Ice and Shadow

~ An Omnibus of Novels by Andre Nortonice and shadow 2012


Contains ~

  • Ice Crown (1970) Published by Viking, HC, 0-670-39139-5, LCCN 72102928, $4.75, 256pg ~ cover by Lazlo Gal
  • Brother to Shadows (1993) Published by AvoNova, HC, 0-688-12758-4, $20.00, 311pg ~ cover by Daniel Horne

Synopsis ~

From the back of tradepaper edition ~

"Ice Crown"
A young girl accompanies an expedition to a planet settled centuries before by colonists who were left there to develop as best, they could after their minds were cleared of all previous memories. Keli and Roane search for a legendary treasure that could destroy the powers-that-be on the planet Clio and free Clio's people, who have been implanted with false memories and conditioned to obey. Keil and Roane touched down at Reveny, one Clio’s more archaic kingdoms. Roane didn’t know it at the time, but she was to form an alliance with Reveny’s Princess Ludorica in a search for the greatest treasure of all - the strange, the mysterious, the all-powerful Ice Crown.

"Brother to Shadows"
Since early childhood, Jofre has honored the ways of the Brotherhood. Now the illustrious order of bodyguards and assassins has cast him out in disgrace – cruelly condemning the young Shadow to wander a treacherous world alone. But in the Stinkport, safe haven for the vilest of star-traveling scum, Jofre’s true destiny is revealed. For here he is bound by the blood-oath to the gentle, reptilian knowledge-seeker Zurzal on the perilous quest to penetrate the mysteries of time – a miraculous journey that will carry them through war and revolution on far planets and deep into the shattered lands. And to the beautiful and mysterious Shadow-sister whose own sworn mission could doom them all.


Write-up from a fan ~

Ice Crown ~ Archaeological expedition lands on a planet where they must not reveal themselves to the inhabitants, descendants of an experiment in sociology conducted by the now-deposed Psychocrats. One of the archaeologists, a young girl named Roan Hume, sees the Princess of the local kingdom kidnapped and takes a hand to free her. The Princess had been seeking the long-lost Ice Crown of Reveny, left by the Guardians. The two girls escaped their captors flee to another kingdom. Where she fully expects to be returned to kingdom and revenge her traitorous cousin for her kidnapping. Instead, she is betrayed and returned to her cousins' captivity.

Meanwhile the archaeologist have inadvertently uncovered both the computer which is still running the Psychocrat's mind control experiment, and the hiding place of the Ice Crown. When the Ice Crown is picked up it begins to force a return to the mental path desired by the long dead Psychocrats. Roan along with the Princess's faithful lieutenant and his followers manage to destroy the computer and free the inhabitants from the mind-control. ~ SL

Brother to Shadows ~ A young human boy was brought up by the Brotherhood of Shadows, an assassin's guild on an alien planet, after he was rescued from a lifeboat crash by the Master of one of the Lairs.  When the Master dies, the Shagga priests cast the human boy out as an "outworlder".  He makes his way to the one city on the planet that has a space port, and there aids a Zacathan during a back-alley brawl.  Consequently, the Zacathan hires him as bodyguard to keep him safe while he experiments with a new version of the "recaller" which had such disastrous effects on Korwar. ~ SL


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (2012) Published by BAEN, TP, 1-451-63791-8, $12.00, 464pg ~ cover by Stephen Hickman
  • (2012) Published by BAEN, DM, 978-1-451637-91-5B, $6.99, 512pg ~ cover by Stephen Hickman
  • (2013) Published by BAEN, PB, 1-451-63913-1, $7.99 ~ cover by Stephen Hickman



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