Deadly Dreams

~ An Omnibus of Novels by Andre Norton

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Contains ~

  • Perilous Dreams (1976) Published by DAW, PB, 0-451-UY1237, $1.25, 199pg ~ cover and illustrated by George Barr
  • Knave of Dreams (1975) Published by Viking, HC, 0-670-41467-0, LCCN 75014444, $7.95, 252pg ~ cover by Kathy Westray


Synopsis ~

Write-up from the back of the paperback edition ~

"Perilous Dreams"
Tamisen the Dreamer, trained to walk through her dreams to other places, other worlds. But when she is asked by the crippled star traveler Lord Starrex to take him into a dream world where he can regain his legs and his life something goes terribly wrong.  Someone, or something, stalks this world, and it does not mean well to Starrex or to Tamisen.

"Knave of Dreams"
For Ramsay Kimble, sleep means nightmares, and he avoids it whenever possible.  But now a car accident has catapulted him into the very world he most dreads:  the horror world of his own dreams.  But here he is not his ordinary self, but a nobleman from a fair country, possessed of power to fight back, defeat his nightmare visions, change his dream world – and ultimately rescue his life from the terror that stalks him.


Write-up from a fan ~

Perilous Dreams ~ Perilous Indeed!  The dreamers of TyKry have the power to create dream worlds and take their clients on exciting adventures. The first two stories concern Tamisen (Later Tam-sim) a powerful dreamer and her client the ultra-wealthy Lord Starrex. Starrex wants an exciting and Dangerous experience and gets more than he bargained for as a saboteur adds his own deadly twists to try and make sure Starrex' dream is his last.
In the third story, a federal agent goes into a dream looking to return the Client to the real world. He doesn't want to go, and the agent discovers a startling fact about the Dreamscape and Reality.
In the last story, the title "Nightmare" pretty much sums it up. In the past 6 months, five clients and a dreamer have died, and one Dreamer is in vegetative state. Into this powder keg come two federal agents to investigate. They enter into the last dream of the most recently deceased Client and need all their wits just to survive much less solve the mystery. ~ PG

Knave of Dreams ~ Another adventure in parallel worlds. In our world, Ramsay Kimball has been having odd dreams. In another world, renegade scientist uses a forbidden device from an ancient fallen civilization to draw Ramsay into that world to swap bodies with Prince Kaskar. To complicate matters they make Ramsey drive off a high cliff so that the prince will die and Remsey is stuck as Kaskar of Ulad. One group wants Kaskar dead and the other wants to use him as a puppet Emperor. A wise woman foreteller reads tarot-like cards that proclaim Ramsey/Kaskar to be the "Knave of Dreams", an outside x-factor able to thwart nefarious plans. Of course, he first has to survive and then he has to figure out which side he is on. Finally realizing that he can never go back to his old life helps clarify his choices. Action, adventure, treachery and intrigue combine to make Knave of Dreams a genuine page-turner. ~ PG


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (2011) Published by BAEN, PB, 1-439-13444-3, $7.99, 528pg ~ cover by Darrell K. Sweet
  • (2011) Published by BAEN, DM, 1-439-13444-3, $6.99, 592pg ~ cover by Darrell K. Sweet
  • (2021) Created by Tantor Audio, Audible, length 17hrs & 24mins, $18.37 ~ narrated by Jesse Vilinsky



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