Tales of the Witch World 2

~ A Collection of Original Stories by Various Authors for the Witch World Saga

Edited by Andre Norton



Contains ~

  • 001~ Introduction by Andre Norton
  • 003~ Hunting of Lord Etsalian's Daughter, The (ss) by Clare Bell
  • 018~ Sea Serpents of Domnudale (ss) by Ginger Simpson Curry
  • 038~ Old Toad (nv) by Geary Gravel
  • 074~ Judgement of Neave, The (ss) by S. N. Lewitt
  • 093~ Through the Moon Gate (nv) by Jacqueline Lichtenberg
  • 116~ Dream Pirates' Jewel (ss) by Brad & Cynthia Linaweaver
  • 131~ La Verdad: The Magic Sword (nv) by A. R. Major
  • 154~ Darkness Over Mirhold (ss) 8 by Patricia Shaw Mathews
  • 175~ Peacock Eyes (ss) by Shirley Meier
  • 186~ Salt Garden, The (ss) by Sandra Miesel
  • 205~ Stones of Sharnon, The (ss) by Ann Miller
  • 220~ Heroes (nv) by Diana L. Paxson
  • 248~ Rite of Failure (nv) by Susan M. Shwartz
  • 271~ Futures Yet Unseen (nv) by Melinda M. Snodgrass
  • 297~ S'Olcarios's Sons (ss) by Lisa Swallow
  • 316~ Sentinal at the Edge of the World, The (nv) by David Wind
  • 343~ Tall Dames Go Walking (nv) by Rose Wolf
  • 371~ Biographical Notes (bg) Misc. Material

Synopsis ~

Write-up from the front flap of the 1988 dustjacket ~

Andre Norton's Witch World is one of the most beloved fantasy worlds ever created. For over three decades Ms. Norton has crafted fine tales set in this strange, wondrous place: tales that have gained millions of devoted fans for the creatures and magic of this distant land of danger and enchantment. Tales of the Witch World was a collaboration between Andre Norton and a dozen of her favorite fantasy writers. New Witch World lore was created by Ms. Norton and her friends, and results were nothing short of grand. Publishers Weekly called it “A welcome exception to the tedium of shared-world anthologies." and Library Journal agreed, noting the book as "A first-rate contribution to one of fantasy’s most enduring world settings." In this second book of new original adventures in Witch World, such talented fantasy writers as Clare Bell, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Brad Linaweaver, Diana L. Paxson, Melinda Snodgrass, Susan Shwartz, and Sandra Miesel, along with eleven other fine talents, bring their own lore to the world of Grandmaster Andre Norton's greatest achievement.
Here are tales of daring and courage; of damnation and redemption: of love and betrayal: of triumph and loss. Inspired by Andre Norton, in a volume under the creative control of the creator of the Witch World, these stories will give readers the thrill of rediscovering the freshness and beauty of Witch World. Ranging from the war-torn land of Estcarp to the perilous peaks of High Hallack, the Second Book of Tales of the Witch World is a special treat for fantasy fans everywhere.


Write-up from the back of the paperback edition ~

Fantasy lovers have reason to rejoice; here is new lore of the Witch World. For over twenty-five years millions of readers have thrilled to the excitement and magic of this world. “One of fantasy’s most enduring world-settings.” – Library Journal

Andre Norton has invited her favorite writers to join with her in creating new myths in her favorite fantasy world. Here are seventeen rousing tales by fine writers such as Clare Bell, S.N. Lewitt, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Diana L. Paxson, Susan Shwartz, Melinda Snodgrass, and others.
These are tales of daring and determination, betrayal and redemption – stories to make readers feel the living soul of a world that has moved the hearts of millions. Weaving a haunting spell from the ancient hills of High Hallack to the war-torn byways of Estcarp, these original stories will draw readers young and old into the magic that is alive in Witch World.

Seventeen authors contribute their varied talents to expanding the boarders of Norton’s classic fantasy World.” – Library Journal


Reviews ~

Kirkus Reviews ~ Issue: 1988
Seventeen more tales (volume one appeared in 1987) set in Norton's well-known Witch World, with its magics, antagonisms, creatures, sorcerers, Gates, and puzzled adolescents. (Norton didn't actually write any of the tales here--the authors are merely borrowing her creation and embroidering it.) Fantasy fans will recognize such names as Claire Bell, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Diana L. Paxson, Susan Shwartz, Sandra Miesel, and Brad Linaweaver; their themes run the usual gamut from vampires and other transplanted creatures to magic swords, sorcerous duels, and shapeshifters. Mostly harmless pipe-dreams for those already hooked. 


Various reviews ~ For more info and other listings see Articles Over the Years

1990 by Sue Thomason in Paperback Inferno #84


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (1988) Published by TOR, HC, 0-312-93078-X, 978-0-312-93078-3, $16.95, 376pg ~ cover by M. Hanson-Roberts, maps by John M. Ford {Blue Paper Boards}
  • (1989) Published by Pan, TP, 0-330-30809-2, 978-0-330-30809-0, £3.99, 370pg ~ UK printing ~ cover by Geoff Andrews, maps by John M. Ford - Other prices: Australia $10.99; New Zealand $14.95
  • (1989) Published by TOR, PB, 0-812-50080-6, 978-0-812-50080-6, $3.95 US $4.95 Canadian, 376pg ~ cover by M. Hanson-Roberts, maps by John M. Ford - 2001 $6.99


Non-English Editions ~

  • (1998) Published in Warsaw, Poland; by Amber, 83-716-9684-1, 379pg ~ translated by Jacek Kozerski ~ Polish title Opowieści ze Świata Czarownic 2 [Tales from the World of Witches 2]
  • (1998) Published in Warsaw, Poland; by Amber, 978-837-16967-63; 319pg ~ cover by Stephen Youll ~ Polish title Opowieści ze Świata Czarownic 2 [Tales from the World of Witches 2]

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