From the Sea to the Stars

~ An Omnibus of Novels by Andre Norton


Contains ~

  • Sea Siege (1957) Published by Harcourt Brace, HC, LCCN 57008586, 216pg ~ cover by Richard Powers
  • Star Gate (1958) Published by Harcourt Brace, HC, LCCN 58008626, $3.00, 192pg ~ cover by Richard Powers 


Synopsis ~

From the back of the tradepaper edition ~

Two Complete Novels by one of Science Fiction's Greatest Storytellers:

“Sea Siege” The nuclear war had come at last and the research team on an island in the West Indies thought they had been lucky to survive. But survival was going to require more than luck, when they found themselves under attack by sea creatures out of darkest legend, directed by a previously unknown intelligence from the depths of the sea which was determined to eliminate mankind as a competitor and seize what was left of the world for itself.

“Star Gate” Long ago, the Star Lords had come from a dying Earth and settled on the Earthlike planet Gorth where they found a primitive society and helped the inhabitants to rise to civilization. But now the native folk of Gorth have grown resentful and jealous of the Star Lords, who have refused to share their secrets of immortality and their powerful weapons—technology which led to the loss of Earth. Though some of the Star Lords are preparing to resume wandering among the stars, others cannot bear to leave their adopted world and instead travel through an interdimensional gate to another Gorth in a parallel universe. And when they find that in this universe the Star Lords from Earth came as conquerors and enslaved the people of Gorth, their course is clear. They must battle their counterparts to free Gorth—even if it means their own destruction.


Write-up from a fan ~

Sea Siege ~ This book is a product of the Cold War and nuclear fears of the fifties. Young man living at his father's marine life research station in the Caribbean. He wants to join the Air Force, but his dad won't let him. Nuclear testing has been causing mutations in the various species of marine life, the most notable being super-intelligent Octopi and sea monsters of unknown origin. (My guess is something like a plesiosaur). The Navy Seabees land and start building a top-secret base on their island. Then nuclear war breaks out. All kinds of mayhem plus a little voodoo and native medicines and desperate fights and daring rescues mark the rest of the tale which ends abruptly, leaving me to think that maybe she had planned a sequel. ~ PG

Star Gate ~ Terrans colonized Gorth and used their advanced technology to "help" the natives advance their civilization. Turns out, this was a bad idea and caused resentment. They decide to open gates to look for an alternate version of Gorth where there was no native population. During a period of over 500 years, some of the Star Lords (Terrans) had interbred with some of the Gorthians. Kincar s'Rud, being one of these half-breeds, was unable to take up leadership of his mother's family's holding and left of join the Star Lords. They were attacked during their second gate jump and the gate was destroyed. The new Gorth is one where The Star Lords were ruthless tyrants. Some of Kincar's Star Lords find out that they have evil duplicates on this world, and they decide to fight this world's Dark Star Lords and free all the natives. This story has a lot of twists and turns concerning Magic talismans and power and various weaponry and animals. Quite a "ripping good yarn" I had forgotten how good this one is. ~ PG


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (2007) Published by BAEN, TP, 1-416-52122-4, LCCN 2007002005, $15.00, 339pg ~ cover by Bob Eggleton
  • (2007) Published by BAEN, DM, 1-416-52122-4, $6.99, 352pg ~ cover by Bob Eggleton
  • (2008) Published by SFBC, HC, #13359501, $12.99, 352pg ~ cover by Bob Eggleton
  • (2009) Published by BAEN, PB, 1-416-59145-1, $7.99, 480pg ~ cover by Bob Eggleton
  • (2021) Created by Trantor Audio, Audible, length 14hrs & 52mins, $18.37 ~ narrated by Stephen Borne



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