The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Flight of Vengeance

2nd book in the [Witch World: The Turning Series]

Two Original Stories Edited by Andre Norton flight.of.vengeance


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Edition Used for Analysis:

Flight of Vengeance (1994) Published by TOR, PB, 0-812-50706-1, 978-0-812-50706-5, $4.99, 383pg ~ cover by Dennis A. Nolan, Maps by John M. Ford

The Chronicler by Andre Norton
Exile by Mary H. Schaub
Falcon Hope by P. M. Griffin


The Witch World is Grand Master Andre Norton's bestselling fantasy series. In STORMS OF VICTORY, she began the most ambitious undertaking of her long and storied career, bringing to life the turbulent and pivotal events of the Witch World’s greatest crisis. FLIGHT OF VENGEANCE is the book that Witch World fans have long awaited. Here, in two full-length novels, are the awesome power and terrible consequences of THE TURNING, told by the people whose lives were utterly changed by this cataclysmic event.
Exile is the story of two outcasts thrust together by a monumental feat of magic, worked b the combined force of all the witches of Escarp to move mountains, The witches stopped the invasion by Pagar of Karsten, but their effort cost the witches dearly, killing many and striking powerless man others. A great upheaval uprooted families, destroyed nations, and wreaked havoc on the face of the world, unleashing powers thou ht long dead and gone. Exile is, most of all, the tale of Nolar, a witch who couldn't find her power until all others lost theirs. Magically summoned to rescue another, she discovered an enemy who, in his mind, would become a friend.
Falcon Hope is the story of the Dalesfolk of Sea Keep and the falconers they hire to defend themselves. In crisis, the falcon band find themselves fighting with, instead of against, other Witch Worlders to defend one small part of their world against an otherworldly enemy. 

 Flight of Vengeance - The Chronicler

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Timeline Points:

  1. p9. The Chronicler
  2. p9. 'ONCE I was Duratan of the Borderers — now what shall I call myself? I am in part a Chronicler of the deeds of others…'
  3. p9. The Turning1
  4. p9.'Ouen and Wessel' (of Lormt)
  5. p10. Simon & Jaelithe closed the Kolder gate2
  6. p10. A synopsis of the war with the Kolder, the Turning, The Invasion of High Hallack.
  7. p11. Duratan in Lormt at The Turning1
  8. p11. 'They [Kyllan, Kemoc, & Kaththea] broke the age old block laid upon our minds and went eastward, over mountains, into Escore, from which our race had fled a millennium before.' 'I [Duratan] was at Lormt and not at the forefront of any battle when the Turning came upon us. Kemoc was my shield comrade and he had dwelt in that storehouse of knowledge for a space before he had ridden to free his sister from Witch hold. I had visited him there. Surely no geas was laid upon me, still the desire to return to that place held me after I was sore hurt in a rock fall and my fighting days so ended. Though Kemoc was already gone, I stayed…' 'I had much to do with Ouen in Lormt after the Turning.'
  9. p12. Morfew (of Lormt).
  10. p12. 'When I [Duratan] had first visited Kemoc at Lormt he had given me a bag of coloured crystals and I had discovered that these answered some talent of my own. When I threw them they would fall into patterns. Dwelling upon those, thoughts and warnings sometimes became clear.'
  11. p13. Reference to the Stone of Konnard3
  12. p13. 'The hound Rawit, who always witnessed my [Duratan's] throw growled, and from the back of my chair the female falcon Galerider screamed as she might when about to war.' 'That day and the four following, I rode the boundaries of our fields and watched my crystals, throwing them twice, thrice a day. I visited Morfew. He showed me a copy the maid Nolar had made from fragments of an ancient scroll which spoke of the Stone of Konnard.'
  13. p14. Urging my mount forward I went to meet Nolar and Derren. And indeed they had for me a mighty venture to add to the Chronicles.'


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2. See: Web of the Witch World
3. See: Exile

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