Moon Mirror

~ A Collection of Short Stories by Andre Norton



Contains ~

  • 29~ The Toymaker's Snuffbox (ss) Golden Magazine for Boys and Girls Volume 3 No. 8, August 1966, Edited by Robert D. Bezucha, Published by Golden Press, Mag., $0.50, 65pg (pgs. 2-8) ~ story illustrated by Rod Ruth
  • 43~ Teddi (nv) Science Fiction Adventures from Way Out (1973) * Edited by Roger Elwood, Published by Whitman, HC, 8-615-05163-3, $0.89, 212pg ~ cover and illustrated by Dan Speigle
  • 65~ Desirable Lakeside Residence (ss) Saving Worlds; A Collection of Original Science Fiction Stories (1973) * Edited by Roger Elwood and Virginia Kidd, Published by Doubleday, HC, 0-385-05409-2, $6.95, 237pg (pg. 69) ~ cover by Grant Freeman
  • 95~ The Long Night of Waiting (ss) The Long Night of Waiting and Other Stories (1974) Edited by Roger Elwood, Published by Aurora, HC, 0-876-95149-3, $6.95, 212pg
  • 121~ Through the Needle's Eye (ss) High Sorcery (1970) * Published by ACE, PB, 0-441-33700-, $0.60, 156pg ~ cover by Gray Morrow ~ 1979 cover by Steve Hickman
  • 139~ One Spell Wizard [Garan] (ss) Garan the Eternal (1972) * Published by Fantasy, HC, 0-686-02511-3, LCCN 73160575, $4.95, 199pg ~ cover by Morris Scott Dollens
  • 159~ Outside (na) (1974) Published by Walker, HC, 0-802-76185-2, LCCN 73092454, $5.95, 126pg ~ cover and illustration by Bernard Colonna
  • 233~ Moon Mirror (ss) Hecate’s Cauldron (1982) Edited by Susan M. Shwartz, Published by DAW, PB, 0-879-97705-1, $2.95, 256pg ~ cover by Michael Whelan


Synopsis ~

Write-up from the front flap of the 1988 dustjacket ~

Andre Norton is undoubtedly one of the stellar personalities of science fiction writing, weaving and spinning tales of outer dimensions and other worlds, miraculously transporting her millions of readers through time and space in unrivaled reading pleasure. Moon Mirror is a rare journey into a garden of Miss Norton's other-worldly delights, a compilation of compelling narratives blending all the skill and imagination Miss Norton can conjure.
Enter the world of newly discovered paranormal powers in “How Many Miles to Babylon?” Frightening realizations can come with second sight. ..Meet old Miss Ruthevan in “Through the Needle's Eye” her claw Like hands deftly weaving fine embroidery, a skill handed down through generations. It is a special art requiring a certain cast of mind, a disappearing art...
Struggle with survivors of a polluted earth in "Outside" as they fight for life in a decaying city encased by a giant dome, knowing that Outside holds only distant memories and certain death ...Follow the force of the silver amulet around Alahi’s neck to the distant mountains and the shimmering, waiting Moon Mirror. If she does not find knowledge within, then it shall be closed to her without.
Moon Mirror is a compendium of Miss Norton's finest work, at times amusing, at times horrifying, always thought-provoking. It is a splendid journey into the many worlds of Andre Norton, guaranteed to please.


Write-up from the back of the paperback edition ~

Andre Norton – Winner of The World Fantasy Award as a Grandmaster of the field, she is undoubtedly one of the stellar personalities of science fiction and fantasy, beloved by millions of fans for many years.
Effortlessly spinning tales of adventure through the distant worlds of outer space and the inner worlds of dream and psychic experience, Andre Norton sends you on a breathtaking journey of the imagination in this collection of her finest works.
Discover why Life magazine calls Andre Norton “the Grande Dame of Science Fiction” and The New York Times calls her “a superb storyteller with a narrative pace all her own”. Follow the path to Moon Mirror, and enter the shimmering lands that lay beyond.


Reviews ~

Kirkus Reviews ~ Issue: 1988
Nine tales from the well-known fantasist, featuring the usual themes: fairy tales, alternate worlds, magic, and--in a didactic touch--pollution. The treatments, too, are quite familiar. Leading off, a young girl straggles to come to terms with the psychic powers she's acquired after a head injury. Also, after dwarfish humans take possession of the Earth, some teddy-bear-like aliens befriend the few surviving normal children. A combination of a rare fish and some Moon rocks saves Earth from death by pollution; in the same vein, some kids who fell into an alternate fairy world return to save the environment. An old lady stitches wonderful needlework pictures with a magic needle. In the Witch World, a wizard's apprentice defeats his inept tutor. Some kids, trapped in a futuristic city after all the adults have died, wonder what lies outside (is it really polluted?). And two rivals undergo a magical transformation, discovering who they really are. Light, predictable, adequate for the--mostly adolescent--intended audience. 


Various reviews ~ For more info and other listings see Articles Over the Years

1989 by Tom Easton in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, September


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (1988) Published by TOR, HC, 0-312-93098-4, 978-0-312-93098-1, LCCN 88020136, $17.95, 250pg ~ cover by Yvonne Gilbert {Black Paper Boards}
  • (1988) Published by TOR, PB, 0-812-50303-1, 978-0-812-50303-6, LCCN 88-20136, $3.95 US $4.95 Canadian, 250pg ~ cover by Yvonne Gilbert [First edition: December 1988 First mass market edition: November 1989] ~ Reprinted in 1994 $4.99 250pg
  • (2012) Published by Premier Digital Publishing, eISBN 978-1-937957-46-9, DM, $3.99, 173pg ~ cover by Kib Prestridge
  • (2014) Published by Open Road Media, eISBN 978-1-497656-51-2, DM, $3.99, 173pg ~ cover by Kib Prestridge

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