Herne’s Lady

~ A Short Story by Andre Norton

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Note: Some websites incorrectly list this stories title as "Hermes' Horn"


WARNING: If you own ANY copy of "Lamps on the Brow" or are going to purchase a copy - DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOK - IT IS VERY FRAGILE - if you open the pages more than Sixty (60) Degrees apart the spine will break - or even worse the pages will break away from the spine and pop out of the book. I now have a pile of loose pages and a completely worthless book. I give this warning because I know FOR SURE that I am not the only one this has happened to. If you try to read this book the spine will break - this is a sure thing. 

Synopsis ~

Lady Olivia Farrington is bequeathed an unbelievable inheritance, a large section of the old royal hunting grounds. As she peruses the grounds, she is haunted by both an evil citizen Sir Lucas Corbin and the sounds of a horn. It is said that the horn belongs to Herne, The Hunter. A very old legend of the guardian of the woods and all that live within.


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • Lamps on the Brow (1998) Edited by James Cahill, HC, 0-964-04547-8, $125.00, 200pg ~ Collection of nine stories, seven original, by authors such as David Brin, Andre Norton & A.E. van Vogt. Each copy is signed on the story title page by the author (11 signatures in total) in red ink. Limited Edition in 3 edition (states).

state 1 - 274 Numbered editions bound with Paper Covered Boards, Cloth Spine, Gold lettering, Heavy-Duty End Papers and housed in a Cloth covered slipcase.

state 2 - 26 Lettered editions bound in Cloth Boards, Marbled Leather Spine, Gold lettering, Heavy-Duty End Papers and housed in a Cloth covered slipcase.

state 3 - 11 Stamped "Specially Bound Author Copy" editions bound in Cloth Boards, Leather Spine, Gold lettering, Special End Papers and housed in a Special Cloth covered slipcase (The line stating which Lettered edition is blank, and the stamp is in red ink)

    Introduction (Lamps on the Brow) • (1998) • essay by Ben Bova
    Kollapse • (1995) • short story by Gregory Benford
    Mark Dreizig • (1998) • short story by Bruce Bethke
    Stones of Significance • (1998) • novelette by David Brin
    Herne's Lady • (1998) • short story by Andre Norton
    The Fortunes of Temperance • (1998) • short story by Laura Resnick
    Of Flame and Air • (1998) • short story by Mike Resnick and Josepha Sherman
    Options • (1998) • short story by Hal Clement [as by Harry C. Stubbs]
    Wrapper • (1998) • short story by Gene Wolfe
    Prologue to Freedom • (1986) • novelette by A. E. van Vogt




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