The Many Worlds of Andre Norton

(aka) The Book of Andre Norton

~ A Collection of Short Stories by Andre Norton


Contains ~

  • The Toads of Grimmerdale (na) Flashing Swords! # 2 (1973) Edited by Lin Carter, Published by Dell, PB, #3123, $0.95, 268pg ~ Also available in the U.K. (Mayflower 1975)
  • London Bridge (ss) The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Oct. (1973), Published by Edward L. Ferman, $0.75, 162pg
  • Mousetrap (ss) The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction June (1954)
  • The Long Night of Waiting (ss) The Long Night of Waiting and Other Stories (1973) Edited by Roger Elwood, Published by Aurora, HC, 0-876-95149-3, 212pg
  • The Gifts of Asti (ss) Fantasy Book Vol.1 # 3 [as Andrew North] (1948) Edited by Garret Ford, Published by Fantasy Publishing, TP, $0.25, 66pg
  • Long Live Lord Kor! (na) Worlds of Fantasy Vol.1 # 2 (1970) Edited by Lester del Rey, Published by Universal Publishing, $0.75, 192pg (pgs. 50-72, 148-192)
  • Norton Bibliography (bi) by Andre Norton


Synopsis ~

Write-up from flap of dust jacket ~

In “London Bridge” a latter day Pied Piper captures the young of Earth’s last ruined city, and leads them off to where? “The Toads of Grimmerdale” exact their payment in this classic sword and sorcery story of a lady’s revenge in a feudal world of the future. “Mousetrap” is a convincing account of the weird and lovely things Terran explores, and racketeers may yet find on the Martians deserts; while “All Cats Are Gray” brings together a striking female protagonist, an invisible villain, and a tough old tomcat. In “On Writing Fantasy” Miss Norton tells just how she goes about it, and “Andre Norton: Loss of Faith” is a comprehensive analysis of the loss of optimism in her writing. “The Long Night of Waiting” introduces us to two children who disappeared from their farm 110 years ago and have returned with a present for us from there. The last priestess of a powerful god copes with her world in the wake of a barbarian invasion in “The Gifts of Asti”; while in “Long Live Lord Kor!” a time traveling adventurer battles to save a far, far world with the help of fire worms and a lovely sorceress.
These nine science fiction wonder tales and articles by and about this spellbinding storyteller are guaranteed to transport you to an enchanted dimension.


Reviews ~

Kirkus Reviews ~ Issue: July 15, 1974
   For Andre Norton connoisseurs, the highlight of this anthology will be Rick Brook's rather loose-jointed critical essay which identifies Norton's continuing themes of racial tolerance and man's brotherhood with animals and at least attempts to sort out some of the characters and planet worlds which recur in different novels. In perfect seriousness, Brooks chides Norton for her naive animus against machines, but meanwhile--in considering whether Norton's later stories have grown more mystic--he mentions and then drops the possibility that they have merely become more ambitious and sometimes awkwardly overextended. Norton's own essay ""On Writing Fantasy"" is included, along with seven familiar stories--in a showcase presentation that takes Norton about as seriously as anyone would care to.


Various reviews ~ For more info and other listings see Articles Over the Years

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Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (1974) Edited by Roger Elwood, Published by Chilton, HC, 0-801-95927-6, LCCN 74010980, $6.95, 208pg ~ cover by Charles Geer {Purple Cloth Boards, # 5927 on Spine and Rear of Dust Jacket}



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