The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Races of Witch World ~ Alizonders


Alizonders (their warriors are known as the Hounds of Alizon or just the Hounds) are established as an old enemy of those of Estcarp. They have an affinity with their hounds. They were gated in a long time ago by the Adepts Shorrosh and Elsenar.1 The Gate to their home world was sealed.

Appearance: Alizonders have silver-white hair, vivid blue or green eyes, sharp teeth, and pale skin.

Living Area(s): Alizon

Life Span: The exact length of an Alizonder life span is never covered, but they probably have a life span similar to an Earth humans - if they survive the various intrigues that are part of their lives.

Power: Alizonders do not normally possess any form of Power - in fact they have an aversion to it. In Year of the UnicornDarkness Over Mirhold, and The Circle of Sleep, though, there are implications they can use Power - though those able to seem to be a hybrid of Old Race and Alizonder.

Other: Alizonders have a barony that has constant bouts of treason and treachery. Poison is quite commonly used and most Alizonders take small doses of the more common poisons to develop immunity and are trained to detect the taste and smell of it at an early age. They are very fond of their dogs, white creatures with lithe bodies and cat-like, retractable claws. Their attachment to their dogs seems to allow them to be easily tracked by Grey Ones.
The Alizonders made a pact with the Kolder and agreed to fight in the Dales of High Hallack to keep the Sulcar forces distracted. Why the Kolder treated with Alizon rather than turning them into the soulless hordes as they did with those of WW: Places - Gorm is unknown. It is also unknown why the Kolder simply didn't have the Alizonders attack Estcarp with the powerful weapons used in the Dales instead of sitting off their coast or only using their flying vehicles. In Gryphon in Glory Galkur implies that he manipulated the Kolder and Hounds with his dark powers to unleash them upon the Dales and was leading them to The Waste in order to attack Arvon.

1The Magestone

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