of Arvon = Luanna's love, a farmer.
Eoin = Lord of Rozdale, Luanna's father.
Evona = Pearr's lost love.
Kathenia = Luanna's older sister married a merchant of Quayth, and thereafter banned from Rozdale by her resentful father.
Lord Wexo = Suitor Luanna's father offered. 20 years her senior.
Oletha = Luanna's duenna.

Road of Dreams = Deep in N waste's hills. Led to immortality cave.

minz weed = when chewed, produces black gobbets, which are spat out. Luanna's loathsome suitor, Lord Wexo, was addicted to it.

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"The Root of All Evil"
by Sharon Green
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Merilan = A young philosopher of Escore, searching to see if evil truly existed. She found instead, and awoke, an ancient Adept. .
Baelielt = Adept locked in self-enspelled sleep until such time as the Dark was defeated. Accidentally wakened by Merilan.
Derand = Warrior. Merilan's would-be brother-in-law.
Tullin = Merilan's betrothed.

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"The Salt Garden"
by Sandra Miesel
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Orel of Estindale = Young, short, and stocky, with red hair. Left side of mouth scarred. Family: Karpad. Emblem: Sword and lily.
Tarna = Earth Power. Dainty in form, with smooth skin like yellow jade. Wore a skirt and scarf of woven gold.
Javar = water Power, Tarna's twin, who used to own Narat.
vedi = She who ruled the land before it was sundered into Tarna's and Javar's separate Powers.

Orel's amulet = A spiral shell sealed with wax contained a few drops from a miraculous spring in the Lady's seacave at Estindale.

Narat = City in the Waste once called The Jewel of the Mountains.

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"Sand Sister"
By Andre Norton
In Lore of the Witch World

Major Characters
Tursla = Named for the Moth-maid in an ancient song-tale involving the Toad Devil. Dawn-born: foresight. Silvery shoulder-length hair. Tall among Torfolk.
Simond = Son of Koris. Fair-skinned, handsome, stony faced. Wide shoulders and long arms.
Mafra = Clan and House mother. Cataract-blind. Telekinetic.
Unnanna = Clan Mother who sought blood sacrifice for Volt.
Xactol = Sand woman; red-gold coals for eyes, dark skin.

Sand Pool = Of Xactol.
Volt's shrine = Stone walls now sunken into the marsh. Inner room's roof gone. Volt's massive chair of alien wood is flanked by tall stone vases for offerings.
Kelva's Hall / House = Tursla's birth house.

Minor Characters
Affric = Wak-lizard hunter.
Brunwol = Warrior and hunter.
Elkin = Clan Mother.
Gawan = Hunter.
Parua = Servant, acting as Mafra's eyes.

Terms and Customs
The Old One = Volt. Torfolk offered him first fruits and claws and teeth of dire wak lizards and swore oaths in his name.
The Shining One = The moon.
Remember Chants = Torfolk history, kept by Rememberers.
guard totems = Of Volt's avian face, set about Torfolk dwellings and loquth fields.
Choosing = mating.
Filled = impregnated.
Corfil plants = Their leaves yield a much-prized scarlet dye.
light insects = These live in wall crevices.
House isle = where the Tor dwellings were built.

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"The Scent of Magic"
by Juanita Coulson
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Joa = Vupsall girl with an affinity for animals and an untrained magic gift. Found ancient cave and spirits of sorceresses.
Aisli = Vupsall witch of ancient times.
Raven Hair / Kotyan = Aisli's sister witch. Of the Old Race.
Desst = Vupsall clan's Houndmaster, enamored of Omithi, his brother's widow.
Omithi = Joa's pregnant older sister.
Naschellu = First wife over Omithi. Barren, envious, abusive.
Kynor = Desst's late brother, died in an accident last winter.
Clever Little One = The lost hound pup Joa found.

Vupsalls = -- See Sorc

Vupsall hounds

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by P. M. Griffin
in Storms of Victory

Major Characters
Una = Seakeep's Holdruler: Lord Harvard's daughter, Lord Ferrick's widow. Tall, slender, fine-boned, dark chestnut hair. Large, dark-lashed, jade-green eyes.
Tarlach = Falconer, Captain of a company. Grey eyes.
The Other Una = Alien, almost human. Victim in the ancient war of Light and Dark. Had no substance, no place in time.
Bravery = Tortoise-shell kitten she bonded with Una.
Storm Challenger = Tarlach's falcon.

The  Cradle = Huge submerged rock, revealed only at year's lowest tides. Lies lengthwise across narrow channel to wreckers' cove. Highest points: Headboard and the Foot.
The Dog = Guardian of a Dark Gate on the Cradle.
Point of the Lords = Coastal landmark.
Ravenfield / Ravenfielddale = Seakeep's neighbor. Lord: Ogin.
Rosehilldale = South of Ravenfield. Lord: Markheim.
Seakeep = Of Seakeepdale. Remote and poor. Missed the war but ravaged by a lung-fever plague afterward. Has a long, rough coast and a small, deep harbor with good shelter.
The Square Keep = Home of Una's ancestors until they moved closer to the harbor. Well inland in Seakeepdale, beyond a forest. Three stories, thick walls, arrow slits, a ramparted roof.
Linna = Market town with an adjacent Abbey. Has one of the few good deep harbors in the area. Holds semi-annual fairs.
The Other Una’s Bower = Small field; a fence of holly, fuchsia, mountain ash, and rhododendron. Adorned by roses, wild roses, honeysuckle, and an ancient tree.

Minor Characters
Ogin = Ravenfield's Lord, Una's would-be suitor. Stocky, muscular, ruddy, square-faced, dark hair and eyes, and thin lips.
Brennan = Tarlach's lieutenant.
Rorick = Next in rank below Brennan.
Rufin = Una's steward; short, stocky, one-armed, rugged features.
Elfthorn = Master of the wrecked Mermaid Fair; fellow-fosterling of friendly rival Gunwold. Handsome, white hair, bronzed skin.
Gunwold = Master of the Dion Star. Raced Elfthorn to deliver silk cargo to High Hallack's southern markets.
Markheim = Of Rosehilldale; young, able, kindly.
Harvard = Una's father; former mercenary who won her mother's hand.
Crippled in war. Trained Una to be Holdlord, if necessary.
Ferrick = Harvard's old and trusted comrade wedded Una.
Santor = Seakeep sailor with derelict-boarding party poor swimmer.
Nordis = Non-swimmer with the boarding party.
Adicia = Abbess at Linna. Una's sister-in-law.
Tomer = Una's page.

Terms and Expressions
Sea wolves = pirates, also called "black wreckers".
Halls of the Valiant = Falconers' Valhalla.
"By the Maid and the Matron"
"By the Eyrie"

Round Tower = Residence of Seakeep's Holdruler.
Mermaid Fair = Elfthorn's ship.
Tern = Seakeep's fastest craft, camouflaged to trick wreckers.
Cormorant = Smaller than "Tern"; was Seakeep's pleasure craft.
biting clouds = maddening insects Falconers call them "bitter motes".

Sunbeam = Brennan's falcon.
Seakeep horses = a fine breed.
Seakeep cattle = small and dark.
Seakeep sheep = little and black-faced, with superior meat and strong, if sparse, wool.

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"Sea-Serpents of Domnudale"
by Ginger Simpson Curry
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Zvetta = Tall and slender, reddish hair, oval face.
Maurs = Zvetta's lord; tall, impatient, with a jutting chin and blue eyes. Much older than his bride. Enchanted into sea serpent.
Bafel = Evil one vanquished by Maurs' sacrifice.
Elsgeth = Dark—haired wise woman.
Donas = Lord Maurs' man-at-arms.
Quirinus = First-born of Zvetta's twins red-haired.
Remus = Second-born pale blond hair.

Domnu = Lord Maurs' holding of Domnu Keep in Domnudale.
Tyrnsdale = Keep of Zvetta's father. Her twins were fostered there.

Zvetta's bracelet = Sea-serpent (a sheep's head topping a graceful body) in a green stone, wound three times around her left wrist.

Decca = Ten-armed sea monster.

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"The Sentinel at the Edge of the World"
by David Wind
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Vadim = True name: Kalmar, son of Horvan, Guardian of the Land Between, Sentinel of the Gray Mist.
Horvan = Lord Protector of Estcarp and Escore. Had amber eyes flecked with silver.
Lonia = Kalmar's mother, of the People of the Green Silences.
Margua = Kalmar's half-sister.
Lord Burtak = Vadim's former master, usurper Duke of Karsten.
Duke Asfrid = He defeated Burtak.

The Bold Falcon = the tavern in which Vadim met Horvan.
The River Tele = In Escore. Horvan instructed Vadim to follow that watercourse to the Place of Stones.
Place of Stones = Where Vadim took Horvan's body.
Place of Healing = Vadim led there by blue light and met Margua.

amulet = Given Vadim by Horvan: a teardrop of the Old Ones' metal.

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"The Shaping of Ulm's Heir"
By Andre Norton
In Tales of the Witch World 1

Ylas = Her father was Lord Ulm's Marshal and accompanied him on his trip to The Waste. Ylas born harelipped. Had been First Chamberwoman to Lady Elva. Skilled with her needle.
Lady Tephana = -- See Crys & Gryg
Maug = Lady Tephana's Chamberwoman and aide in evil.
Lady Elva = Ulric's first wife, put aside for bearing no live babes had long golden hair which Ylas loved to dress.
Lord Ulric
Lord Ulm = Ulric's father. Plundered a Waste treasure and thus cursed his line -- to have no further living children.

Norsdale / Norseby Abbey

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"S’Olcarias’s Sons"
by Lisa Swallow
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Anatella = Sulcarfolk's ancestress. Lived with her father on a mountain near Karsten coast. Later wed a Krogan: Olcarias.
Dussa = Krogan Goddess.
Logutha = The old Sulcarman's granddaughter.
Olcarias = Krogan who saved and married Anatella. Killed by Thas. Ancestor of the Sulcarfolk, through his sons.
Omala = Daughter of Anatella and S'Olcarias. Killed by Thas.
Ortins = The Old Sulcarman's grandson.

Donta = The Krogan's brown-furred animal friends according to lagend, they swim downriver to the sea every fall, to where water doesn't freeze. Their life cycle and Krogan's are intertwined:

Krogan marriage = When wed outside the clan, an "S" is added to the Krogan name.
Krogan burial = If no body is available, a likeness of the dead one is made of grass and clay and mourned for three days. Then it is buried in an underwater tomb.
Sign of Wottin = A Sulcar blessing gesture.

silanti flowers = these grow in Karsten, near the seacoast.

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by Andre Norton and A. C. Crispin

Major Characters
Eydryth = Long, oval, sun-browned face, blue eyes, straight nose, strong jaw, cap of black curls. Bard's ornament: three silver inter-linked circles -- stylized harp picks.
Alon = -- See Ware     Medium height, thin, black hair and dark gray eyes. Alias: "Dakar", "Shadow" in the Old Tongue.
Yachne = -- See Ware
Jervon = -- Dss, Gryg, Grye, & Swou
Kerovan = -- Crys, Gryg, & Grye
Joisan = -- Crys, & Gryg
Hyana = Daughter of Jerovan and Joisan. A year older than Eydryth. Light chestnut hair, green eyes. Very gifted.
Firdun = Son of Joisan and Kerovan. Five years Eydryth's junior. Tall, leggy, oval face, dark hair, variable eyes – yellow-brown to pale gray. Gifted, reckless.

The Fane of Neave = In Nw Arvon. Circular hilltop grove: a single central opening, a wildflower carpet, and a restorative spring.
Kar Garudwyn = -- See Grye      "High Castle of the Gryphon".
Garth Howell = -- See Jpard      School of sorcery. Its Abbot told Jervon that the Seeing Stone was north of Kar Garudwyn. (A lay sister warned him it gave true sight at a terrible price.) Gatepost symbol: Crowned snake skull emitting dark rays of Power.
Morguant's Valley of Healing Mud = -- See Three
Port of Eslee = In Estcarp, a day's sail from Gorm.
Way of the Empty-Netted Fisher = Street in Eslee.
The Dancing Dolphin = Eslee inn where Eydryth performed.
Es City and Citadel
The Silver Horseshoe = Tavern in Es.
Kastryn = Avris's home village
Rylon's Corner = Town with a horse fair, north of Es City.
South Wending = Estcarpian town on road to Lormt
Ford at Deepwater = In Redmantle lands.
Valley of the Gryghon = Kioga lands.
Landisl's Valley =     (See Grye)

Yachne's blood spell = Sacrificed a Flannan and used its blood to mark a pentagram's boundaries.
Protective spell = (For Elys) A braided rope of rowan twigs laced with scarlet yarn rolled in valerian, pennyroyal, and mullein was chanted over it; rope placed around ceiling inside her chambers, its ends bound with scarlet silk above outside door. No Power could enter and no spell would work within.
circling deasil = right to left of the Light.
Gunnora's amulet = amber and amethyst.
Old Tongue = Ancient language of Power.

Minor Characters
Avris = Unwilling apprentice witch at Es Citadel, helped Eydryth.
Catkus = Young farmer who gave Eydryth a ride in his pony cart.
Dahaun = -- See Three
Dinzil = -- See Warl      Evoked by Yachne.
Duratan = Lormt's chronicler.
Elona = Daughter of Dahaun and Kyllan; resembled mother.
Ethutur = -- See Three
Hawrel = Owner of Grey Arrow, horse that Monso outraced.
Jarulf = Es Citadel gate guard who unknowingly let Avris escape.
Jonthal = Alon's partner and friend. Falconer. Killed by Yachne.
Karlis = Kioga girl; Jervon's nurse.
Keris = Son of Dahaun and Kyllan; Human.
Leiona = Catkus's wife.
Logor = Avris's betrothed. Lived in Kastryn.
Mylt = Dancing Dolphin's tavern master.
Nolor = Lore mistress of Lormt.
Norden = Bet-taker at Rylon Corner's horse fair.
Pris = Daughter of Catkus and Leiona.
Sylvya = -- See Grye
Telpher = -- See Gryg, & Grye
Trevon = Eydryth's baby brother, born when Elys was released from the years-long sleep spell. Name = "Hope" in Old Tongue.

Terms, Expressions, and Things
The Seven Defenders or Arvon = Alon, Eydryth, Kerovan, Joisan, Hyana, Elys, Trevon.
"Sons of Sul"
Osprey = The Sulcar ship that brought Eydryth to Estcarp.
Eydryth's sword = Blue crystal gryphon hilt, with quan-iron eyes.
"Tale of the Hungry Well" = -- See Grye
hand-harp = Used quan-iron strings.
Songs = "The Riving of the Border"; "The Fall of Sulcarkeep"; "The Mosswife's Bargain"; "The One—Spell Wizard"; "Don't Call My Name In Battle"; "Keylor's Rage"; "The Haunted City"; "The Chambermaid's Dowry"; "Soldier's Lament"; "Lord Faral's Race"; "Hathor's Ghost Stallion"; "The Ballad of the Songsmith".

Animals and Creatures
Monso = "Wind Swift," Alon's Keplian / Torgian stallion.
Steel Talon = Jonthal's falcon, determined to avenge his master.
Raney = Hyana's grey gelding.
Takala = Guret's mare.
Varren = Joisan's golden chestnut horse.
Vyar = Eydryth's chestnut mare.
Fancy = Catkus's small bay gelding.
web-riders = Crablike; of the Shadow; ride purple filaments. Fangs, claws, green, long, many-jointed legs. Their ichor is poisonous.
Garth Howell mounts = Grey or white. Scaly long, narrow heads, necks, bodies, and legs. Sharp, curving teeth. Taloned feet.

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“Sorceress of the Witch World”
By Andre Norton

Major Characters
Hilarion = Old Race features. An adept from ancient times, builder of a warded citadel and a Gate which took him to a world of high technology. He was captive there until rescued by Kaththea.
Zandur = Hilarion's enslaver. Used the adept to power his machines. Created replacement bodies in a growth vat and transferred to them when the body he wore aged or sickened. Tall, blond, sharp-featured, beaky nose.

Green Valley
Hot Springs = Far northeast of the Green Valley; a semi-permanent winter encampment for Vupsalls.
Mountain Pass = North of Green Valley; Kaththea's party was searching for the Pass when they were caught in an avalanche.
Citadel of Hilarion = Greystone ruins high towers and many rings of walls. Entrance: two towering posts topped by statues; wind blowing through holes in these made the figures seem to roar. Protective blue stones above doors. Massive inner bailey had an inlaid floor of pentagrams and magic circles. Blue stone chairs carved with faintly glowing runes; an adept's wand lay across the middle throne's seat.

Minor Characters
Koris of Gorm
Atorthi = Elderly Vupsall, servant of Utta.
Ausu = Ifeng's first wife. Disease-bloated body, labored breathing.
Ayllia = Ifeng's newest wife. Young, arrogant. Survived massacre and went through the gate with Kaththea.
Bahayi = A widow Ifeng gave to Kaththea as a servant.
Brendan = One of the Spirit Warriors created to aid Green Valley forces trapped on an island.
Finnis = Another Spirit Warrior.
Ifeng = Vupsall clan Chief.
Raknar = Estcarpian, part of Kaththea's escort going overmountain. He intended to bring back his liegemen to join Escore's forces.
Sokfor = Vupsall hunter who found Kaththea after the avalanche. Ifeng's nephew (sister's son).
Toan = Ifeng's Senior informal advisor.
"Utta" = Witch the Vupsalls' seeress. Very old.
Valmund = Green People's best mountaineer. Guided Kaththea's party.
Visma = Widow from a rival Vupsall clan. Battle spoil given to Utta as a servant.

Bead circlets = -- See General Info.: Magic Tools.
binding Spell
detection metal = -- See General Info.: Magic Tools.
Rune board = Used by novice witches, Utta, and Kaththea. Runes carved in three rows: 1st, red 2nd, gold 3rd, black.
scrying cup = stone, in form of two hands pressed together, the fingernails inlaid with gleaming metal. Cup a red-brown color, smooth and polished. Water within used as a crystal.
separation = One with Power wishing to sever for eternity two who caused heartache for one another, she shakes a cloak between them.
spirit gong = -- See General Info.: Magic tools.
symbols = Rod a sign of sorceress, sword that of a warrior.
tracing spell = -- See General Info.: General Magic.

Peoples / Races
Vupsalls = Dark brown skin, red-yellow hair, black lashes and brows. Faces are broad, with flat noses, large nostrils, and thick lips. Men wear loose fur tunics, wide, gem-set belts, and hoods trimmed with bands of long greenish hair like fringe. Women's fur coats areloose, revealing painted breasts; they wear jewelled collars and necklaces hair worn in elaborate coiled towers with pins.
     Vupsalls are nomads live in woven hide tents lit by nets of glowing insects, carry belongings in painted leather boxes, They travel in sleds pulled by huge hounds. Main weapon: spear.

"I will swear on the Three Names..."
"I can promise you no better odds than if you throw the tipcones with Lothur."
"One who Sees Before" = A Vupsall seeress.

Vupsall Customs and Beliefs
Privacy = Tent flap fastened to inner stake: no one will enter.
Marriage = Chief wife puts hands of groom and new wife together. He strips paint from bride's breasts. "Plate and cup now to be shared, and to this tent blessing."
The Paths of Balemat = -- See General Info.: Religion and Beliefs.
Funeral rites = Deceased's tent rebuilt in a pit. Body wrapped in wet hide. Her servants drink poison, her hounds are killed, and join her in the tomb. Tokens are thrown into pit by every member of tribe before it is filled in.

mountain blanket = Rare silken treasure of Green Valley. Hand-sized square unfolded to cover several climbers.
"stareyes" = First blooms of spring. Small, frail yellow flowers which last but a day. Grew in the abandoned orchard.

Animals and Creatures
Vupsall hounds = Huge, wolfish, with prick ears. Creamy white fur, stripe down back and tail, brown legs. Wear gem-set collars.
zizt spiders = Fierce hunters build strong webs with thickly woven centers and radiating anchor threads.

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"Spider Silk"
By Andre Norton
In Lore of the Witch World

Major Characters
Dairine = Prisoner on Alizonian slaver, washed ashore in Rannock. Blind small, birdclaw fingers, fair, with silver hair and eyes.
Rothar = Blank shield on Ortis's ship, aided Dairine.

Usturt = Island of the weavers.
Keep of Trin = From which Dairine was stolen.
Rannock = Seaside village in High Hallack.
Serpent Teeth = Shore rocks off Rannock.

Minor Characters
Sibbald Ortis = (The wrong-Handed) Captain of "Sea Raven". Lost his hand in battle, had a metal replacement.
Ingvarna = Wise Woman of Rannock, adopted Dairine as apprentice.
Hamraker = Weaponsmaker. Captain Ortis had one of his star-steel knives, which Rothar gave to Dairine.
Herdrek = "Twist-Leg". Rannock's smith.
Hulde = Child whose death Dairine foresaw.
Nabor = Rannock's centenarian; no true peace in Estcarp since he was a youth.
Vidruth = He ensorcelled Captain Ortis and took over "Sea Raven".
Wak = Sulcar crewman.

Usturt Weavers = Hound-sized furry spiders.

Terms and Things
Sea Wolves of Alizon
loguth = silk plant, harvested in Rannock.
"Sea Raven" = Captain Ortis's ship.
Harvest Homing dance = Rannock custom. "May the Right Hand of Lraken be your shield" = Sulcar blessing.

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"The Stillborn Heritage"
by Elizabeth H. Boyer
in Four From the Witch World

Major Characters
Aislinn = "Revived" from stillbirth by Merdice. Tall, slender, with fair hair and gray eyes.
Mal = Nephew and fosterlinq of Lord Rufus. Asmerillion, a Name of Power, is his true name.
Merdice = Malmgarth's herb woman; carried a bag made of old tapestry to exchange stillborn. Dark eyed, hair barely streaked with gray.

The Stillborn
Hwitan = Dark-eyed juggler's boy with a traveling fair.

Malmgarth = Lord Rufus' holding, famous for breeding crosses of Torgians and were-horses. Close to the sea and sheltered from northern storms. Fertile, with good pasturage.
Brettford = Holding of Hroc's father.
Birkholm = Mal's original home.
Place of the Voices
Wealdmar = Malmgarth's ally.
Traedwyth = Malmgarth's ally.
Faerwold = Malmgarth's ally.
Ulfmaer = Malmgarth's ally.
Arnwold = The enemy landed there.
Waleis = Enemy penetrated inland that far.

Minor Characters
Dame Averil = Sent for to make a blessing when Eirena's child was stillborn.
Baldhere = Mal's fat gray pony.
Beorg = Alizon Chieftain who came to Brettford.
Lord Brettford = Hroc's father.
Chlodwig = Hroc's wedding proxy. Old, birdlike, wispy.
Duru = Alizonders' Chief wizard.
Lady Eirena = Aislinn's mother; elder sister of Rufus.
Lady Elga = Sister of Eirena and Fairhona.
Lady Fairhona = -- See above
Hroc of Brettford = Aislinn's bridegroom, married by proxy.
Merelow = Lord of wealdmar; in crisis, he allied with Malmgarth.
Lord Rufus = Eirena's brother.
Tavis = Malmgarth servant who saw a snowcat in the old ruins.
Lord Tirell = Rufus' father-in-law.
Lord Trystan = -- See Tog
Lady Virid = Rufus' wife. Childless.
Weard = Tool of the Old Ones, driver of the black wain.
Ysa = "Nicest and plumpest" of Malmgarth's maidservants.

Hesturfljott; Strjuka; Jurtsprengur = Names of Power to control horses and the invaders' war engine.
"By the power of the Nine Great Names"

The black wain = -- See General Info.: Religion and Beliefs.
straw wheels = -- See General Info.: Customs, first day of Winter.

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"The Stones of Sharnon"
by Ann Miller
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Varela = Mineral and energy scout prospecting on Witch world became trapped there when she lost the equipment to contact her people through the Gatepoint. Short reddish hair and amber eyes.
Riatha = 16-17; unwillingly impregnated by Godron.
Lenil = 22-23; Riatha's cousin both of them of the Old Race.
Godron = Servant of the Dark; begat an heir on Riatha.

Stones of Sharnon = A place of ancient Power where Riatha and her unborn child could be purified of Godron's taint.

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by C. J. Cherryh
in Four From the Witch World

Major Characters
Gerik = Soldier from Palten Keep in the Dales. He used a dead man's name -- "Eslen" -- when Jevane asked his own.
Leisia = Magic-gifted blond Dales girl, 12 or 13 years old.
Jevane = witch of Estcarp. Wore plain but costly robes.
Hassall = Disaffected Hound of Alizon, Jevane's ally.

Paltendale and Palten Keep = Gerik's home, lost to Alizon.
Jorby = Dales port, taken by Alizon.
Ulmsport = See above.
Petthys = Site of a battle lost to the Hounds.
Greywold = Where Gerik's master was slain.

Minor Characters
Lord Cervin = Alizonder warlord.
Fortal = Lord of Palten and Gerik's late master.
Neth = Gerik's comrade, killed in the war.
Sunel = Fortal's aging stud, given to Gerik.
The Twins = Gerik's comrades; one fell at Petthys, one at Greywold, where Lord Fortal also died.

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"Strait of Storms"
by K. L. Roberts
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Major Characters
Kentan Grenwall = Short, stocky, with black hair and dark eyes. Opportunistic; wanted Merthe's dowry and the land from which he drove the Gray Ones in return for disposing of the Witch.
Twyx = Coelwyn's wise woman and healer who helped Kentan transform.
Miriel = Witch of the Strait of Storms. Trained in Es. Went overmountain to Green Valley and then to Maddoc, where she married a man of the Old Race and bore a daughter.
Duke Chastain = Aging Lord of Escore's coastal regions near the Gulf of Hilarion.
Gestin Crabtree = Duke Chastain's chamberlain. Canny and efficient.

Strait of Storms = off Escore's eastern coast between the Gulf of Hilarion and Oceax Bay.
Merfay Island = near the rocks in the Strait.
Coelwyn = Fishing village where Twyx lived.
Maddoc = Downriver from Green Valley, west of the Gulf of Hilarion.

Minor Characters
Drotha = Miriel's daughter, kept alive against her will.
Garth = Sailor lad on Lucky Wind saw the siren on Merfay Island.
Malef = Miriel's familiar. Bat-winged, razor-taloned.
Merthe = Duke Chastain's daughter.
Osbrey = Lucky Wind's helmsman, drowned in the shipwreck.
Rolf = Lucky Wind's boatswain. Saw the siren.

Lucky Wind = Shipwrecked when the siren lured its crew onto the Strait's rocks.

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“The Sword-Seller"
by Patricia C. Wrede
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Auridan = Blank-shield hired to escort Cyndal. Sympas sold him the blue champion's sword.
Cyndal = Of Syledale. Butter-colored hair, oval face, fair skin, hazel eyes. Tall and slender. Mother had trace of old blood.
Lady Chathalla = Hervan's wife. Quiet and gentle-faced.
Hervan = Lord of Syledale. Uncle's stepson to Cyndal. Tall, with brown hair; about 30.
Kessas = Sympas' green-clad brother; a dealer with the Dark.
Sympas = Sword-seller. Old man with bright and knowing eyes. Clad in a blue robe. Served the Light.

Syledale = Lord Hervan's holding.
Fyndale Fair = Where Sympas set up his booth and Auridan took the sword. The Fair had resumed after the war; within four years 30 merchant's flags were displayed there.
Cave of the Plumed Snake = Adorned with the feathered serpent's statue the sword battle was fought within.
Uppsdale = Not far from Syledale.

sword = Bought by Auridan. An ancient short sword. Its pommel was a carved crested serpent with two blue stones for eyes; the serpent's body twisted around the hilt, forming grip ridges.
Feathered Serpent = Of the Shadow, a source of Power.

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"Sword of Unbelief"
by Andre Norton
in Lore of the Witch World

Elys = -- See Dss
Jervon = -- See Dss
Fallon = Elys's horse

Beacon hut = In the Waste, evil Old One's place; a shaft of radiance and two outsized thrones lay within.

Jervon's amulet = Eye-shaped stone he carried for luck gave it to Elys as a bride-qift.
Elys's wand = Peeled ash, moon blessed, bound with small ring of silver wire.

Dune Moving Storm = Of the Waste.

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