Beast Master Television Series


A lot of people are unaware that the Beast Master Series was adapted into a television series, although very loosely based on Andre's work it nevertheless obtained Cult status. Also made for TV was the movie Beastmaster 3.

It ran for 3 full seasons in multiple countries and languages.

In 2009 there was a book written by Sylvio Tabet (who was producer for the 2nd & 3rd movies as well as the TV series), co-written with Richard A Knaak, called Beastmaster: Myth.  It's... not very good and was meant to be a continuation of the TV series but they changed even more of the back story, making it take place in yet another timeline from the movies and the TV series. ~

~ Published by Pocket Books, PB, 978-1-4391-4417-6, $24.99, 400pg


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