English Publishers of Andre Norton titles

 ~ E, F & G


Note: (x and a Number) equals the minimum number of printings that we have identified.

Easton Press
Brother to Shadows 1994 HC
Witch World 1998 HC
Wizards’ Worlds 1989 HC


Garan the Eternal 1972 HC


See Publisher ~ Fawcett

First Edition Library

Star Man's Son 2250 A.D. 1980 HC

G. Prior ~ UK

Note: These are reprints of the Gregg Press editions.      
Sorceress of the Witch World 1977 HC
Spell of the Witch World 1977 HC
The Time Traders 1977 HC
Three Against the Witch World 1977 HC
Warlock of the Witch World 1977 HC
Web of the Witch World 1977 HC
Witch World 1977 HC
Year of the Unicorn 1977 HC

GK Hall ~ UK

A Mind For Trade 1998 HC

Gnome Press

Plague Ship 1956 HC
Sargasso of Space 1955 HC

Gollancz ~ UK

See Publisher ~ Gollancz

Grafton ~ UK

Black Trillium 1991 PB
Black Trillium 1991 TP
The Elvenbane 1993 PB

Gregg Press

See Publisher ~ Gregg Press


Trey of Swords 1977 HC




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