The Book of Andre Norton

(aka) The Many Worlds of Andre Norton

~ A Collection of Stories by Andre Norton

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Contains ~

  • 11~ The Toads of Grimmerdale (na) Flashing Swords! # 2 (1973) Edited by Lin Carter, Published by Dell, HC, # 5859, $1.49, 200pg ~ cover by Frank Frazetta ~ Also available in the U.K. (Mayflower 1975)
  • 58~ London Bridge (ss) The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Oct. (1973), Published by Edward L. Ferman, Published by Mercury Press, Mag., $0.75, 162pg ~ cover by Jacqui Morgan
  • 80~ Mousetrap (ss) The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction June (1954) Edited by Anthony Boucher & J. Francis McComas, Published by Fantasy House Inc., $0.35, 132pg, (pgs. 47-52) ~ cover by Kirberger
  • 87~ All Cats Are Gray [as Andrew North] (ss) Fantastic Universe Aug/Sep. (1953), Edited by Sam Merwin Jr., Published by King-Size Publications Inc., Mag, $0.50, 196pg ~ cover by Alex Schomburg
  • 94~ The Long Night of Waiting (ss) The Long Night of Waiting and Other Stories (1973) Edited by Roger Elwood, Published by Aurora, HC, 0-876-95149-3, 212pg
  • 110~ The Gifts of Asti (ss) Fantasy Book Vol.1 # 3 [as Andrew North] (1948) Edited by Garret Ford, Published by Fantasy Publishing, TP, $0.25, 66pg ~ cover by Crozetti
  • 124~ Long Live Lord Kor! (na) Worlds of Fantasy Vol 1 # 2 (1970) * Edited by Lester del Rey, Published by Universal Publishing, $0.75, 192pg (pgs. 50-72, 148-192) ~ cover by Jack Gaughan
  • 211~ Norton Bibliography (bi) by Helen-Jo Jakusz Hewitt (Revision of Andre Norton’s own Bibliography of her work in The Many Worlds of Andre Norton)


Synopsis ~

Write-up from the back of paperback edition ~

How many millions of books by Andre Norton have been sold and read with pleasure by science fiction readers is beyond anyone’s guess. For quite without fanfare Andre Norton has become the favorite author in the pantheon of science fantasy writers.

Norton’s novels of time travel, of interstellar trade, of other dimensions, and of the fabulous Witch World, are constantly in print and always in demand – and so it with pride that this new book brings to the sf public Norton’s rarest gems: novelettes and short stories unavailable elsewhere that comprise between themselves the whole strata of Norton’s marvel cosmos.

The Book of Andre Norton contains, among others, The Toads of GrimmerdaleLong Live Lord Kor!, and five more classics, as well as special articles about and by Andre Norton and a complete bibliography.


Reviews ~

Various reviews ~ For more info and other listings see Articles Over the Years

1975 by James K. Burk in Delap's F & SF Review, October
1976 by Frank Denton in The Diversifier #13, March


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (1975) Edited by Rodger Elwood, Published by DAW, PB, 0-451-UY119-8, # 165, $1.25 US, $1.25 Canadian, 221pg ~ 4th printing #97341-2, UW1341, 1977 $1.50 ~ 5th printing #97643-8, UE1643, 1981, $2.25, ~ 6th printing #77247-8, 1987, $2.95 ~ covers by Jack Gaughan



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